7 day kefir diet for weight loss

L​ooking for a perfect way to lose weight without harm to your health? Kefir diet for weight loss will bring not only help to fight overweight, but also the benefit to your body.

Actually, kefir is a delicious and very useful product. It contains vitamins, minerals, useful intestinal bacteria, easily digestible proteins.

Here’s why:

Still doubting?

In fact, this useful product is available and widely used in nutrition. Japanese meal plan is another way for healthy weight loss.

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7-day kefir diet plan

According to Andra Picincu on livestrong.com:

The only variety may be the addition of greens or lettuce leaves. It is also allowed to season meat and fish with a small amount of lemon juice.

How to make fat-burning kefir by yourself?

Try the recipe of homemade kefir using the mentioned above grains:

These 5 variants of kefir diet make it 10x better

Nowadays there are almost a hundred different variations on buttermilk diets.

Below are the most popular types. It implies easily accessible products that are well absorbed by the body. This way, you avoid the unpleasant consequences for the digestive system and/or allergic reactions.

It is one of the most popular kinds of diet. The course duration you chose yourself, but it cannot go beyond 2 weeks. Minimal duration is 3 days.

Take notice that you are not to boil the cereal. You should steam it in boiling water overnight in such a proportion: 1 part of the cereal to 2 parts of boiling water. It saves more fiber, that’s why it is low-calorie.

DoctorNDTV states the main condition on ndtv.com:

You need to eat buckwheat and buttermilk separately. It means that it should be separate meals. By the way, there is one more variant of this diet. By this, the alternation of products occurs. It means that one day you eat only buckwheat, the other day – only sour drink.

Dried fruits while buttermilk diet allows to perfectly cope with hunger. Besides, they enrich the organism with useful vitamins and other substances.

Experts advise:

First thoroughly chew the dried fruit, hold it in your mouth so that saliva is released.

This way, we will inform the body of the ingestion of a “large” amount of sugar and reduce the feeling of hunger. And then drink the chewed berry with one cup of buttermilk.

Such snacks per day should be about 7-10, preferably at equal intervals of time. The course duration is three days, then the same break and repetition.

Banana contains lots of natural fats. 

That is why the diet for weight loss with a banana is recommended for those people who suffer from hunger – sugar minimizes this problem.

However, you should not consume them in big quantities, because at the same time the calorie content of your diet increases.

In this diet, one should not combine buttermilk and banana intake, they should be separated by an hour and a half, for example, at 7 am – drink buttermilk, at 8.30 – half a banana, 10 – buttermilk, 11.30 – half a banana.

Water should be drunk during the day in small portions, about 100 grams each, but often. Duration of banana diet – 3 days.

Kefir and kiwi diet for weight loss will help not only lose some kilos but also maintain your youth and beauty, as well as regulate metabolism and cleanse the body.

Natalie Olsen states on medicalnewstoday.com:

This fruit contains the so-called enzymes that break down fats and normalize metabolism. Plus, kiwi is low-calorie, leaves a long feeling of satiety and contains a huge amount of vitamin C.

Buttermilk component in this version of the diet will cleanse the body and improve the gastrointestinal tract work. So losing weight on such a diet will be comfortable and effective.

You can separate the meals, eating one fruit an hour before the buttermilk, or combine, making fat burning cocktails at the combination of 1/2 fruit per 1 cup of drink. Duration of the diet – 4 days.

A lot of positive reviews received a new, very fashionable trend – diet with avocado. Avocados contain a huge amount of nutrients that help maintain the desired tone and working capacity during the diet.

The recipe is very simple:

You cut a vegetable, take out a bone, peel it and mix in a blender with buttermilk. Depending on how much kefir is added, you will get either a cocktail or a cream soup.

You can drink 3 such cocktails a day. They are very satisfying, plus you can additionally drink pure drink twice. The duration of this diet is 3 days.

Reviews & weight loss results

We prepared interesting statistics based on people’s feedback on the Internet concerning the kefir diet:

Summing up:

We can confidently say that kefir diet worthily occupies leading positions in the world. Since a large variety allows to choose an appropriate variant for almost every person.

At the same time, while observing all the rules, you can achieve significant results and save them for a long time.

Benefits of using kefir to lose weight

Here you can find some weight loss tips:

Based on the title, it is already clear that the basis of the kefir diet is just that popular sour-milk product. Kefir is made from whole or skims milk with the addition of fermentation, through lactic acid and alcohol fermentation.

Therefore, the kefir diet, in addition to the possibility of losing weight, also contributes to the elimination of toxins and slags from the body. And this diet is also an excellent tool in the fight against dysbiosis.

How much kefir to drink for weight loss?

Doctor NDTV reports on ndtv.com:

Kefir diet involves consuming kefir with an expiration date of no more than 14 days. You must check it by the date on the package. But ideal variant it is the variant to choose fresh kefir. So, 1-2 days from the time of manufacture is the best option.

The optimum fat content of kefir for this diet is 1%. Also, counting calories you will find out that the caloric content of 100 ml of this kefir is 40 kcal.


The first option is the kefir mono diet. You need to drink 1-1,5 liters of kefir per day for 5-6 doses at the same time intervals. The duration of such a diet should not exceed three days.

The second option: is kefir-fruit or kefir-vegetable diet. Same 1-1,5 liters of kefir + 0,5-1 kg of fruit or carb vegetables. You should always remember that citrus with kefir is not very compatible. It is also worth abandoning grapes and bananas as the most high-calorie fruits.

Duration of the diet is 5-6 days. Following this type of nutrition, you lose weight fast and enjoy the results.

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