Top Smart Jewelry Wearables for Women

F​itness trackers belong to top fitness tech gadgets. These wearable guides assist and consult in sports and healthy life. Smart jewelry wearables add also to the ladies’ style.

Now the market presents rings, bracelets, bands, watches with functions of cool fitness trackers. 

Below you’ll find the best representatives of the best fitness trackers jewelry. Such as Bellabeat Smart Jewelry Health Trackers, Swarovski Sport & Slake Activity Crystals and many others. They will make happy even the most capricious consumers.

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Bellabeat  Smart Jewelry Health Trackers

Have you ever heard about Bellabeat fitness accessories?

This is is a company which combines the high-technology and beauty for people’s wellness. You could know it by Bellabeat Leaf, namely, the smart fitness trackers jewelry.

Bellabeat creates fitness trackers jewelry for women in the form of leaves.  American white ash is the material for the base. Then it is covered by hypoallergenic stainless steel leaf. The steel can be finished with gold or silver.

Any of their designs allows you to use this fitness tracker in the form of a bracelet, pendant, clip and even as a brooch. A slightly different in design the smart leaf fitness trackers jewelry has the same functions.

Daily charging is not required. It works for a half of year with a special removable battery. The activity data is stored within 15 days. The total memory is enough for 2 weeks.

Easy to coordinate these health tracking jewelry leaves to your cell phones or the other smart gadgets. Regularly updated special Bellabeat app will support the case functionality.

Bellabeat Leaf  Smart Jewelry Health Trackers

Nowadays the manufacturer presents the following models at the market.

The motto of the company:

“Give your body the voice. Sleep better. Move more. Breathe away stress.”

Bayite Metal Pendant

To satisfy the demand in luxury viewed wellness devises the market offer a variety of amazing goods. One of them is the holder for fitness trackers jewelry pendant. Perfect quality and design is a great accessory that brings benefit and pleasure.

Misfit Women’s Bloom Necklace for Activity Tracker

Amazing and stylish fitness tracker necklace is a great holder for Misfit types. The manufacturer used hand-polished technology to present this stainless steel smart decoration. The pendant meets all your jewelry dreams.

For your consideration, there are the other covers and holders to make the fitness activity tracker looks like elegant decoration which fit for all clothing and occasions.

Semi-precious options for fitness trackers jewelry

Please, pay attention to cheaper like jewelry pendant. This Culater® Necklace Stainless Steel Pendant is a holder for the fitness tracker. Enjoy your healthy and fashion lifestyle with a new trend for Misfit Shine 2.

Meet the other budget pendant. It’s a semi-precious necklace to place fitness tracker inside. Price friendly decoration looks like real jewelry. You will not be disappointed by Transer® Pendant for Misfit Shine 2.

Fitness tracker jewelry bracelet

The Polar company can offer the other models connected with healthy lifestyle. These are a smart combination of watch and fitness tracker and heart rate monitor. They are not 100% jewelry items.

But in any case, these clever things bring you esthetic pleasure as well. Pay your attention to their smart-watches and other healthy devices.

The customers say about this bracelet

5.0 out of 5 stars

” Love this bracelet. It is easy to use, holds my Fitbit securely, and looks like jewelry.”

“My wife and I really love this bracelet. It is quality designed and made. You can feel the difference between lesser items. This was made by a jeweler.

The Bottom opens easily.  Insert the Flexbit 2  into the bracelet. The bottom snaps close with force. Well made. We have purchased both the Rose Gold as well as the Silver one.”

Fitness tracker jewelry smartwatch

The buyers compliments to the band

“Would definitely recommend it. Love this band! Although removing the links took a little time it was well worth it. I get compliments all the time on it.”

” I can’t say enough good things about my purchase. Extremely happy and in love with my watch. “

Bellabeat Time a hybrid watch

A perfect ratio of high-tech, wellness, and luxury. The elegant and classic watch is able to track your health activity by means of sync to the app on the cell phone. It’s a nice assistant to monitor sleeping, with a delicate vibration alarm.

It will show you the distance, steps and the calories you spent. These are practically equal features with Bellabeat’s smart fitness trackers jewelry Leaves. The rose gold in color with a variety of interchangeable bands the watch will be your best choice.

The other model from a talented designer for your testing is Tory Burch Womens Fitbit Metal Hinged Bracelet

This bracelet – a cover is the result of the exclusive cooperation between Tory Burch® and Fitbit. Surely, it will bring more beauty to your look and wellness to life.

The metallic, silver or golden finishing is available. You can adjust the length. The Fitbit tracker is safe due to reliable hinged closer. It is easy to put on, secure the clasp and remove.

One of 330 customers review

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Activity Tracker

“I am thrilled with this product from Nokia. I wanted something that was sleeker than the typical exercise trackers and this device has been perfect. The watch looks great on my smaller wrist and the rubber band is lightweight and comfortable.

The smaller dial is perfect for monitoring my activity throughout the day. I like that there are no flashing lights- I can easily look on my phone if I want specific details of my goals.

The watch uses Bluetooth just like other trackers. The watch was very easy to set up- as was connecting it to the app. My favorite part is that it runs on battery and I don’t have to remember to charge it.”

You can find the other models on the market as well.

Fitness tracker that looks like jewelry

Bellabeat Spring Hydration Tracker Water Bottle

This useful bottled knows how much water you need daily. It reminds you that it’s high time to add some water to the body. You can sync it to Bellabeat app.

Then just shake the bottle left-to-right to learn the water intake routine. Rubber wraps prevent breaking.

You can always refresh your look with fitness trackers jewelry

To choose the right device, firstly clarify your goals. Would you like to know how many steps you have gone? Maybe you need the sleeping phases monitor or burned calories calculator.

Besides their healthy features, they will help the owners to be in fashion trend. Thanks to the creative work of designers and high -tech companies you always find the best suitable fitness tracker to your taste and style.

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