More and more often smart health devices become necessary in people’s life. For example, fitness trackers belong to top fitness tech gadgets. These wearable guides assist and consult in sports and healthy life. Firstly, they monitor the range of daily activities. Then these items provide the information to the cell phone or tablet for further analysis.

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Of course, when choosing the best fitness trackers we focus on functionality and durability. However, their models and look are rather important too. Frequently, a lot of people prefer smart jewelry wearables for women that seem to be a nice fashion accessory. Definitely, it’s not easy to satisfy these demands. So high-tech companies and known jewelry brands have joined their efforts. Accordingly, they invented smart fitness trackers jewelry accessories.

Now the market presents rings, bracelets, bands, watches with functions of cool fitness trackers. Below you’ll find the best representatives of the best fitness trackers jewelry. Such as Bellabeat Smart Jewelry Health Trackers, Swarovski Sport & Slake Activity Crystals and many others. They will make happy even the most capricious consumers.

Smart Jewelry Wearables | necklace

Bellabeat  Smart Jewelry Health Trackers

Have you ever heard about Bellabeat fitness accessories? This is is a company which combines the high-technology and beauty for people’s wellness. You could know it by Bellabeat Leaf, namely, the smart fitness trackers jewelry.

In 2013 a Croatian mathematician Sandro Mur and Slovenian designer Urška Sršen founded this brand. And now about one million users monitor their activity with this health tracker.  Moreover, they also enjoy an excellent design of this jewelry item.

Bellabeat creates fitness trackers jewelry for women in the form of leaves.  American white ash is the material for the base. Then it is covered by hypoallergenic stainless steel leaf. The steel can be finished with gold or silver.
Any of their designs allows you to use this fitness tracker in the form of a bracelet, pendant, clip and even as a brooch. A slightly different in design the smart leaf fitness trackers jewelry has the same functions.

This fitness trackers jewelry control and provide

  • quantity and quality of sleep
  • daily activity
  • the spent energy
  • reproductive cycle
  • the levels of psycho-emotional state
  • advise the set of de-stressed exercises
  • зersonalized reminder

Daily charging is not required. It works for a half of year with a special removable battery. The activity data is stored within 15 days. The total memory is enough for 2 weeks. Easy to coordinate these health tracking jewelry leaves to your cell phones or the other smart gadgets. Regularly updated special Bellabeat app will support the case functionality.

Bellabeat Leaf  Smart Jewelry Health Trackers

Nowadays the manufacturer presents the following models at the market.

Bellabeat Leaf Smart Jewelry Health Trackers information

Models: Leaf Urband and Leaf Nature
Manufacturer: Bellabeat
Material: Wood with combination with hypoallergenic stainless steel
Function: tracing and control activity, sleep, mediation, stress, women periods
Dimensions: 0.5 x 1.9 x 1.2 inches or 48 x 21 x 11.5mm
Weight: 0.64 ounces
Colors: black or grey with rose gold or silver

Battery: included 1 Lithium Metal batteries required
Warranty: 2 years

Bellabeat Leaf Chakra Smart Jewelry Health Tracker information

Manufacturer: Bellabeat
Material: Wood with combination with hypoallergenic stainless steel and black onyx stone or rose quartz stone
Function: tracing and control activity, sleep, mediation, stress, women periods
Dimensions: 1.8 x 0.4 x 1.1 inches or 48 x 28 x 11.5mm
Weight: 0.48 ounces
Colors: black or grey with rose gold or silver
Battery: included 1 Lithium Metal batteries required
Compatibility: Android 4.3 / iOS 9.3 and newer, with Bluetooth 4.0

The motto of the company:

“Give your body the voice. Sleep better. Move more. Breathe away stress.”

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Bayite Metal Pendant

To satisfy the demand in luxury viewed wellness devises the market offer a variety of amazing goods.
One of them is the holder for fitness trackers jewelry pendant. Perfect quality and design is a great accessory that brings benefit and pleasure.

Metal Pendant Compatible Fitbit 2
Manufacturer: Bayite
Material: the zinc alloy
Function: to hold Fitbit fitness tracker 2 only
The chain length: 27 inches, 70 centimeters or 24 inches or 60 centimeters

Weight: about ounces
Colors: gold
Warranty: 1 year

Misfit Women’s Bloom Necklace for Activity Tracker

Amazing and stylish fitness tracker necklace is a great holder for Misfit types. The manufacturer used hand-polished technology to present this stainless steel smart decoration. The pendant meets all your jewelry dreams. So, it is universal for all clothing styles. Place your favorite Misfit tracker inside. the necklace. Magnetic clips keep it safe. The user can adjust 18 inches chain length using 2 inches extender.

Brand name: Misfit
Material: the stainless steel
Function: to hold Misfit fitness tracker
Dimensions: length -6.10 inches, height – 0.79 inches, width – 2.40 inches or 6 x 2 x 15.5 cm

Weight: 36.3 Grams
Color: grey

For your consideration, there are the other covers and holders to make the fitness activity tracker looks like elegant decoration which fit for all clothing and occasions.

Semi-precious options for fitness trackers jewelry

Please, pay attention to cheaper like jewelry pendant. This Culater® Necklace Stainless Steel Pendant is a holder for the fitness tracker. Enjoy your healthy and fashion lifestyle with a new trend for Misfit Shine 2 This stainless steel necklace will bring the new look for your fitness device. The colored crystals decorate the pendant. You can choose from red, pink, blue and yellow stones.

Manufacturer: Culater®
Material: stainless steel
Function: to hold Misfit fitness tracker
The chain length: 50.5cm or 19.9 inches
Weight: 49.9 g
Colors: red, pink, blue and yellow

Meet the other budget pendant. It’s a semi-precious necklace to place fitness tracker inside. Price friendly decoration looks like real jewelry. You will not be disappointed by Transer® Pendant for Misfit Shine 2

Manufacturer: Transer®
Material: stainless steel
Function: to hold Misfit fitness tracker
The chain length: 50.5cm or 19.9 inches
Weight: 49.9 g
Colors: black, blue, red, pink, yellow

Fitness tracker jewelry bracelet

Activity Crystal luxury fitness trackers jewelry from Swarovski

Certainly, most of the people know the company Swarovski. The Austrian manufacturer of beautiful crystal jewelry began its way in 1895. The founder was Daniel Swarowski. Nowadays the company deals with a wide assortment of goods in a variety of fields. We would like to concentrate on Swarowski’s cooperation with Misfit. Innovative technology and luxury designing generated fitness trackers jewelry.

The multifunctional Activity Crystal devices are also an excellent piece of jewelry. They look great at any time of the day and are suitable for any life situation. For instance, you can take on a portable bracelet for casual wearing including your workouts. However, you will get a lot of compliments with Swarovski Slake bracelet or Swarovski Vio Crystal Necklace during special events.

Swarovski Sport & Slake Activity Crystals

The Swarovski Activity Crystal is a successful tandem of beauty and science. The bracelet with sparkling Swarovski crystals and a fitness tracker Misfit joined for your benefit.  The gadget monitors daily activity.  The owner sees spent calories and sleeping quality. It is easily synchronized with a cell phone. The user can set a wide range of fitness goals and keep a diary of proper daily nutrition. For sure, it’s super to share the results with your friends.  You will always see your successes on the way to a healthy lifestyle and beauty.

A battery powers the unit for more than 4 months. Double-clicking on the Shine button turns on the time function.
The crystals containing the fitness trackers are water-protected.  They keep the tightness to 50 meters depth.
The main feature of this fitness trackers jewelry is the giant crystal. You can change your look wearing it as a bracelet or as a pendant.

Swarovski Activity Crystal is slightly more expensive than the regular Misfit Flash tracker or the original Misfit Shine. However, it is not a surprise. In fact,  Activity Crystals combine the most fashionable accessories and high-tech functionality.

Swarovski Sport  Activity Crystal

The model’s features

Manufacturer: Misfit Wearables & Swarovski
Material: Crystal and plastic changeable band
Dimensions of Crystal: 27.5 x 10 mm
Bracelet length: 9 7/8 inches.
Function: daily activity tracker of running, cycling, walking, sleeping, etc
Activities and time indicator: 12 white LED lights
Water resistance: waterproof up to 50 meters
Weight: 2.4 ounces
Colors: white
Battery: 3 Lithium Metal batteries

Swarovski Slake Swarovski Activity Crystal Set

The model’s features

Manufacturer: Misfit Wearables & Swarovski
Material: Crystal and Alcantara fabric with metallic blue crystals
Function: health activity, calories burning and sleep quality tracking. It shows the time too
Crystal dimensions: l 27.5 x 10 mm
Bracelet length: 14 1/8 inches.
Weight: 2.4 ounces
Color: white and blue
Battery: 3 Lithium Metal batteries

Polar Loop Crystal fitness tracker

Polar Loop Crystal fitness tracker to some extent is a competitor for the already mentioned Swarovski Crystal Activity Bracelet. In spite of its high-tech style, it looks costly and gorgeously. Polar Loop Crystal is elegantly decorated with Swarovski® crystals.

So, Polar Loop Crystal is a jewelry case but with intellectual potentials inside. The author of this smart beauty is the company Polar. Since 1977 they lead the prime position in fitness trackers and not only production. In other words, Polar has the experience to improve the skills of professional athletes.

They also support you to choose a healthy lifestyle. No doubt, Polar is strong in rehabilitation and weight optimization. The Polar’s team understands your needs concerning the health approach. Accordingly, they did their best to present the goods which meet the highest level of fitness demand.

So, they installed rather wide functions to this fitness tracker jewelry device. This smart and luxury wellness tool is able to track your daily activity, sleeping process and amount of calories burning. Moreover, it provides valuable advice and motivates the owner on how to achieve the goals. You will easily sync this bracelet with Polar Flow application. This web service provides extra workout routine, stimulus, and management.

Polar Loop Crystal information

Manufacturer: Polar
Material: plastic decorated with Swarovski crystals
Function: monitor, control, and personalize activity, heart rate, sleep, steps, distance and calories
Water-resistance: waterproof level IPX7
Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 2 inches
Weight: 4 ounces
Battery: included 1 Lithium Polymer batteries
Colors: white

The wide variety of fitness tech gadgets from Polar

The Polar company can offer the other models connected with healthy lifestyle. These are a smart combination of watch and fitness tracker and heart rate monitor. They are not 100% jewelry items. But in any case, these clever things bring you esthetic pleasure as well. Pay your attention to their smart-watches and other healthy devices.
You will find all the details and features information here.

Evan Fitbit Bracelet for fitness trackers

A kind of fitness jewelry is Evan Bangle. It’s the bracelet to cover Flex 2 fitness tracker. You’ll definitely buy it if you prefer to wear something elegant and cool. At the same time, you bring wellness to your body. So, secure and decorate your activity tracking device with this stylish bracelet. Magnetic closer will assist.

For the others, it will be an elegant accessory acceptable for your different looks. The product is strong due to high-quality stainless steel. The colors to chose are golden, rosy golden and silver. The customer can find the right size among available S-XL. The bangle is visible all the time thanks to indicator lamps. So, you can follow your activity process without any problem.

Sidney Evan bracelet fitness trackers jewelry information

Manufacturer: Sidney Evan
Material: stainless steel
Fit for: Fitbit Flex 2 fitness tracker
Dimensions: customized to S-5.5inches, M-7.5inches, L- 6.5 inches and XL-8.5inches
Shipping weight: 8.00 ounces
Colors: gold, rose, old, black and silver

Frequently asked questions

  • Is it possible to adjust the length? How to do it?

You will get three extra links to regulate the length up to the wrist. It’s very simple, just add required links.

  • Is it suitable for men?

The producer presents the items like unisex. Everything depends on taste and wrist size. Besides, they offer leather designed products as well.

  • What about the vibrating reminder? Does it work with the bracelet? Can we swim with it?

Absolutely yes, you will feel the signals of calls and reminders.
Certainly, you can take it to the pool as the tracker is waterproof. Just check the safety of the closer.

The customers say about this bracelet

5.0 out of 5 stars

” Love this bracelet. It is easy to use, holds my Fitbit securely, and looks like jewelry.”

“My wife and I really love this bracelet. It is quality designed and made. You can feel the difference between lesser items. This was made by a jeweler. The Bottom opens easily.  Insert the Flexbit 2  into the bracelet. The bottom snaps close with force. Well made. We have purchased both the Rose Gold as well as the Silver one.”

Fitness tracker jewelry smartwatch

Bayite Metal Bands for Fitness Watches

The collection of smart watches for health wellness is huge. But, your target is to find a reliable fitness supporter and a nice jewelry item. The Fitbit offers the Versa Watch models for you to boost the fitness progress. You can easily change their design by special metal band whit brings some luxury to your image.

Rose gold and rhinestones increase your elegance and chic. Definitely, great item for a variety of clothing and occasions. The band is customized for the wrist from 5.3 inches up to 8.1 inches. Durable but light Zink alloy guarantees a long life of this changeable band. You can always add the other fitness trackers jewelry accessories to your collection.

Bayite Replacement Metal Bracelet Band for Fitbit Versa fitness trackers jewelry

Manufacturer: Bayite
Material: Zinc alloy
Fit for: Fitbit Versa 2 fitness tracker
Dimensions: tailored from 5.3 to 8.5inches
Weight: 1.76 ounces
Colors: rose gold, silver, and black
Warranty: One year guarantee for a free replacement or full refund without return

Frequently asked questions

  • Is it easy to adjust the band by means of the links?

Certainly, it’s an easy procedure. The producer supplies the small tool for resizing. And the pins are easy to move.

  • Can I wear this band-bracelet in the pool?

The Fitbit Versa itself is waterproof, so you can take to the pool. However, the chlorine water can spoil the plated metal finish.

  • Can I wear it every day?

For sure, you can. Personally, I prefer to wear it for more formal occasions. So take it on not so often keep it safe.

The buyers compliments to the band

“Would definitely recommend it. Love this band! Although removing the links took a little time it was well worth it. I get compliments all the time on it.”

” I can’t say enough good things about my purchase. Extremely happy and in love with my watch. “

Bellabeat Time a hybrid watch

A perfect ratio of high-tech, wellness, and luxury. The elegant and classic watch is able to track your health activity by means of sync to the app on the cell phone. It’s a nice assistant to monitor sleeping, with a delicate vibration alarm.

It will show you the distance, steps and the calories you spent. These are practically equal features with Bellabeat’s smart fitness trackers jewelry Leaves. The rose gold in color with a variety of interchangeable bands the watch will be your best choice.

Bellabeat Time a hybrid watch information

Manufacturer: Bellabeat
Material: Hypoallergenic stainless steel
Function: monitor and progress 30+ fitness and body activity
Dimensions: 9.2 x 1.6 x 0.4 inches
Shipping weight: 10.2 ounces
Battery: 1 replaceable 1 lithium battery
Colors: rose gold
Water resistance: waterproof grade

Tory Burch for Fitbit fitness trackers

American designer Tory Burch created an amazing holder for the fitness trackers jewelry look. As a result, we’ve got a combination of high functionality and aesthetic beauty. The products satisfy even the refined taste. It is a simple but elegant double wrap leather strap. It has a carved metallic decorative place for the Fitbit fitness tracker. Usually, the metallic part has three colors of finishing. As a rule, it is silver, gold and rose gold. Universal accessory for casual and formal clothes.

As an option, Tory Burch produces the same holder like a pendant on a chain and a bracelet on his hand. Fitbit tracker you need to buy separately.

Let us remind that Fitbit device is the monitor of daily activity. It also calculates the number of steps and spent calories. Besides, it analyzes the quality of sleep. All data synchronizes via the mobile application and the Fitbit website by a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Tory Burch Women’s Fitbit Double Wrap Bracelet

Manufacturer: Tory Burch
Shell material: leather wrap with metallic designed Fitbit tracker holder
Dimensions: Width: 1⁄2 inches Diameter/Length: 16 inches
Weight: 0.8 ounces
Colors: black or grey with rose gold or silver

The other model from a talented designer for your testing is Tory Burch Womens Fitbit Metal Hinged Bracelet

This bracelet – a cover is the result of the exclusive cooperation between Tory Burch® and Fitbit. Surely, it will bring more beauty to your look and wellness to life. The metallic, silver or golden finishing is available. You can adjust the length. The Fitbit tracker is safe due to reliable hinged closer. It is easy to put on, secure the clasp and remove.

Tory Burch Metal Bracelet for Fitbit fitness trackers jewelry
Manufacturer: Tory Burch
Shell material: Stainless steel with Width, 0.5″ and Length, 8″
Dimensions: Width: 1.2 inches; Diameter/Length: 2, 3 inches
Weight: 1.6 ounces
Colors: black or grey with rose gold or silver

Withings  Nokia   Fitness Watch Activity Tracker

Many known companies devoted their business experience to combine techs and beauty for health.
Nokia Health is now the Withings Nokia.  Their team created the line of smart-watches which became a real unit of watch tracker and stylish accessories.

These fitness trackers’ look is refined and elegant. Firstly this tracking watch for women looks neatly and modesty. However, the model contains a standard set of all the fitness trackers functions. The watch informs about ten activities including walking, running, swimming, distance and burned calories. Besides, it monitors the sleeping and has a vibration alarm option.

By means of Bluetooth 4.0, you are able easily to transfer the information from the tracker to the cell phone.
Additionally, this smart fitness watch syncs to the Health Mate app. So, you’ll get the advantages of personal coaches and other useful things.

The model is waterproof. It’s no problem to swim, shower or does water fitness workout with Steel You do not need to charge the unit. One battery works up to 8 months.

The producer uses only perfect material like stainless steel and chrome. The band is made of durable silicone so that the sports bracelet is securely fixed on your hand. The design makes this jewelry fitness tracker suitable to wear it for training, casual and special occasions. You can always customize the band to your choice.

Withings Nokia smart watch& activity tracker information

Manufacturer: Nokia Health& Withings
Material: stainless steel, chrome, silicone
Function: analyze walking, running, distance, swimming, sleep, and calorie burned
Synchronization: automatic over Bluetooth
Alarm: vibration mode
Cell phone: notification

Dimensions: 7.7 x 1.4 x 0.4 inches
Weight: 1.28 ounces
Color: black
Battery: included required 1 Lithium-ion battery

Frequently asked questions about Withings Nokia fitness watch

  • What is the face crystal made of?

The producer confirms that the watch face is made of a durable scratch resistant mineral glass.

  • Are there Nokia watch with heart rate monitoring?

This model Steel Activity&Sleep watch shows HR only in the mobile application.

But the manufacturer offers the other models which monitor the heart rate. It’s Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch.

One of 330 customers review

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Activity Tracker

“I am thrilled with this product from Nokia. I wanted something that was sleeker than the typical exercise trackers and this device has been perfect. The watch looks great on my smaller wrist and the rubber band is lightweight and comfortable. The smaller dial is perfect for monitoring my activity throughout the day.”

“I like that there are no flashing lights- I can easily look on my phone if I want specific details of my goals. The watch uses Bluetooth just like other trackers. The watch was very easy to set up- as was connecting it to the app. My favorite part is that it runs on battery and I don’t have to remember to charge it.”

You can find the other models on the market as well.

Skagen Hald Gray Leather Hybrid Smart Watch

Skagen presents the other model of beautiful watch and activity fitness tracker. Skagen Hald Gray Leather Hybrid Smart Watch is luxury designed for her healthy life.

The device set the time and date automatically. As a smart fitness item it tracks the distance, steps, and calories you burn every day. Additionally, it monitors the sleeping process.

Besides, the user gets the notifications connected with the mobile phone. You will know about new calls, messages, emails. It fits for Android and iOS and Skagen application. The device constantly supports you due to the long life battery. You do not need to change approx half a year. Besides, watch-tracker is water resistant.

This modern Hagen Connected hybrid smartwatch merges high technology with classic design. So, it’s not only a fitness tracker but a marvelous jewelry accessory. You can wear this round unit for sport and special party. It looks gorgeous

Skagen Hald Gray Leather Hybrid Smart Watch & Activity Tracker information

Manufacturer: Skagen
Base material: stainless steel
The face of watch: mineral quartz analog
Band: grey leather calfskin
Function: monitor the sleeping process, show time, date, steps, distance, and calorie used
Synchronization: automatic over Bluetooth
Cell phone: notification emails, messages, etc

Dimensions: 1.2 x 2.4 x 3.9 inches
Diameter: 40 millimeters
Weight: 8.80 Ounces
Water resistant depth: 100 Feet
Color: rose gold-tone
Battery: included required 1 Lithium-ion battery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does this watch notify the call or email?

The watch vibrates to inform about the call. Minute hand will move to the number from 1 to 6. These numbers are the top callers you set earlier. You can also press the side button and see the last call or message.

  • Does it provide calendar notification?

Yes. You can do it. There is no alarm function

Fitness tracker that looks like jewelry

Motiv Ring Fitness Trackers

The Motive ring is the idea which became the reality. The team of enthusiasts created small, lightweight but functional fitness tracker that could make life healthier and more beautiful. Their wearable fitness device is the superb combination of health and fashion accessory.

This reliable smart jewelry item won’t spoil any personal style. In other words, this elegant and fine design fits all clothing. Putting the tracking ring on the finger you free the wrist for a watch or bracelet. Durable titanium is the material for this smart item. So, it is strong but light.

You can easily wash the hands and swim with it. This fitness tracker is totally waterproof. Long life battery and memory enables every day to monitor and analyze the distance, walking amount, heart rate, consumed calories and sleeping. Accordingly, you know how to get the fitness aim.  Over Motiv App, you can see the activity information on the cell phone

Motive Ring fitness tracker information

Manufacturer: Motiv
Shell material: titanium
Function: monitor, control, and personalize activity, heart rate, sleep, steps, distance and calories
Water-resistance: waterproof up to 50m or 165 feet and 5 ATMs

Dimensions: 4.5 x 8.4 x 0.5 inches
Weight: 3.2 ounces
Battery: 1 lithium ion battery
Colors: black or grey with rose gold or silver

Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need to keep my phone close to the ring? For instance, I am not able to take my phone on work or when I running or swimming. Does it keep the information for 8 hours?

It’s not necessary to have the cell phone with you to compute the activity information. The ring saves the data for 5 days.

  • What finger is the best to wear this ring? Does it influence on track?

As a rule, ring, middle and the index fingers are the most workable ones. But if the size is ok for the pinky, it will also work perfectly

  • I wear size 6 for the rings. Does 6 size of Motiv ring fit me?

There seven Motiv Ring sizes. The smallest one is 6. However, the sensors inside can differ the regular sizes. Firstly, the manufacturer offers to try with a special sizing kit to define the right item. They can deliver it within one working day. You will get the samples of seven sizes and instructions on how to find yours.

Bellabeat Spring Hydration Tracker Water Bottle

This useful bottled knows how much water you need daily. It reminds you that it’s high time to add some water to the body. You can sync it to Bellabeat app. Then just shake the bottle left-to-right to learn the water intake routine. Rubber wraps prevent breaking.

Bellabeat Spring Hydration Tracker Water Bottle information

Manufacturer: Bellabeat
Function: monitor and progress water intake
Dimensions: 2.7 x 2.7 x 9.1 inches
Weight: 14.9 ounces
Battery: 1 replaceable 1 lithium battery
Colors: violet ice

The manufacture respond to the questions

  • Does the order include the leather bracelet?

Certainly, yes it does. The leather bracelet and a silver chain complete the Leaf tracker.
The Bellabeat team looks for the ideas in new materials for bracelets.

  • What is the main difference in Leaf products and Fitbit trackers?

Actually, there are two points that vary these types of fitness and activity trackers.
They have different functionality and design. All Bellabeat wellness units look like jewelry accessories. So, it’s difficult to recognize fitness trackers inside them. Secondly, the Leaf smart monitors software is able to track the women health. Accordingly these clever gadgets control female monthly cycles.

  • Does the Leaf device track the Heart Rating?

Truly to say, any Leaf trackers don’t follow the HR. However, the producer thank
you for your question! We are currently judges to add heart rate options in new models their goods.

  • Do these healthy trackers count the calories and uncover the metabolism?

The leaves and time trackers analyze burned calories. They do not evaluate calorie consumption and metabolic level. You can control weekly results of the total activity, walking distance and steps amount.

You can always refresh your look with fitness trackers jewelry

To choose the right device, firstly clarify your goals. Would you like to know how many steps you have gone? Maybe you need the sleeping phases monitor or burned calories calculator. Modern smart fitness gadgets will help you not
to miss an important call or message. The variety of brands and models are impressive.

We discover you some smart fitness trackers jewelry products. All these new items are exclusive in their design. They are useful in everyday life and fit for special events too. Besides their healthy features, they will help the owners to be in fashion trend. Thanks to the creative work of designers and high -tech companies you always find the best suitable fitness tracker to your taste and style.

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