Leg and Butt training programm by Gracyanne Barbosa

S​eductive, elastic, beautifully outlined buttocks – an ornament of a female figure and a magnet for the stronger sex. Those who have not inherited the sultry genes of the Brazilian booty by nature, do not despair: an impressive “fifth point” can … create their own work.

On the example of Gracyanne Barbosa, we will tell you what exercises will help in this. Besides, for full body workout try rowers 350 lbs capacity for home use.

To have that pumped body, read the leg and butt training program by Gracyanne Barbosa! Brazilian best fitness model height, weight, photos before & after. Brazilians are famous for their buttocks. One of the owners of the remarkable butts, who has millions of subscribers in Instagram, Gracyanne Barbosa published a photo showing her uniforms in a short, tight-fitting dress.

The network has little information about the popular fitness model and Brazilian dancer Gracyanne Barbosa, famous for her incredibly developed buttocks (and the rest of her muscle group at a very high level). Gracyanne for some reason does not go beyond the Portuguese-speaking segment of the Internet. And that’s too bad. Below is the information that we managed to collect about Barbosa from open sources, as well as the videos of her training, posted on her YouTube channel.

Who is Gracyanne Barbosa?

Height: 178 cm
Weight: 57 kg (according to some sources – 70 kg)
Breast size: 34D
Chest: 95 cm
Waist: 66 cm
Hips: 98 cm
Size: 38
Shoe size: 41

Graziana Barbosa was born in Campo Grande, Brazil on 20/09/1983. At the age of 16, Graziana moved from Campo Grande to the capital to study law school. However, due to financial problems, Barbosa had to work as a dancer, and then Gracyanne joined Tchakabum, a group that works in the style of “Ashe” (a popular musical genre in El Salvador and Brazil). At the end of 2008, Barbosa left the group and started working as a model.

Barbosa is primarily known as the star of various samba schools at festivals in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. In this capacity, she performed since 2007 (and to this day). Also, several times performed at the Brazilian carnivals as the Queen of Drums.

What is Barbosa famous for?

The girl posed for men’s magazines. In February 2007, the cover of the Brazilian edition of Playboy was decorated with a photo of Gracyanne. In 2008, the model appeared on the pages of the magazine Revista Sexy. In 2010, the Instagram star was filmed in the Brazilian TV series “Beautiful and Evil”.
The girl began her fitness bodybuilding career model from 2010, weight training changed the dancer into an athletic sportswoman. The figure of Gracyanne is fully inflated – especially the chest, buttocks, and the press in photos can be immediately noticed.
Her life has changed now, she actively advertises clothes, sports nutrition for weight loss and to build muscle. Dancing was left behind a career.

Now Barbosa works as a fitness instructor and represents the Brazilian brand of sportswear for women, Super Hot.

In 2012, the Internet was “blown up” with the video and photographs of Gracyanna, supposedly easily crouching with a barbell weighing 200kg, which became the subject of active disputes in English-language bodybuilding forums.
18/02/2012 Graziana Barbosa married the popular Brazilian singer Belo (before that, Belo was married to another popular Brazilian samba dancer, with whom were divorced in 2007. Divorce was preceded by rumors that Belo was betraying his wife with Graziana Barbosa).

Youtube star does not lead, but video training on the other channel can be seen and take note of the secrets of training.

An Instagram star has 6.8 million subscribers who every day are added to the Instagram in Graziana can see how she trains video exercises, photos in bikinis, in leggings (leggings) and also what is her nutrition and how she lives.

Gracyanne Barbosa workouts; training program for legs and butts
Workouts Gracyanna Barbosa is held exclusively in the gym in a power format with a barbell and dumbbells favorite exercises squats with a barbell, bench press, lunges. Practice and aesthetics of bodybuilding have always attracted Gracyanna. In total, it took five years of intensive training and good nutrition to mold such a perfect body. The frequency of classes per week is 6-7 times. The duration of one training is 50-70 minutes.

The usual training program includes three days of intensive debilitating workouts with weights, and two more days are devoted to aerobic loads and stretching.

Barbosa does not spend too much time on cardio. Among the favorite types of exercises on the girl’s list are various techniques of squats, foot press, and sit-ups in the Smith simulator. All the loads are multi-purpose and involve not only the main joints but also small muscle segments.

Exercising plan
Training program for 2 months

Warm-up 10-15 minutes ellipse, load 5-6.
At the end of the workout, stretch the legs.
Stock from the number of repetitions 3 is no more.
At the end of the workout, 15 minutes the treadmill is an average pace.
Rest between sets 1-3 min.

1/3 WEEK


Foot press 3p 12r
Leg bending 3p 12r
Sitting legs sitting 3p 20p
Extension of legs sitting 2p 12p
Ascent to the socks standing 2p 70r
Bending of the trunk on a horizontal bench 4p 12-15p
Hyperextension 3p 15 -20 r


Mixing of hands sitting in a simulator  3p 15p
Vertical traction sitting 3p 15r
Bending of hands sitting with dumbbells 3p 15p
Extension of the arm in a slant with a dumbbell 3p 15p
Raising hands standing 3p 15p
The lifting of legs lying on the press on a horizontal bench 3p 12p
Bending of the body lying on the rug 3p 20p


Falls on one leg with a return of 3p 10p on each leg with dumbbells
Leg bending 3p 12r
Sitting legs sitting 3p 20p
Extension of legs sitting 2p 8p
Ascent to the socks standing 2p 70r
Bending of the body lying down with twisting 4p 15-20p
Hyperextension 3p 20r

2/4 WEEK


Squats with dumbbells 3p 12p
Leaving the leg forward in the direction 2p 30p
Reduction of legs sitting 2p 30p
Extension of legs sitting 2p 12p
Ascent to the socks standing 2p 60p
Bicycle lying on the back 3p 30r
Hyperextension 3p 15p


Push-ups from the floor on the knees 3p 15p
Horizontal traction sitting 2p 15p
Extension of the arm in the slope 3p 15p
Bending of hands standing with dumbbells 3p 15p
Press sitting with dumbbells 2p 15p
Lifting legs on a horizontal bench 3p 10p
Flexion of the body lying 3p 20p


Falls on one leg with a return of 3p 10p on each leg with dumbbells
Leg bending 3p 8p
Sitting legs sitting 3p 20p
Extension of legs sitting 2p 8p
Torsion of the trunk on a horizontal bench 2p 15p
Hyperextension with a weight of 3p 15p


Proper nutrition is not a short-term diet, but a way of life and a daily necessity for Gracyanna. The basis of the diet of the model is complex carbohydrates and protein. In total, Barbosa consumes 6-7 different dishes a day, a portion of protein is present in every meal. The amount of ingredients is carefully weighed, the caloric content and nutritional value of the products are evaluated.

Light omelet, fish, chicken, tuna serve as a source of protein. The daily norm of carbohydrates is covered by sweet potato, tapioca, and oat bran. All meals are prepared without salt, sugar, and oil. Juices, vegetables, fruits, and seeds are also part of the diet.

The menu completely excludes chocolate, sweets, sweets, hamburgers, and fizzy drinks.

In addition, the beauty uses protein and amino acids BCAA.

Nutrition is a very important condition on the way to the Brazilian buttocks

The best way to increase the effect of exercise is to bet on a protein-rich diet that form muscles and significantly increase the volume of the buttocks. After training, eat yogurt, lean meat, egg or low-fat fish. Eating foods high in sugar and fat is not recommended, as it helps to form cellulite. For example, I do not eat red meat, pastries and fatty foods. But in unlimited quantities I consume vegetable salads, can be non-fat milk and margarine, bananas, honey, for dinner – chicken, egg white and even a little potatoes. Juices are only natural!

Interesting Facts
Gracyanna Barbosa has repeatedly participated in competitions in the category of wellness fitness and has won 9 titles.

The dancer is married to American hip-hop performer Darnell Smith, who acts under the pseudonym Belo Zero. The couple got married in 2011.

Gracyanna squeezes a bar weighing about 200 kg (450 pounds). Many bodybuilders expressed their doubts about the veracity of the video and suggested that fake discs were used for the bar. The world record for the press of women’s boots is owned by a Chinese woman Zhou Lulu, who raised 192 kilograms.

There are rumors that Barbosa has used the services of plastic surgeons to increase the buttocks.
In 2015, Gracyanna performed in Moscow.

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