Sole f63 vs f80 treadmill

A​​re you still doubting which folding treadmill to choose? Meet 2 trending variants in 2020 – Sole fitness f80 vs f63. 

Fitness experts claim:

Compare Sole f80 vs f63

This Sole f80 vs f63 review based on treadmill manual will help you make the right choice. First, consider the comparison chart that shows the main differences of both models:

Sole f80 treadmill: assembly & manual

Maximum ride

The treadmill is equipped with reinforced shafts that are designed for commercial use. Large diameter with sealed bearings and copper ground, provide effective protection against static electricity.

A large contact area with the running belt reduces power loss and extends the time of the running belt.

Maximum attention to training

Speed ​​and tilt controls are conveniently integrated into the handrails, so you can fully concentrate on training without being distracted by control.

All you need for the best workouts

The presence of a shelf for storing accessories and improvised items, a built-in fan, a large informative display, an audio port and a headphone port, as well as an acoustic system are integrated into the control console.

Track your progress and work efficiently

Control your workouts with the new Sole app on your mobile phone or tablet. All data is recorded in the training history of your account. You can also share data with the HealthKitApp, Fitbit, Record, MapMyFitness, Facebook and Twitter apps.

Heart rate control for best results

Monitoring is carried out using heart rate sensors and a wireless cardiopulmonary zone. And pre-installed cardioprograms automatically adjust the load to maintain an optimal heart rate.

Just one, two, three

The manufacturer uses one of the most convenient and practical folding mechanisms for compact folding and high reliability. And the pneumatic Easy Assist system makes this process as easy and safe as possible.

More air, more comfort

The double fan of the increased power provides blowing for the most comfortable and effective training.

Eternal frame

The unique design of the frame provides effective damping of the vibration load, which is distributed throughout the platform providing high comfort. The absence of fixing connections ensures the safety of the frame throughout the entire service life.

Taking care of your joints

The perfect Cushion Flex cushioning system provides the highest comfort and safety for joints, so the shock load is reduced to 40%.

More performance, higher reliability

The most powerful engines in their class provide reliable and durable operation. Comparable in performance with professional-grade engines.

Full monitoring of training parameters

Informative LCD with high resolution. Soft blue backlighting, informative display of all training data, intuitive interface.

Sole f63 treadmill: assembly & manual

Great functionality

Even though the F63 is one of the initial models in the Sole treadmill line, in terms of functionality and manufacturability it is practically not inferior to older models.

Powerful 3 liter engine from. provides speeds of up to 20 km / h, electrical adjustment makes it easy to choose one of 15 tilt levels, and the compact folding system makes it possible to save usable space as much as possible.

The F63 has six pre-installed programs, including cardioprograms and special programs for weight loss. See how long does it take to lose weight with a treadmill. Convenient console, speed and tilt controls built into the handrails, powerful blowing fans for maximum training comfort.

LCD display

A bright LCD display is integrated into the console, allowing you to conveniently view all the main training parameters. The block of text messages provides information on the current training parameters and simplifies the process of controlling the treadmill.

The display shows speed, incline, time, distance, calories burned, heart rate, and pace. The console has built-in speakers with the ability to connect an MP3 player.

Bluetooth technology

This technology allows you to synchronize your workout data with the mobile application on your smartphone. You can use both the free Sole app and one of the popular fitness apps like Fitbit, Record, Mapmyrun or Apple Health.

Easy Assist Folding Function

Sole Fitness Company presents one of the most convenient folding mechanisms. In addition to compact folding, a specially designed safety lock is provided that reliably fixes the track in an upright position.

The Sole F63 model is equipped with an additional Easy Assist pneumatic system, which allows you to fold or unfolding a track without any serious effort.

Convenient management

The layout of all treadmill controls is well thought out and intuitive. Informative screen, convenient algorithm for selecting programs, as well as keys for quick selection of speed and incline.

In addition, during the training process, speed and incline adjustment is provided directly in the handrails. Thanks to this, you can completely concentrate during training, without being distracted by management.

Cushion Flex Cushioning System

A perfect deck damping system provides the highest comfort and safety for joints, as the shock load is reduced to 40%.

Precision frame welding

In the design of the treadmill, the quality of the frame is important, for the welding of which precision contact welding is used. This provides not only durability, but also high operational reliability of the entire structure.

Large LCD display

The console integrates a convenient and informative LCD display of a commercial level, displaying all the main training parameters, such as speed, pace, distance, heart rate, number of calories burned and other useful information.

Message Center

One of the most convenient features of Sole Fitness treadmill consoles is the built-in message center. This is a message feed that is displayed on the screen and accompanies the user throughout the workout.

It became a full-fledged assistant, completely replacing the instructions. It will tell you what it means or how this or that function is configured. The Message Center also summarizes the workout by reporting on its results.

The company carefully collected the opinions of people using treadmills for several years. The result of the analysis of this information was the message center, which allows you to most easily and conveniently use all the features of the model.

Powerful high energy motor

Sole treadmills feature the most powerful engines in their class. Their professional level ensures reliable and durable operation of each model. The engines are equipped with heavy flywheels for the smoothest and most comfortable ride, comparable to professional-grade treadmills.

This reduces power consumption and the risk of engine overheating.

Reinforced Shafts

Sole Fitness equips its treadmills with reinforced shafts that are designed for commercial use. Large Sole f63 dimensions with sealed bearings and copper ground provide effective protection against static electricity.

A large contact area with the running belt reduces power loss and extends its service life.

Reliable 4-ply running belt

Sole Fitness uses double treadmills with 4 layers: a top double rubber layer, a PVC layer and a nylon base in contact with the deck and shafts. Rubber surface ensures wear, PVC protects the running belt from excessive stretching, and the nylon base provides smooth sliding on the deck and shafts, eliminating static stress.

Eternal frame

The treadmill frame is powder coated. This coating protects the steel parts of the structure and welds from wear, increasing their durability. The absence of fixing connections ensures the safety of the frame throughout the entire service life, therefore we provide a lifetime warranty on the frame.

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Sole fitness troubleshooting

1. Sole f80 low speed error


The reasons for this problem can be various. You can examine your treadmill yourself. First of all, you should regularly clean the belt and deck, at least once a month. As one of the reasons can be a dust, dirt or perhaps sweat, pet hair.

2. Sole treadmill f80 noisy when running


The reasons for making too much noise can vary. To solve the problem, first of all, thoroughly lube the deck belt. In case you do it not regularly, maybe the deck belt has worned and it’s time to replace it.

You should lube the roller bearing as well. Another solution is measuring the input energy motor. In case there are voltage, the motor need repair.

3. What would keep my Sole treadmill f63 from turning on?


If the treadmill doesn’t turn on, check the speed sensoralignment. You might be interested how to reset NordicTrack treadmill. To do this, follow simple steps:

4. Sole f63 knock when I run


In case the treadmill starts knocking, there is a possibility that a part has come loose on the machine. We suggest contacting the manufacturer support immediately to speak to a person able to advise the correct solution.

Sole f65 vs f63

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