Best resistance band set in 2020 | review

T​hink of effective home workouts? Fitness resistance bands are the continuing trend of 2020. Women all around the world have already tried this amazing sports equipment.

So we offer you a selection of top 5 best resistance band sets on the market. Customer reviews will help to make the right choice among the range of strength bands amazon.

Best resistance band set

We have prepared the best resistance band sets. While choosing the best suitable one for you. Pay attention to the product’s characteristics and features. Look at the pros and cons. You can also read the customer reviews on each device.

Black Mountain set

This Amazon Black Mountain resistance bands set has 5 bands of resistance.

Ranging from extra light to extra heavy. In such a way, making them excellent for anyone from beginners to fitness experts. Each range of stretch bands amazon set comes with a handy carrying bag and starter fitness guide.

Exercise loop resistance bands are excellent equipment for any workout. Besides, it can be combined with modern programs like p90x resistance bands amazon, CrossFit, yoga, pilates and many more.

UPOWEX exercise bands set

Great rubber bands produce constant resistance for every movement. They give you complete flexibility to do lots of different exercises. From beginner level through advanced.

Practically ensures you’ll never get tired of your workouts. The involved guides will help you in altering your routines. And adding new exercises. In order to challenge yourself to expand your primary comfort levels.

U-POWER Resistance Bands are made to serve with high-quality elements. And care to detail and safety. That exceeds market standards. In case your bands ever break. The manufacturer guarantees to restore them for you at no cost to you.

A highlight you won’t see on most exercise bands sold elsewhere.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, these elastic resistance bands amazon are for you. The variety of resistances and multi-clip mode means the following. You can modify the power of your resistance-band booty workouts to fit your personal goals.

Black Mountain products

Black Mountain Products resistance band set is just the best band set on the market:

This exercise band set was created to bring a gym quality product to your home at a reasonable price. With the help of fitness experts, the design team built the most durable resistance band set on the market.

Black Mountain Products bands serve longer as each band is manufactured using the extruded blend of synthetic and natural rubber. The process has increased the proportion of resistance. While prolonging the life of the band.

The experts have tested this exclusive rubber against other exercise bands on the market. And they have found it to be much more strong.

WODFitters pull up assistance bands

The WODFitters resistance bands add that additional bit of resistance to your training. That not only pushes your body to work better. But finally gives permanent results.

The WODFitters bands are made of quality material. Constant layers of tough rubber add a level of elasticity and sturdiness. That makes these bands outlast any rival. They won’t break on excess stress and won’t be easily damaged.

The WODFitters bands can assist you with your mobility workout. Stretch your hamstrings, your arm and shoulder muscles. Warm up with them before your training and stretch with them after. Wide range of motion and pounds of resistance is guaranteed.

Serious Steel assisted pull-up band

Serious Steel Bands are an ideal tool to assist you with your pull-ups, dips or muscle-ups.

Take a quick look at the Pull-Up Guide image to your left to get a view of the best band for you. Choose a band based on your bodyweight and the current number of unassisted repetitions you can complete.

These are great for stretching, speed and agility workout. Or even adding them to your barbell for bench press, squat or deadlifts.

One essential thing to remember about using bands for pull-up assistance is the following. You can secure the band under your feet or under your knee for various levels of assistance.

Resistance band workout

Squats with fitness bands

It is the most widespread exercise. A good way to strain the average gluteus muscle even more in the base exercise. Actually, it may seem nothing special, but after you see the result, such workouts will become the usual thing for you. By the way, take a harder gum!

Leg press with a wide legs position

It is a similar situation as in the previous case. The wider the legs, the greater the load on the buttocks. The device presses and forces to bring the legs together. In this case, it is the static effort to stop this from happening and includes the muscles in active work.

Leaning the leg to the side or back

In this case, we have isolation, but it is no less effective for pumping up muscles. Leaning back works the top of the glute, and taking aside – the average gluteal muscle. You can do the exercise standing on all fours or lying on the rug.

Just choose the most convenient option for yourself – and let’s go!

Buttock bridge with a rubber band

More difficult exercise than the buttock bridge – is only the buttock bridge with a rubber band on the knees! After doing this exercise, the buttocks are burning with fire! But his exercise is highly effective and the result will make you continue doing it during your usual workout.


In this case, you need a longer exercise band than in previous exercises. You need to attach the equipment to the horizontal bar on one side and put your legs (knees) on the other. This way, the elastic band stretches and helps you pull up. The given activity is not less effective.

Best resistance bands for women and men have been used in training for a long time. But in recent years this sports equipment has experienced a real boom in popularity.

Just a few minutes of training per day will be enough to create the body of your dreams:

You will not need to go to the gym. Everything you need for your workout can be carried in a bag. Do fitness anywhere and anytime. The path to a healthy lifestyle has never been easier. See the Tabata training method and learn how to keep the intervals and what stuff to use.

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