Water kefir probiotics diet for weight loss

L​ook for simple, cheap, low in sugar and calories drink? Using water kefir grains, you can easily make and store such a beverage with different flavors at home.

What’s the bottom line?

It’s not a secret that kefir is very nutritious. It’s also an essential one if you want to decrease calorie intake. This fermented probiotic product is rich in vitamins, enzymes, and good bacteria.

Accordingly, it is beneficial when you are on a diet.

Kefir grains to lose weight

There are possibilities of improving your body using this fermented dairy product. The first one is a pure diet.

Debra Rose Wilson states on healthline.com that this beverage is rich in probiotics:  

Some people even practice eating its grains to maximize the probiotic effect. They consider that this amount of probiotics will ensure weight loss. A more desirable option is to make kefir a useful supplement of any diet.

Water kefir is widely used as the main component of different fruit desserts and ice-creams, non-dairy smoothies; it can be a perfect base for salad dressings.  Flavored stuff can replace sugared soda and juices in your menu.

Where to buy kefir grains?

By following a straightforward procedure, we can prepare a healthy, probiotic and calorie-burning drink.

First of all, you have to get some grains. Being the starter, these grains are pure cultures to brew the final liquid product. You can easily order them Amazon:

This product is also known as Japanese Water Crystals.

What is water kefir?

The main difference between other fermented food and our titular product is that the subject of our article has a unique combination of bacteria and yeasts.

There are two main types of it which are brewed using kind of milk, or it can be totally dairy free. We are interested in the last one. Particular grains or crystals are fermented on the base of sweet water or juice.

This is a useful bonus to a low-calorie diet. It’s irreplaceable for a vegan’s daily meal which excludes dairy products. An excellent source of vitamin B12. It contributes to feeling better, stress-resistance and brain activity. 

The other B group vitamins in this drink, especially B1 recovers the nervous and beneficially affects the cardiovascular system. B1 participates in the fat burning process.

Sylvia reports on feastingathome.com:

This probiotic beverage is made with water and some sugar.  Of course some sweeteners, fruit juice can be added to taste. If you are on a diet and trying to limit sugar intake, you should not be scared of this sugar quantity.

How to make water kefir

The most standard version of the water kefir “recipe” is quite simple.

You can play with taste by adding different ingredients and flavors while it’s still fizzy.

Coconut water kefir

If you still scared of sugar in products, we advise you to try with kefir based on coconut water. The process is also simple and easy. Any sugar is not required.

As a result:

The final taste will be slightly sour. Because of pure coconut water cannot feed water kefir seeds enough to grow and then ferment you require to refresh them in sugar water

Ginger ale

Before the second fermentation or fizzing add some lemon juice and ginger to your taste into the bottle. You can additionally sweeten it with honey or some sugar.

It’s possible to use some honey at this stage of preparation because there no danger for bacteria to be damaged.

How much should I drink?

According to culturesforhealth.com:

As it’s is not just water but a fermented the probiotic beverage containing friendly bacteria and yeasts it has a particular influence on our organism. Start slowly.  

As usual:

People do not have any side effects, but sometimes stomach or gut discomfort could be felt. In this case, it’s better to decrease the drinking portion or even stop taking it for a definite time.

Listen to yourself, do not ignore any unpleasant results. Especially if people have a weak immune system, it could take a long time for them to adjust to this product in any dosage.

How long is it good for?

It’s difficult to say about the exact validity. Depending on the ingredients which were used for flavoring the terms are different. The plain kefir based on sugar water only is quite good within two months.

Using pineapple and citrus additions for fermentation decrease the storage up to less than three weeks. It’s better to keep it refrigerated. Usually, the probiotic drink is continuously fermenting. The process is just slower when it is colder and vice versa.

Where did water kefir originate from?

These grains or sometimes they are known like beer seeds, Japanese water crystals, Japanese beer seeds, sea rice, Sugary Fungus, Vinegar bees, etc. are living organisms. 

Sometimes they are slower and sometimes faster, depending on the circumstances they are under. They survived over thousands of years.

To support grain’s vitality:

It‘s required to feed them at least every 48 hours. They need to be strained and put rinsed and then put into fresh sugar water or any other feeding base.  During the hot summertime, this procedure could be done every 24 hours.

Conclusion: Water kefir is an essential component of any diet

Being fermented probiotic drink, it has the variety of benefits improving our health. The liquid is free of gluten, caffeine and is not dairy one having a low level of sugar. Filled with vitamins, enzymes, microelements it brings good bacteria to our body.

Buy the Water Kefir Grains once, and you’ll get a permanent source for a variety of nourishing and beneficial beverages and desserts. You can add it to smoothies, ice creams or just use it as a dressing for plenty of salads recipes.

Start with a small portion of water kefir listen to yourself, step by step increase consumption, play with tastes and enjoy your healthy life!

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