BodyCraft VR500 vs Concept 2 vs Stamina pro reviews

A​ sedentary lifestyle leads to problems with posture? It’s high time to buy the rowing machine for home use, such as BodyCraft VR500, Stamina or Concept 2.

Think about it for a moment:

A rowing machine helps to fight against the back diseases, prevents the development of new ones, makes posture straight.

Do not know how to choose a good rower for home use?

Or, do not know what manufacturer to choose? Read our BodyCraft rowing machine reviews. VR500 BodyCraft rowing machine is a perfect choice.

BodyCraft VR500 rower review

The VR500 Pro Air and the magneto-resistive rower represent more than a decade of research and development. This rower combines all the latest technology and long-standing consumer needs.

That ensures a smooth and high-performance rowing training.

Bodycraft VR500 commercial rower
  • Up to resistance 32 levels of electronically controlled
  • Lightweight aluminum steering wheel
  • Comfort Grip with wireless infrared resistance
  • Resistance air and eddy currents for smooth, quiet operation
  • Easy folding design with child lock
  • Integrated transport wheels for compact storage
  • The contoured seat moves on precision bearing sliding wheels
  • Fixed footrest with quick heel and belt adjustment
  • Monitor: easy-to-read LCD screen with a black mask, LED backlight and keys.
  • Resistance: up to 32 levels of resistance using BODYCRAFT eddy current technology.
  • Travel: 38.5 “travels will hold users up to 6’8”.
  • Steering wheel: Ergonomically correct aluminum steering wheel with remote control.
  • Seat: Contoured comfort seat with reinforced roller bearings.
  • Foot Hold: luxurious adjustable heel support with quick adjustable straps.
  • Caterpillar: I-Beam Heavy Duty Monoblock – T13 High Strength Aluminum.
  • Drive: Premium nylon belt tested with a load of over 580 pounds with over 500,000 reps.
  • Support legs: precision laser cutting of high strength steel.
  • Monitor: Handle adjustable with two turning points with a slight tilt.
  • Storage: Easy folding and folding system with a safe child lock.
Computer features
  • Display time, distance (in meters), calories (Cal), pulse, beats per minute (SPM), watts, level, profile.
  • User profiles 4 users.
  • Manual mode Runs quickly or sets countdown targets.
  • Program profiles 12.
  • 4 race programs, 4 HRC, 2 spacing, 1 customizable and manual.
  • Heart rate control programs 55%, 75%, 90% and custom.
  • The objectives of the program are Time, Distance (Meters) and Watts.
  • Cooling button.
  • A range of 32 levels of resistance to rowing simulator.
  • Power off function Automatic shut off after 4 minutes without use.
Product’s features
  • Finished steel powder coated with an anodized aluminum beam.
  • Sizes of a floor of the block 20 “Sh x 98,5” D.
  • Seat height 19 “.
  • 38.5 “seat travel (up to 6’8” user height).
  • Maximum user weight 350 lbs (up to 5 hours per day).
  • Assembled dimensions 98.5 “D x 20” W x 38.5 “B.
  • Dimensions when folded 58.5 “D x 20” W x 77 “B.
  • Box dimensions 71.5 “x 30” x 10 “- LTL ships.
  • Boxed weight 116 pounds 52.6 kg.
  • Unit weight 101 pounds 45.5 kg.
  • Warranty
  • Residential Lifetime Frame, 7 years of parts, 1 year of wear and 2 years of labor.
  • Light advertising (up to 5 hours per day) 10-year frame, 3-year details, 1-year wear, and labor.

Bodycraft VR200 Pro Rowing Machine

A good option for buying a rowing simulator for home workouts is following one.

VR200 uses BODYCRAFT eddy current technology for the widest resistance range in the category. The air and magnetic rower with resistance VR200 has the same characteristics as its elder brother VR400 but is smaller and more compact.

This option is ideal for those who deal with space limitations. 29GS Solid P.V.C Mat would be a great helper.

Bodycraft rower VR200
  • 6 levels of resistance
  • Level 1 – wind resistance only
  • Level 2-8 combines wind and eddy current technology
  • Lightweight aluminum steering wheel
  • Smooth, quiet operation
  • Easy folding design
  • Integrated transport wheels for compact storage
  • Fan of wind resistance to keep you cool
  • Resistance: Level 1 – Air Resistance. Level 2 to 8 – Air and magnetic resistance.
  • Resistance system: air / magnetic with 8 levels. The control stick is within reach of the user for changes on the fly.
  • Steering: Light rubber-coated aluminum handle.
  • Travel: 34 “travels will hold users up to 6’4”.
  • Seat: deep shaped seat with reinforced roller bearings.
  • Foot retention: Luxurious swivel heel support with quick adjustable leg straps and heel support for reliable pushing.
  • Caterpillar: extruded aluminum monorail – T13 high strength aluminum.
  • Driving on the steering wheel: premium nylon belt / heavy-duty commercial clutch and return spring.
  • Support legs: powder-coated steel plate.
  • Monitor arm: installed with a slight tilt.
  • Storage: quick folding and folding system. The fastest folding mechanism available!
Computer features
  • Display: time, distance (in meters), calories (Cal), time 500 m, strokes, beats per minute (SPM), the profile of the total number of strokes.
  • Computer manual mode: Quickstart.
  • Resistance system: air / magnetic with 8 levels. The control stick is within reach of the user for changes during the “fly”.
  • Sleep mode: automatically turn off after 75 seconds of inactivity.
Product’s features
  • Powder-coated steel and anodized aluminum beam T13.
  • Block size 17.75 “W x 79” D.
  • Seat height 15.5 “.
  • Seat travel 34 “for users up to 6’4”.
  • Maximum user weight 300 pounds.
  • Assembled dimensions 79 “D x 17.75” W x 36.25 “W.
  • Folded dimensions: 35.5 “D x 17.5” W x 58 “B.
  • Box dimensions 51 “x 29.75” x 10.25 “- LTL / UPS supplied.
  • Boxed weight 75 pounds 33.9 kg.
  • Unit weight 59.5 kg 27 kg.
  • Maximum User Weight Capacity: 300 pounds.

BodyCraft vs Stamina pro vs Concept 2

Air rowers are the most popular type of rowers. Their popularity is due to the fact that:

  • they are durable
  • they use air resistance to simulate water resistance in real rowing

Rowers are quite versatile, so you can do high-intensity exercises or aerobics.

First: noise

One thing you should know right away is that the air rowers are quite loud. If you’re the type who wants to watch TV, you had better read the subtitles or pick up a headset.

Your neighbors in the apartment building can hear this, and definitely your family in the next room. I was a little surprised how loud it was the first time I used one (Concept2), given its popularity, but it is.

If you have noise problems:

I highly recommend the paddler on the water. Water rowers are also considered excellent quality, almost as good as the air rowers, simulating a real rowing experience, and you can watch or listen to anything without any problems.

Soon we will have a separate article for the best Waterrowers for home. Watch out!

All air rowers have a damper setting on the fan. The higher the setting, the more wind resistance you create, basically blocking the fan’s airflow.

Here I’ll talk about some of the best rowers so you can choose the best solution between them:

Concept2 D Concept2 EBodyCraft VR500Stamina ATS
User Weight Limit 500 lb[2] 500 lb[2] 350 lb 250 lb
User Inseam Limit (leg length)36″ / 41″[1] 36″ / 41″[1] Up to 6’8″ tall[3] or about 37″ 38″
Unit Weight 57 lb 65 lb 101 lb 63 lb
Overall Length 8 ft 8 ft 8 ft 7 ft
Seat Height 14″ 20″ 19″ 12″
Monitor Tracking Distance, Speed, Pace, Calories, Watts Distance, Speed, Pace, Calories, Watts Time, Distance, Calories, Pulse, Time 500m, Strokes, Strokes Per Minute, Total Strokes, Watts, Resistance, Recovery ProfileDistance, Speed, Pace, Calories
Other Monitor Features There are: Backlight, USB, HRM, Games, Racing, Programs Includes Backlight, USB, HRM, Games, Racing, ProgramsAlso Backlight, HRM, Racing, Programs, User ProfilesNone
Warranty2 Years Parts, 5 Years Frame 2 Years Parts, 5 Years Frame Residential: Lifetime frame, 7 years parts, 1 year wear, 2 years labour Light Commercial: 10 years frame, 3 years parts, 1-year wear, and labour90 Days Parts, 3 Years Frame
Notes marked
  • Concept2 offers a 5-inch long monorail as an upgrade, which can accommodate up to 41 inches. I can’t find it on their website, but they are.
  • Concept2 rowers weigh 300 pounds in accordance with the European standard for testing stationary fitness equipment. However, for comparison with other brands, I would choose the number 500 pounds. Many heavy people use it, and there is no need for a special rower for heavy people.
  • BodyCraft does not use the convenient inner stitch method to estimate the user’s maximum height. They simply estimate the maximum height as 6’8 ″.

Concept2 Model D

The Concept2 D rower has been the Crossfit standard for many years. This has become what all the other rowers compare to. Therefore, most of what I will tell in this article will mainly compare everything else with model D.

That this standard matters.

Competitive rowers use it as a guide, and you simply cannot reliably compare your performance indicators (speed or distance) with other rowers with it.

You will find this in tons of Crossfit partners, rowing clubs and regular commercial gyms. They all know that serious rowers and athletes are used to Concept2, so they have to serve athletes with this rower.

Concept2 produces a couple of other models, but the D model is the most popular and cheapest. Crazy to think, but they have been doing model D since 2003. Of course, they updated it in 2006.

On Concept2, you will notice that they also sell a lot of fun.

They are not cardio company. The brothers who founded the company were competitive rowers preparing for the Olympics and were serious about making good rowing products. That’s all they do. No treadmills, no bikes. They stick to what they are experts at.

If you are a Crossfit partner because athletes are so used to these rowers and compare their time with each other, assuming that they all use the same machine.

Concept2 Model D is an easy choice


8 feet long, folds up quite easily to get stuck in a corner. This is only 57 pounds, which allows you to take and insert a room between workouts, if you have really little space, or divide it into two main parts in two seconds.


Each new rower has his best monitor, PM5. Software, statistics, wireless HRM compatibility, everything you need. The USB port allows you to download workouts in the mobile application.

It also has a race mode and a jack, so that two cars next to each other can compete. Concept2 even continues to update its software (it has an Ethernet port, so you can get updates).

Of course, there is the “just row” option, if you are a beginner, like me, and do not want to get involved in any of this, you just want to warm up first or you have a group timer running.


2 years, 5 years, including commercial terms. This is an average for commercial cardio equipment. The warranty applies only to the company that offers it.

Concept2 has existed since 1976, and it still does well by selling tons of rowers each year and focusing only on the laser. There is no reason to think that they will disappear in the next ten years.


This is one of the most important things Concept2 offers for them. They are known all over the world as hard stones that stretch into millions and millions (and millions) of weights.

When your warranty ends, you can still buy spare parts and get tips from other users all over the Internet.

In most cases, all you really need is to periodically lubricate the chain with the lubricant that it contains. This is it. In fact, they have only a few models is good. You do not need to worry about the fact that outdated models are not supported.

Compare Model D vs Model E: both models are designed for intensive use.

This is different from other cardio machines that may have “home” and “commercial” models. Where the home model is basically not designed to be used and will wear out if you take it seriously.

Not to mention the hesitation and the sense of cheapness and fragility. No, in this case, both are suitable for commercial use.

Model DModel E
Seat height14 ″20 ″
Chain CasePartially ClosedFully Closed
Front legsaluminumsteel
Monitor armplasticaluminum
Finishpowder-coateddouble powder coated

They increased the E model a little.

I think that this is mainly just because of the extra height of the E model. Consequently, you could go with E if you have serious mobility problems. And it’s hard to squat low enough to safely enter model D (or there are customers who do).

Bodycraft VR500 pro rowing machine

VR500 introduced more support in the middle. The result is a truly solid feeling. It weighs 101 pounds, so that helps too.

This rower stands out from C2:

  • Control of resistance on the steering wheel.
  • One nice feature of this rower is resistance control. This is actually an infrared (for example, remote control) wireless sensor on the steering wheel, which means you don’t even need to stop and get up to adjust it.
BodyCraft VR500 benefits

Consistent resistance

As for sensations, the resistance is actually more consistent than that of Concept2. On Concept2, traction gets easier in the first part, when you start by tricking your legs for that part.

You can prevent this and simply maintain the pressure/speed. However, on the VR500, you simply do not receive such assistance. I would refer this feature to the combination of air and magnetic resistance VR500.

Hush the others

This is a belt driven rower, not a chain drive, like the Concept2. In fact, this makes it a little quieter, and magnetic resistance helps with that. The fully magnetic rower is actually very quiet, the only noise is the sliding of the seat.

But the rowers, built primarily on air resistance, like this one, provide better resistance than magnets, and BodyCraft made a good hybrid here. The fan is still noisy. Do not avoid it.

Child lock

If you have small children, this one – the enemy – for a folding position includes a child safety device.

Recommendations for size

8 feet, like the Concept2, and the seat raised almost the same height as the Concept2 Model E, to accommodate users who cannot easily squat.

One of the notable features of the VR500 is the weight of 101 pounds. It is 30 pounds heavier. This thing has become a lot.


heavy and durable. All this steel helps. They did not want to make a cheap version of Concept2. They wanted to curse even harder work. Did they succeed? Well, the Amazon reviews from 2013 are very good.

Warranty is prolonged: For use in residential areas, it is a lifetime frame, 7 years of parts, 1 year of wear, 2 years of labor. For light advertising, this is a 10-year frame, 3 years of parts, 1 year of wear.

Stamina ATS 1405

The ATS 1405 air rower from Stamina is the cheapest of all, without competition. I do not like to recommend cheap equipment. But I turn it on here to give a good push because it gets such good reviews and sold everywhere.

And then, you will come across this and will be surprised by this. If you go shopping. It is one of the first on the list on Amazon among a couple of other models of Stamina.

Overall, endurance gets good reviews on Amazon:

Amazon’s customer base for fitness equipment has a target at rowing beginners who want to save money and care less about quality. More serious athletes and sports rats, as a rule, buy equipment in specialized stores.

Stamina ATS 1405 benefits

Model selection

Stamina produces several models of air rowers. The ATS 1405 is a heavy-duty Stamina model, which is still much cheaper than Concept2 and Xebex.

You do not want to mess with cheaper Stamina models. Just no. Even this one is borderline for some people, and not good enough for others.

Considerations for size

63 pounds is about the same as Concept2. Overall, endurance is about a foot shorter, although the range of motion on a monorail is slightly larger. Users can use up to 38 inches.

The problem with this is that it has a weight limit of 250 pounds. This means that it is definitely not for commercial use. The seat is very short from the floor, which makes it difficult for people with disabilities to use it.


The monitor display is super basic. I’ve heard that people complain that the Concept2 doesn’t have a huge variety of options, but the Stamina display takes you back a couple of decades.


They only give a 90-day parts warranty. This is a sign of a machine that is not designed for durability. If you try to learn how to use it, you will learn how to use it. Orchestration of their warranty period. If they have too many advantages.


Obviously, It will depend on you. You can get a small deal and a few dollars. If you used Concept2, you cannot immediately notice this.

You need to know what you want. Endurance is well aware of this. If this happens in a commercial environment, I would not recommend Endurance.

If you start to create problems, this is not a problem. It does not have long-term durability (or, as already mentioned, guarantees), like Concept2. If you are going to learn how to get through this, this is not a problem.

Here are recommendations:

If you want the best: Bodycraft vr500 pro air magnetic rowing machine meets or exceeds Concept2 in all respects. Check out Amazon reviews, and then pull the trigger. You will be very happy.

Commercial environment: Concept2 may be the best choice. Maybe a combination of models D and E to accommodate people with mobility problems.

People know this, they know their numbers, and they immediately feel comfortable in your gym. But if your customers are not experienced rowers, think about switching to the VR500.

Traditional rowing: The Concept2 has a display that is more useful for rowing people. For this traditional use, you want to stick with Concept2.

House: You may be able to get away with endurance if you do not use it every day and you are a little person who does not pass the test. Otherwise, either the Concept2 or the VR500, depending on your budget.

World best rowers 2020


Model Hastings Wega R1 has a wide range of programs and a powerful resistance force. The operation of the device is silent, which is especially important for home use. 12 programs of various loads, 4 heart-dependent programs.

Custom settings include the account of personal features: age, gender, weight, pulse.

The simulator is equipped with a bright display with a motion indicator. It accurately indicates the point of movement of the athlete during the exercise. The programming process is accessible as the panel is equipped with a small number of buttons.

The features of the product are the anatomical seat, wide pedals with adjusting locking legs, comfortable grip, power.


Russian company engaged in the production of sports equipment. Among the simulators stand out rowing products. Model HouseFit DH-86025 conveys an exact imitation of the paddler’s oars.

The console indicates the duration of the workout, distance, speed, frequency of strokes. The simulator is compact, weight – 16 kg. Battery powered.

More massive device DH-8615 is designed to train the entire body. It has an eight-level load. The display shows information about time, speed, distance, calories. Users up to 120 kg are engaged in folding structure.

Infiniti fitness systems air magnetic rower

Model R99 withstands weight up to 130 kg. Mains power. The functionality has 12 programs, which is typical for all rowing devices of the brand.

The user can operate with exercise time, distance traveled, speed of strokes, pulse measurement, stroke frequency, recovery test. The cost of the simulator is average.

The R9 unit is characterized by an attractive design, modern display. The weight of the athlete increases to 135 kg. The mass of the device – 44 kg, the price is high.

The costly Infiniti Fitness R200 withstands user weight up to 160 kg, the design itself weighs 60 kg. Load levels are governed by 16 values.


German manufacturer of goods for sports and recreation. Rowing machines are characterized by a unique design, safe manufacturing technology. The cost of production varies from medium to high, but the quality matches the price.

A simple Favorit simulator is suitable for beginner athletes. The load is adjusted mechanically. Targeted programs are direct and countdown time, distance, calories.

The display shows 5 parameters, controls the pulse value, and the special function “fitness test” evaluates the state of the body after exercise.

Especially comfortable is the improved clip for controlling heart rate and compensators for surface irregularities.


The German brand is made in China and Taiwan. The rowing machine is represented by the Typhoon HRC model. The electromagnetic load system is electronically controlled and 15 installed programs.

Multifunctional black and a white display will report on the main parameters of the workout. 12 established profiles aimed at the development of speed and endurance.

There is an option to create your own settings or competition with a virtual opponent. The cost of the product is average. Warranty – 2 years.


Brand of the US-Taiwan Corporation. Produces home and professional devices. Model SPORTOP R600P is designed to strengthen the heart, the development of endurance, lumbar load.

A blue backlit display will indicate the number of strokes, time, calories, distance, pulse. 12 modes include 7 installed programs, cardio-control, 4 own profiles. The load is regulated by 16 levels.

R700 rowing machine is offered by the company as an ideal option for the development of strength and endurance of the body. The load is evenly distributed to all muscle groups.

In a short period of training, weight decreases, the figure improves, muscles strengthen, spinal flexibility and joint mobility increase. The design is folded, placed in a confined space.


The American brand is the only one of its kind manufacturer of rowing equipment on the water. The appearance of the devices is different from the usual, the cost of production is also more expensive.
Resistance control is based on a patented system.

Everything is just like with real rowing, the load increases with the speed of the swings. The rhythmic sound accompanies the smooth, natural movements of the rower. The design consists of natural wood. Built-in display controls the parameters of the body: speed, frequency, load, calories, distance, pulse, time.

It is possible to connect to a laptop to save workout results. Some models are made of stainless steel.


Co-production of Russia and Taiwan. Especially popular among the company’s products is the Ammity ORM 5000 rowing machine.

It works from the aeromagnetic load, it is equipped with an onboard computer, which displays exercise time, distance traveled, load level, calorie consumption, pulse state.

The user has 34 programs, including 12 training programs, 4 pulse-independent installations, pulse recovery and15 competition modes,user program.

A chest sensor measures the pulse. Among the pleasant things – compensators floor irregularities, shipping rollers, folding frame. Warranty 5 years. When registering on the site warranty is extended for 2 years.


The trademark belongs to a Swedish company. Reasonable price is provided by the mass production of a small number of models. The rowing machine is represented by the model APPLEGATE R10 M.

The device creates a constant muscle tone, forms a strong muscular corset, provides general health benefits.

The rails are made of aluminum, bearings are installed in the seat, which slides easily during training. A training computer reports time, distance, calories, number of moves.

User weight – up to 130 kg. The warranty for the frame is provided for one year and extended for two years.

Body sculpture

The company is headquartered in the UK, and goods are manufactured in China. The rowing Body Sculpture BR-2200H exercise machine is intended for house use.

The mechanism is folded, thanks to this takes up little space. Steel frame withstands user weight up to 120 kg. The simulator works without jerks due to reliable hydraulic cylinders. This ensures smooth and soft movements.

The display will inform about the time of classes, the number of strokes, strokes per minute, calorie consumption. Information is updated every 6 seconds. Each user selects the appropriate load. Adjustable pedals, changing the angle of inclination, rotating handles give special convenience.


The modern, effective TF 403-B1 simulator strengthens the back muscles and abdominals. The feature is represented by a hydraulic loading system. This eliminates the occurrence of injury.

The exterior design is fashionable, and the use of the simulator becomes comfortable and convenient. The display shows the duration of the workout, the number of actions taken.

Now about the principle of work:

The rowing exercise machine is the sports exercise machine imitating rowing. Unlike most other cardiovascular machines, during training, it loads the back, arms, abs and most other muscles of the body and upper body, not just the legs (like a treadmill, ellipsoid or exercise bike).

The rowing mechanic itself resembles deadlift, one of the key strength exercises. Since this exercise is responsible for the development of the muscles of the back and the creation of powerful arms:

Thanks to regular training on the rowing machine, it is easy to create a truly athletic figure.

Operating principle

The rowing machine is a metal frame with a soft seat. On the sides are two levers that mimic the work of oars. Movements are carried out using the flywheel.

How to row? A person takes the position of the rower, takes the levers, pulls them to him. At the same time makes an effort. Outside of envy from a variety of a simulator, the principle of operation is the same – recreating rowing movements.

Types of rowing simulators

1. Mechanical

Products are intended for home use. They are simple, easy to assemble, inexpensive, effective with regular classes.

During operation, there is noise, uneven progress, reminiscent of real rowing. Such devices are suitable for beginners and amateurs who find it difficult to regulate the load.

In this type of simulator, hydraulic cylinders are used to change the load, which act on the flywheel and change the resistance. In addition, the load changes by changing the length of the paddles and turning the blades.

Mechanical ridge simulators are not expensive compared to electrical types, and they do not require connection to the power grid, which allows you to install them in a convenient place to practice.

This type of simulator is not very convenient for training compared to the electric type. This is due to the fact that the simulator does not have a smooth course, quite noisy during classes, and if you need to change the load, then you need to stop training.

2. Magnetic

Electric rowing simulators are modern models of simulators, where the principle of an electromagnetic system is laid. These simulators are considered the most effective because the installed magnets smoothly regulate the load, which varies widely.

Due to this minimizes the obtaining of stretch marks and torn ligaments.

The only drawback of electric rowing simulators is the high price compared to another type. In addition, the electric ridge trainer has a large size, which means that it will have to look for a spacious and free space.

You should not forget that you will have to look for such a place next to the socket, which is necessary for the operation of the simulator. And this is not always possible, especially in small rooms.

But in this case, you can find one interesting way out, or rather to get a simulator that would take shape. These types of simulators save space and after classes, you can hide them, that they did not spoil the interior of the room.

The functionality of the devices allows you to choose the load, the training program, determines the results obtained. The mechanism works without fanfare.

During transportation and storage, the product is protected from moisture. It is recommended to use the device in a heated room at a temperature from +10 to +35.

The weight of the flywheel creates intensive loads. The harder it is, the greater the resistance and the smoother the stroke. Cost depends on a complete set.

Buying just such a simulator, attention should be paid to the attachment mechanism. For its durability and reliability, this mechanism must be metallic.

Despite some drawbacks:

Electric rowing machines are comfortable to use than mechanical ones. They provide small computers that record all the parameters for classes: pulse, heartbeat, pressure, and mode of classes.

There are a lot of training modes and each person can choose the best option for himself. The latest models of rowing simulators allow you to connect your computer to the Internet and hold competitions.

3. Aerodynamic

Professional devices. Movement depends on the resistance to the air flow generated by the fan. Devices are intended for training athletes, holding competitions in the gym.

In the role of a home simulator, they are practically not used, because they make a lot of noise, take up a lot of space, and are very expensive.

What are specifications of the load system?

  • The effort of the athlete counteracts the work of the pneumatic cylinder.
  • The device works autonomously, electricity is not required.
  • The load is regulated by the air valves of the cylinder.
  • Obligatory maintenance is considered lubrication, replacement of rubber seals and gaskets on the piston head.
  • As a counterforce to the athlete, standard magnets are used, acting by spontaneous attraction.
  • This mechanism works autonomously without electricity or another type of power.
  • The load is set by the user as needed.
  • Periodic maintenance required.
Magnetic air
  • The most realistic imitation rowing boat.
  • Resistance is created by a standard magnetic mechanism.
  • An additional load is formed by a pneumatic spring in the frame.
  • The handles of the device are equipped with magnets for enhanced resistance.
  • The frame of the simulator is sprung, so the user constantly keeps balance.
  • The frame design is unstable due to equipment air stand.
  • The process of training is difficult but effective.
  • The movable frame allows you to work out a larger number of muscles.
  • The resistance force is provided by a water cylinder.
  • The principle of operation is similar to air, but with a difference, in the way, the load is formed.
  • The opposition creates a compression fluid in the working chamber.
  • For the operation of the device, the connection to the electrical network is not required.
  • Regular maintenance maintains proper instrument operation.
  • The mechanism operates by the force of magnetic attraction.
  • The process depends on the magnetic induction arising from the conductor.
  • The design is simple, does not require constant maintenance, connects to a network of 220 Volts or runs on battery.
  • The load varies widely enough, as the electromagnet allows the change of the slightest oscillations.

Functions and features

  • Virtual training. The ability to customize the image on the display according to the intensity of movement of rowing oars. The process of training becomes more varied and exciting.
  • Foldable design. The structure is formed by small efforts, the use of a special tool is not required. The process takes several minutes.
  • Wheels for transportation. The rollers mounted on the unit will help move it around the sports field or premises. After determining the location of the simulator wheels are replaced with fixed stops.
  • Adjustable legs. Compensators for uneven floors make the simulator more stable, which guarantees the safety of use. Hexagon or classic open-end wrench is used to adjust the design.

What muscles work?

Rowing on the rowing simulator is universal, that is, it is suitable for people with different sports training and different physique.

Performing exercises on the rowing simulator, you can use up to 80% of the muscles of the body. Which is a really good indicator. The most noticeable load falls on the pectoral muscles, back, shoulder girdle and arms.

Also, the buttocks, the front, and back of the thigh, the press are being worked out, although the load on them is not so intense. See the reults before and after.

An additional bonus from practicing:

Improving the tone of the heart muscle, strengthening the vascular and respiratory systems.

In particular, such classes are shown to people with medical limitations in sports, as well as those with a lot of extra weight. A sitting position during exercise ensures the safety of the knee and hip joints with a high athlete weight.

With the accurate performance of the rowing equipment, the following muscle groups are pumped throughout the body:

  • hands: extensors and flexors of the wrist, triceps, biceps;
  • shoulders: front and rear delt beams;
  • back: vertebral columns, trapezius muscle, latissimus dorsi;
  • legs and buttocks: hip biceps, gluteus maximus, quadriceps;
  • press: internal and external oblique muscles.

Additional load falls on the pectoral muscle.

The main property of rowing using the rowing simulator is the simultaneous activity of a large number of different muscles of the body. Intensive work of the body increases the number of heartbeats, which creates an incomparable cardio effect during training.

The benefits of rowing simulator

It’s no secret that rowers have very beautiful and courageous figures. Wide shoulders, strong back attract the attention of many of the fair sex. Of course, we do not need this effect.

Still, rowing machines are equally useful for men and women.


  • Classes with it are available even to people with minimal physical training, including those who have significant excess weight and wants to get rid of him;
  • The resulting loads have a complex positive effect on the body, helping to remove excess weight, to pump muscles and strengthen the cardiovascular system;
  • Stamina increases, metabolism accelerates;
  • For 40 minutes of training, you can spend up to 800 Kcal, which is an excellent indicator;
  • According to independent studies, training on a rowing machine helps to increase sexual activity in both men and women.


  • Monotonous training movements.
  • Large dimensions of the product.
  • Improper exercise technique leads to back injury.

When working on a rowing machine:

The muscles of the back, shoulder complex, abdominals, and even the hips are involved. Thus, it works almost the entire body. Due to such loads, the fat is burned smoothly and evenly.

And he is replaced by beautiful strong muscles. Regular workouts increase endurance, help stimulate the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, speed up the metabolism, which is also necessary for burning fat.

You can not exercise with the rower if you have
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Violation of cerebral circulation.
  • Discogenic sciatica.
  • Hypertension.
  • Problems with the thyroid gland.
  • Infection or viral cold.
  • Heart or vascular disease.
  • Spinal diseases.

Since training on the rowing simulator regulates the work of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, they are referred to as cardio loads. Therefore, they can be combined with strength training to increase the efficiency of fat burning and muscle building.

If it is enough for you to strengthen your body, to give it an attractive look, you can limit yourself to the rowing simulator.

Rowing simulators have a lot of advantages:

This is the best combination of price, quality, and ergonomics. They take up little space, but their effectiveness is higher than from regular exercises. Even a child can understand the work of the simulator.

Modern magnetic models have a built-in computer control system, which makes it very quick and easy to change any settings. You can develop and establish for yourself an optimal training program.

But the most important advantage – it is indispensable for losing weight. For one small workout, you can burn about 800 calories. It is recommended even for obese people.


To enjoy the most complex workout, there is nothing better than a rowing machine. This is a really effective simulator, ideal for improving the work of the respiratory system and muscle tone. Use our tips to choose the right rowing machine.


This projectile reproduces rowing movements and provides a comprehensive and balanced physical exertion. In addition, it allows:

  • train almost all muscle groups in your body
  • combine cardio and strength training
  • achieve good physical results quickly
  • increase spinal flexibility and harmoniously develop the body
How to choose?

The purpose

Any rowing machine is designed to provide optimal comfort depending on the goal of the workout. Therefore, it is the goal of training is the determining factor when choosing. Recreate the feeling of real rowing at home? Enjoy the complex physical work of the body? Conduct an intensive training session in sports training?

Rowing machines differ primarily in traction systems. There are 2 systems that provide 2 different rowing methods … for different purposes.

Scandinavian or Latin

If you want to experience the sensations that are closest to rowing, this is the type of simulator recommended for you! This system is designed for the most accurate reproduction of the movements during rowing.

Which comprehensively uses the muscles of the back. Attention, the “right” movement is more difficult to master and requires good coordination, especially if you have never rowed.

Central drive

Do you want to enjoy the complex physical work of the body? Or do you need intensive training (including professional)? The advantages of central thrusting today have made this type of rowing machine the most common for use at home or in gyms.

This type of simulator ensures symmetrical muscle work and smooth movement. Thus, it is easier to achieve the correct body position (straight back, tight press …) for a comfortable and effective workout.


Crest simulators are folding and stationary. If folding models can be removed after a workout and they will not take up much space, then for stationary ones you will have to look for free space of about 2 meters. Therefore, for standard and small apartments, it is worth buying folding models of simulators.

The design features

Well, if the simulator will be able to adjust the level of the seat, the position of the pedals for the legs and rowing levers. This allows the simulator to engage all family members, adjusting it to each person.

Each rowing simulator should have two main functions – load levels and their adjustment. The number of loads depends on the model of the simulator, but it is believed that the more of them, the better. Load adjustment can be of two types – smooth (mainly provided in electric models of simulators) and stepped (provided only in mechanical forms).

In addition to the main two functions in the expensive and modern models, additional functions are provided. The number of these additional functions significantly affects the cost of the simulator.

Additional great features include a heart rate monitor (you can buy a heart rate monitor separately), a movement and calorie counter, and many other functions that simplify the process of using the simulator and make it not only effective but enjoyable. To monitor the pulse and other parameters of the human body, bracelets, chest sensors, ear clips or other wireless sensors are put on during training.

The most expensive models have training programs. There are programs that the manufacturer has installed, but he left the possibility for the user to create such programs on his own, depending on his needs and the purpose of training. When the simulator is selected, and there are no restrictions for practicing on it, only one thing remains – to conduct these classes correctly.

It is believed that the rowing machine increases the muscles in the arms. In fact, when used correctly, the load is evenly distributed between the muscles of the back, abs and shoulder girdle.

Therefore, you can not be afraid of the effect of “big hands”. The only limitation is spinal problems. However, with a slight curvature, such loads do not interfere at all.

On the contrary, they will strengthen the muscles of the back and align the spine. But it is better to start training under the supervision of an experienced person, who will tell you how to sit correctly, pick up the load and perform the movements.

Tips to buy a longlasting rower
  • Metal fastening to the lever will serve more reliably and longer than plastic.
  • The size of the simulator depends on the free space in the room. If space is limited, choose compact folding models.
  • The presence of adjustable parts: control of the height of the seat, the length of the rowing levers, footrests.
  • The number of load levels allows you to increase energy costs gradually, which has a beneficial effect on the result of training.
  • Electromagnetic models are equipped with a computer, where individual training programs are created and stored. Some instruments report overload.
  • The console, equipped with the device, will report information about the pulse, the frequency and the number of strokes performed.
  • The distance traveled, the time of training, the number of calories burned.
  • The function Body Fat in some models reports calories burned analyzes the effectiveness of training.
  • Length. The parameter must match the user’s height. If the simulator will be used by several people, then the details must be adjusted.
The exploitation of a rowing machine
  • Before starting training, consult your doctor.
  • The product is used for its intended purpose by adults. Do not allow children to play with the simulator.
  • If you experience any discomfort, chest pain or breathing problems, immediately stop exercising.
  • Hair and clothing should not hang loose to prevent movement.
  • Inspect for damage before each use.
  • Keep children and animals away from the device. Special children’s simulators make the exception.
  • If you hear a noise or a crash, stop your workout.
  • Do not exceed the permissible user weight.
  • Take special care when switching the device on and off.
  • Use the unit in recommended conditions.
  • Check that the bolts, nuts, pins, screws, and other fasteners are tight.

Effective training on the rowing machine

Suppose you know how to use a rowing machine. But what does a full-time lesson look like on it?

An effective option specifically for AskYourFitnessQuestion was developed by Annie Mulgrew, head of the fitness studio at CityRow in New York.

The numbers below are periods in minutes. Time is approximate.

Simulator care
  • In order for the seat, monorails, and rollers to move properly, they are regularly lubricated with oil-based products.
  • It is recommended that parts be serviced every 1-2 months.
  • Particular attention is paid to tightening threaded connections.
  • Do not use corrosive or abrasive agents for cleaning surfaces.
  • To remove dust and dirt, wipe the machine with a damp sponge.
  • Do not allow dust to clog into the mechanism.

You may not always be able to squeeze into these frames – well, not necessary. Just try to give all the best 3 times a week for 20 minutes – and say goodbye to something extra.

00: 00–03: 00 – Warm-up

Start at a moderate pace. You do not know how fast to row? Here is a guideline: during these three minutes you have to cover a distance of about 500 m.

03: 00–06: 00 – Footwork

Do 10 reps with straight arms, only straightening your legs, then 10 regular strokes. Then 5 more feet and 5 normal. Then again 10 + 10. Keep on alternating.

06: 00–08: 00 – Acceleration

Defeat another 500 m, but just try to do it in two minutes, not three, as in the warm-up.

08: 00–12: 00 – Traction pyramid

Ramp out 100 m with maximum speed; then, sitting with straight legs, tighten the handle 10 times to yourself (that is, perform horizontal thrust).

Next, run another 200 m and do 15 repetitions of horizontal thrust. Then 300 m – and 20 hands strokes. And then work in reverse order: 200 m and 15 repetitions, 100 m and 10 repetitions.

12: 00-14: 00 – Sprints

Row with all your strength for 20 seconds, then for 10 seconds lower the tempo to the restorative in order to breathe slightly. Keep on alternating. Bear in mind: this will be a serious cardiovascular load.

14: 00–17: 00 – swim on record

Make a sprint for 30 seconds, trying to swim as far as possible (conquer at least 125 m). Remember the distance covered, relaxed rowing for the next 30 seconds for a breather, and then accelerate again and try to beat your record. Just complete three of these circles, each trying to improve the result.

17: 00–20: 00 – Post-training hitch

Ramp more 500 m, but in a quiet mode, restoring breath.

Operating rules
  • Install the simulator in free space, the distance to the walls should be at least 0.5 meters.
  • Place the machine on a flat surface.Wear comfortable, ventilated clothes.
  • Shoes must fit.
  • During exercise, drink water to avoid dehydration.
  • Before training, warming up is required, and after – recovery.
  • In the process of exercising, keep your back level, and when tilting, reach an angle of 45 degrees.
  • The movements performing smoothly and evenly, the hips and buttocks are tense, not the back.
  • Keep your knees relaxed even with increased exertion, otherwise, there will be problems with the vessels.
  • Classes are best done daily at the same time of day.
  • The recommended training time is no more than an hour.
  • Do not keep electromagnetic sources near electronic equipment.

The technique of performing exercises on the rowing simulator

The faultless technique of performing exercises on the rowing simulator should ensure active work of both the upper and lower parts of the body.

For example, when running or riding an exercise bike, for the most part only the lower part of the body is involved. And when training on the rowing simulator works almost the whole body.

This 4-step instruction will tell you how to practice a rowing machine:

1. Recovery phase

At this stage of the exercise, the entire body of the athlete strives forward, sliding to the legs. The whole body should be in a relaxed state, and the muscles are not tense.

This state allows the simulator to easily bring the body to the following position: the knees are bent and the arms are straight. To go to the capture phase, the body needs to be prepared.

The hull slightly leans forward “for one hour.” The angle of inclination should be no more than 30 degrees. Now the body is tense and the movement comes from the hip. Foot tightly about the simulator, evenly distributing the load. The upper surface of the thighs is in contact with the body.

2. Capture

The exact implementation of this phase is directly related to the productivity of the entire exercise. Therefore, it is important to once again check the body position:

  • arms straight;
  • shoulders are straightened and are on the same vertical line with the hips;
  • head pointing straight forward;
  • almost all body weight is transferred to the feet (there should be a feeling of hovering over the seat).

At the peak moment of capture such sensations should be observed:

  • the lower body, as if, is glued to the handle of the simulator;
  • after the “stroke by the paddle”, there is opposition to the handle of the paddle at the moment of its slowing down;
  • muscles of the back and trapezius muscles are activated.

Breath combines with the rhythm of rowing. It is recommended to take one breath on one “swing oar”. Exhale slowly during the rest of the exercise.

In the process of active rowing, you can breathe in and out during the recovery phase. It is imperative to find a suitable rhythm of breathing for a specific athlete.

3. Pushing the boat


  • The feet still rest on the simulator in the starting position, and the arms are extended. Next, connect the quadriceps, with which you need to push off from the platform.
  • Now, the hip biceps is engaged. At 1/3 stroke, when the handle is next to the knees, the body deviates by about “11 o’clock”.
  • When passing this part of the exercise, it is important to remember that in rowing it is important not to pull but to push. The thrust force sets the pace for the whole exercise process.


  • Now elbows are bent, and biceps, brachial and deltoid muscles of a back are connected to work. Elbows tightened to the body at the level of the lower ribs. It is important not to bend the wrists, so as not to exert an extra strain on the joints.
  • The force of “pushing” is achieved due to the active involvement of the shoulders in the work. They are gently pulled back, not rising.
  • All the muscles of the body are activated ascending – from weaker to strong. This provides maximum power. First, quadriceps and gluteus muscles are included, then the lower back, and in conclusion – biceps, trapezium, brachial, posterior deltoid, lateral, rhomboid muscles.

4. End of the stroke

The last stage begins at the moment of complete straightening of the knee joints. Now you need to mentally check the position of the body:

  • thrust terminated;
  • arms straight, and the handle of the paddle is located in the solar plexus area;
  • trunk – with a slope of “11hours”;
  • bark muscles in tension;
  • neck and shoulders relaxed;
  • look straight;
  • elbows lowered and laid back;
  • wrists straightened and relaxed;
  • chest slightly raised.

Two more important principles on how to engage in rowing on the simulator:

  • The ratio of movement and rest should be equal to 1: 2. It is better to withstand the recovery phase and not to rush to the next one. Very often, athletes neglect this rule. No need to hurry!
  • The grip handle – soft and flexible. It is not necessary to squeeze the hand strongly, to hold the handle. it is enough to hold it only with your fingers.

How does all this to remember?

It is important to bring the rowing technique to automatism, counting the phases of the movement.

  • One – the legs are thrust, the arms are relaxed.
  • Two (the handle on the line of the knees) – hands begin to pull, the body deflects back.
  • Three – the back opens, hands tighten the handle even closer to the belt.

Returning to the initial position is also carried out with a phase reading.

  • One – hands go forward, supporting the weight with triceps, back slightly tilted back.
  • Two – the body leans forward, the press is tense.
  • Three – the movement is transmitted to the legs, knees bend.
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