Best Waterrower reviews 2024

W​hat is the best Waterrower for home? Finding the optimal variant for the price in 2024 is challenging, customers’ reviews differ.

But we offer the solution:

If you decided on buying the water-based rowing machines, this guide will help you to choose the most suitable variant. Here you will find the top-rated and budget equipment of high quality.

Experts’ opinion and customers’ feedback will highlight the main pros and cons. Let’s start!

Best Waterrowers for home

Best-selling water rowers deserved popularity among people with different level of training – from beginners to pro users.

Customers who bought a simulator admit natural feelings while rowing, reminding flowing in the boat. It is a great advantage, especially when compared to other kinds of rowing machines.

Here is the latest list available on Amazon for sale:

You will find the best models for sale on Amazon

Famous brands such as WaterRower club, Suuny Health and Fitness, XTERRA Fitness produce unique models of water rowing machines. Users adore the variety of features available in mentioned simulators.

Let’s consider more detailed one of the best sellers.

WaterRower natural with S4 monitor

The best manufacturer of water rowers presents Natural Rowing Machine w/ S4 Monitor and Hi Rise Attachment for your most effective workouts. It is the perfect device for your home gym as imitates actually swimming in a boat with oars.

What are the main benefits of this water rower?

It has a patented water flywheel effective during its natural rowing process. Appreciate flexible resistance levels – getting it fit for people with some health problems. For example, people with joint concerns need replacing the chlorine tablet every 2-6 months.

These exercise equipment targets complicate muscles such as: arms, legs, back, and glutes. It’s an excellent exercise routine as if you’re actually driving a boat with oars.

Its composition highlights solid ash hardwood with the honey oak surface. So it improves the general color and suits to your living apartment.

Additional features include:

The water rower is made for home and gym use and almost support-free. As was already mentioned, it works all-important muscle groups (84 percent of whole muscle mass). Except for this, the machine provides great flexible resistance levels.

A great advantage is that simulator comes with the S4 display monitor and the Hi-Rise adaptor. So make haste to order a WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine w/ S4 Monitor w/ Hi-Rise Attachment today on Amazon.

Fitness experts discuss on AFQ House of Cards rowier used by Kevin Spacey.

WaterRower M1 HiRise with S4 monitor

WaterRower is the only simulator using the effect of water resistance, that allows you to do a workout that is totally determined by the user. Both in terms the strokes place and the workout intensity.

It does not require resistance adjustment:

In case you need to increase the resistance, it’s quite simple to row faster and stronger, and the resistance will increase automatically.

WaterRower was created to simulate the movement of a boat down the river. So this is more than just a machine that resembles rowing:

Developing the torso muscles is the basis for well-being. It is required for the rehabilitation of back diseases – one of the most common in our society.

Weaker rowing simulators often cause an unhealthy spinal curving at the beginning of a workout. When rowing on the WaterRower simulator, usually 84% of muscle mass is used.

The Waterrower HiRise rowing machine is made of aluminum and powder covered in a variety of colors. Dual rail design, commercial warranty, high rails and S4 monitor.

WaterRower is shorter than other similar equipment (almost foot length/300 mm).

The amount of water in the tank resembles the weight of the boat and crew during rowing. A shift in its size does not lead to a change in resistance. But only changes the mass that the rower must set in motion.

The water meter is located outside the tank, under the computer.

11 reasons to buy WaterRower

1. Excellent quality and perfect design

All WaterRower simulators are made in the USA, in the city of Warren, Rhode Island. Each stage of production is controlled manually. That ensures exceptional reliability and excellent quality. WaterRower simulators are famous for their perfect design and attention to detail.

Such an effort was highly appreciated:

WaterRower received many awards (including the Plus X Award) and exhibited at the London’s Design Museum and the New York Museum as an example of design perfection.

2. Water resistance

Rowing involves 80-95% of the body muscles, burns up to 800 kcal/h. Actually, it is more than any other aerobic training, does not harm the joints due to the absence of shock load. Water resistance, unlike other types of resistance, most accurately simulates real rowing.

The main pro of the WaterRower simulator is the unique technological solution patented over 25 years ago – the WaterFlywheel system.

3. Monitor S4

The simulator is equipped with one of the best consoles for such simulators. Compatible with POLAR heart rate sensor – optional. With QuickStart, you can start your workout immediately.

For those who are interested in accurate data during the training, the monitor will provide numerous functions and displayed indicators.

4. Quiet performance

Quiet work of the patented flywheel, the wooden structure that absorbs noise and vibration, the use of slings instead of chains. All this makes WaterRower one of the quietest trainers.

When training at WaterRower, you hear the sound of water, creating a pleasant and unforgettable experience.

5. Polycarbonate tank

Polycarbonate is one of the strongest materials available. It is used to create aircraft windshields, bulletproof glass and practically does not destroy. The tank is tight and can be filled with plain water through the hole closed by a stopper.

6. Ergonomic handle design

The handle is covered with special foam material for comfort and to prevent rubbing. The contour of the handles corresponds to natural grip, which minimizes the torque in the wrists – a common cause of joint disease.

7. Lightweight and durable sling

The WaterRower sling is made of high-strength polyester. It is guided by nylon rollers, so it does not wear out and does not require maintenance – no dirty lubricant!

Such slings are used for military lifting gears because of their lightness and corrosion resistance.

8. Contour seat

The seat has an ergonomic design for maximum comfort. It is unusually stable: a support on two rails and support on all four corners. Smooth gliding is provided by eight urethane wheels.

The seat is softer than most analogues, which can provide the same level of comfort only through a special extra pillow.

9. The footrest

This part follows the most advanced boat design with heel support. When moving, the heel rises from the stand, and the strap repeats its movements, providing stability and comfort from the beginning to the end of the stroke.

The position of the strap is easily adjusted by pressing the center button that releases the locking pins.

10. Double rails

In addition to providing an attractive appearance, the rails are designed to absorb noise and vibration, which makes rowing smooth and silent. Rails are part of the frame and can support more than 2,200 pounds (998 kg).

However, taking into account other structural elements, the maximum user weight for WaterRower is 1,000 pounds or 454 kg (for all models except the A1 Home).

11. Plastic slides

Slides on rails are made of high-quality material, which is softer than most analogues. You will no longer experience discomfort when the rail is dirty, enjoying smooth rowing. This is much different from other simulators.

Rental program review

WaterRower rental program is the following:

Before unit is ready to ship, the manufacturer requires the credit card for the deposit and first month’s rent. It will be prorated according with the day of sending your unit. You are able to proceed renting as long as you like, return or buy the unit after 3 months minimum rental time.

After you are sure to buy, the purchase price is determined automatically. In case you choose to return the unit, the return fee will come out of the deposit for shipping. You will get more refund when the unit is delivered in good state.

What is the first step?

Filling out the rental contract at and send it in to the company’s e-mail or fax it. As soon as they receive your contract, you’ll be added into the rental list.

How to choose Water rower?

This kind of simulator provides fun and effective indoor training. It helps not only to lose weight but also a tool to develop endurance and strength, improve general flexibility.

To get the most out of your workouts, just buying a rower machine with water is not enough. You need to know how to correctly choose and use it. Here is the guide for choosing the perfect simulator for you.

1. Pay attention to the size and weight

Before buying a rowing machine water wheel, it is important to determine the area of ​​free space in your apartment. There must be enough free space for the installation of the simulator.

The same concerns the weight. Since heavier devices are more difficult to move, they will be the best option for houses. As its area allows not to take into account their transportability.

Buyers with limited space at home can pick up folding models. Thus, regardless of the price, you can always free up space after an effective workout.

2. Take into account the water-resistance type

Rowing machines can have four main types of resistance: air, magnetic, hydraulic and water. Each of these types has different features and benefits.

But such systems are beneficial in their own way. Hydraulic options make it easy to adjust the ridge tension, making them a good choice in terms of durability and long-term investment.

One of the key benefits of using water rowing machines is that they offer movement experience similar to real rowing. A great advantage is that rower intensity affects the amount of resistance generated.

The faster water rower works, the higher the resistance becomes.

3. Outline fitness goals

The buyer’s final choice for a conventional or folding rowing machine should depend on its purpose. For buyers who want to lose weight, any decent inexpensive model would be the right solution.

But those who want to buy a simulator to work out the body muscles will need models that offer different levels of resistance. In addition to it, there are also programmable models that are perfect for professional athletes to prepare for swims.

4. Consider the presence of sensors

Typically, most rowing machines are equipped with an LCD display that allows users to track how well and efficiently they operate. Some displays show the approximate distance passed by the user along with the estimated speed.

Other rowing machines, which you can also buy at a reasonable price on Amazon, are equipped with calorie counters and timers. The choice, in this case, should be directed by the needs for operation.

5. Understanding the functionality of the machine

Manufacturers use different terms to describe the characteristics of rowing machines. Customers familiar with these nuances are more likely to make a more informed decision.

Another important feature to consider when buying a rowing machine is its height. Tall athletes should give preference to machines with longer frames and high seats.

When choosing a rowing machine, you need to pay attention to the following 10 most important parameters:

1. Compactness

Usually, rowing machines are one of the most compact types of home sports equipment, but they have a long and narrow base. Some of them can be stored in an upright position, which is convenient if there is not enough space in the house.

However, not all rowing machines have a folding structure. “Solid” versions are cheaper, but they will require an average of two free meters of the room area. The most compact options have dimensions of 40 by 125 cm.

When choosing a device according to size, the length of the rowing machine frame should be taken into account. It should correspond to the parameters of the person (and his family members).

2. Adjustment

The convenience of training will directly depend on the ability to adjust the height of the seat, the position of the foot rests and rowing levers. It is desirable that the foot rests match the size of the foot.

In case that more than one person will be engaged in the simulator, it is worth taking a closer look at models with adjustable pedals.

3. Frame design

If the size of the room allows you, it is best to choose solid metal structures with an aluminum seat base. Be sure to sit on the simulator before buying. Not a single part of it should bend under your weight.

4. Transmission

It is worth giving preference to those chains and cables that create a comfortable feeling during rowing. Without excessive stretching or weak recoil during acceleration.

5. Quality of movement

The movements on the rowing machine should be soft, without jerking or a sudden decrease in resistance (especially at the beginning).

6. Load change

There are rowing simulators both with the stepwise change of load and with stepless. The former will help optimize heart rate and muscle tone.

7. Console

Almost every model of the rowing machine comes with a built-in console. Using the console, you can not only configure the course of training and get informed with current information but also save the results of classes for further analysis.

You can also find out about the time spent, the distance covered, the number of calories burned and the number of strokes.

8. Heart rate measurement

Heart rate measurement is a very important feature for successful workouts. Some simulators record heart rate with sensors built into the simulator handles. The most accurate heart rate results are obtained using a chest transmitter (wireless cardiopulmonary).

As for wire sensors-clips on the earlobe, they determine the pulse less accurately.

9. Comfortable seat

You should feel comfortable on the seat, even after a long workout. In addition, it is necessary to evaluate the practicality of the seat base and the guide frame. A good base and frame will allow the seat to move freely in any direction. Even if you lift one of the edges of the simulator manually.

10. Power Supply

Power is not required for mechanical versions and rowing machines with an integrated DC generator. In other cases, you need to evaluate how, to which outlet you will connect your simulator, and how long its cord is.

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