How to Row on a Rowing Machine

W​hat exactly is the indoor rowing machine? It is a sports device of cardiovascular machines class. The equipment allows you to simulate rowing even better than the stationary bike.

Modern models have a built-in computer:

It offers to choose a program for classes and monitor the distance traveled, calories burned, pulse.

The bulk of the load goes to the back muscles, shoulder girdle, abdomen, buttocks, and legs. At the same time, unlike any other cardiovascular device, the joints are subjected to minimal stress, which reduces the risk of injury.

You can experience the rowing workout at gyms with rowing machines in New York. In case you like the result, go and order the equipment on Amazon. See  Marcy Regatta rowers for a highly effective training at home.

Rowing machine beginner workout

Forget outdated theories!

Fat burning pulse can be exceeded if you are healthy and exercise more than 3-4 months in a row. High-intensity blasting sprints will help you burn more calories and speed up your metabolism.

Smoother recovery workouts – stick to the plan even when you are a little tired. Usually with the rowing simulator “meet” 4 times a week. For weight loss, the following scheme works best:

Here is the workout for beginners using a rowing machine. We divided it into phases for your convenience.

Return phase (recovery phase)

In this phase, the position of yourself goes into a seizure. All body muscles should be relaxed. Hands remain almost straight. Bend your knees, then fully straighten your arms.

The phase of the hook or grip

During rowing workouts in this phase, the main point is body position. Do you start the exercise in the wrong position?

The muscles will not get the proper tension. Arms should be straight. Shoulders should not be flush with hips. The position of the body is regarded as correct if the main centre of gravity falls on the legs.

Phase acceleration and movement

Having convinced that shoulders and arms are straightened, it is necessary to firmly fix the feet. Having completed the third part of the stroke, the body needs to lean back a little. The position of the legs remains unchanged as in the previous phase.

In the phase of acceleration and movement, maximum power is achieved. Starting with the legs (quadriceps and gluteus). Put your lower back in operation, as well as your arms and shoulders (brachialis, biceps, rear deltoid, lateral, trapezium, rhomboid muscles).

Final stroke phase

The moment the knees are completely straight, the final phase begins.

The oars should be at the level of the lower ribs. The muscles of the body – tense. The head, neck, and shoulders should be relaxed; the elbows should be fixed behind, the wrists should not be strained.

How to use the rowing machine at the gym

In order to easily remember how to use a rowing machine in the gym, follow the simple phases. It will help to correctly perform exercises for achieving an effective result.

1. Capture

The legs are upright, legs as tight as possible. This position is like a squat position. Hands grip the handle, triceps tense. The body is slightly tilted forward. The back muscles are relaxed, the press is tense.

2. Push

That technique is carried out with the help of the repulsive movement of the legs with simultaneous tension of your shoulder girdle. The second one is the biceps. It entails the handle towards the abdomen.

The spinal muscles are open. The chest is pushed forward. The legs are straightened. It is due to the movement of the thigh muscles.

3. Completion

The hips with the buttocks are strained, the abdominal muscles act as a stabilizer of the body position. Due to the biceps, the handle is tightened as close as possible to the waist. The chest is carried forward, the amplitude of movement becomes even larger.

4. Recovery

Held by the power of the triceps, the arm of the rowling apparatus goes forward. Your body will follow these moves. The press remains are intense. Legs bend at the knee joints. The reverse movement ends when taking the initial position – “capture.”

Gym rowing machine: how much to use?

If you want to lose weight in the hips, you need to add additional exercises in this area.

Do the first 4 points continuously. You should do it for 5-10 minutes at a slow pace to get used to the technique. Do not start the exercises at an accelerated pace, until you are confident how to do this right.

Otherwise, you can hurt yourself in the first minutes of training.

Here are the most useful benefits of using this kind of equipment. It is worth reading before making a choice.

To select suitable equipment, you first need to pay attention to its parameters.

Our article about 350 lbs Capacity for home use can help you to choose the right one.

When buying is a must

Try the machine in action. Do you buy online? Just find the same model in a large supermarket. This is not a niggle, some people who are actively working on the simulator just “go” with him around the room. It is very inconvenient.

In fairness, this is a problem for people with height above 180 cm. Make sure that there is a mat under the simulator. Ask for a professional build and set yourself a reminder about the maintenance of the simulator. Usually, a belt drive needs to care every 12 weeks.

How many calories are burned?

The best model for training – Concept 2 rowing machine brand.

Choose a belt-driven machine with a moving “high chair” and stable pedals.

Have a look at Concept2 Model D rower review to see all the benefits of this fitness equipment.

Choosing this design, you simply increase the consumption of calories.

How fat is burning?

Fat deposits in the human body are stored in the form of a substance triglyceride, which is stored in cells.

Our body uses triglyceride for the construction of hormones, as well as cell membranes, and, most importantly for us in this topic, for energy supply. That is, to get rid of fat, you need to constantly expend energy stored in our body.

In other words, you need to move more, physically load yourself and eat less.

The best for burning weight is considered interval training. Rowing simulator for weight loss can be used as a quality training before the power load, or carry out a separate full-fledged training.

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