WaterRower M1 HiRise vs Concept2?

Choosing the top rowing machine, I’ve found lots of worthy brands. Among them are WaterRower and Concept2. Both manufacturers already got trust among the customers. The rowing simulators of both are top-rated and highly reviewed.

WaterRower M1 HiRise

This is a great rower with an excellent reputation. WaterRower is the only simulator that uses the effect of water resistance, allowing you to conduct a workout that is completely managed by the user. Both in terms of the pace and the intensity of the workout.

WaterRower M1 HiRise does not require resistance adjustment. If you need to increase resistance, it’s just enough to row faster and stronger, and the resistance will increase automatically. WaterRower was created to copy the movement of a boat in the river – so this is more than just a machine simulating rowing.

As to the rowing process, it is truly a whole-body workout. Rowing transfers the work of dynamic muscle groups (arms and legs) through the body. To conduct this work, the rower works as a muscular torso of the body. In this case, your body becomes stronger and the shapes are formed.

Strengthening the torso muscles is the basis for well-being. Moreover, it is necessary for the rehabilitation of back diseases – one of the most widespread in modern society.

Weaker rowing simulators often cause an unhealthy spinal bend at the beginning of a workout. When rowing on the WaterRower simulator, even 84% of muscle mass is used. With the help of the WaterRower simulator, the best results are achieved.

In the case of other equipment, such as a treadmill or an exercise bike, less muscle mass is involved in work, fewer calories are burned, and thus, less results are achieved.

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The amount of water in the tank simulates the weight of the boat and crew during rowing. A change in its quantity does not lead to a change in resistance, but only changes the mass that the rower must set in motion. More water means more weight for the boat and its crew.

The amount of water is regulated by the person performing the workout. To change the intensity of training with a given mass, it is enough to just change the pace of rowing. The water meter is located outside the tank, under the computer. The WaterRower HiRise rowing machine is made of steel. Steel ensures that the equipment will serve you for a long time.

Typical amount of water

  • for children 12-14 liters
  • for women 14-16 liters
  • for athletes 16–20 liters
  • opportunity to purchase dye for blue water

WaterRower is shorter than other similar equipment (almost foot length/300 mm).


WaterRower M1 HiRise specifications

  • Burning up to 1000 calories per hour
  • Work-related up to 84% of muscle mass
  • Very smooth ride
  • Minimal joint stress
  • Minimal occupation of space (ability to set upright)
  • Noise level: low, relaxing sound, water splash
  • The simulator requires no maintenance
  • Trainer for home use
  • The ability to connect to a computer via USB and compete online
  • Storage position (cm): 71 depth/57 width/224 vis
  • Weight without water: about 54.5 kg
  • Weight with water: about 71.5 kg
  • Maximum leg length 101 cm. – measurements on the inside of the leg
  • Maximum user weight: 317 kg

Computer functions (information displayed on the screen)

  • Intensity
  • Number of strokes
  • Pulse (optional Polar strap available)
  • Distance
  • Time
  • Window programs
  • Training programs

WaterRower vs Concept2

See the comparison features of both rower brans.


  • Price: More expensive
  • Noise: Very quiet. Pretty much the only noise is the sloshing of the water in the tank.
  • Durability: Well built and extremely durable.
  • Rowing feel: Uneven stroke: resistance at the catch (beginning of the pull) is high, falls off as you accelerate, and picks up again at the end.
  • Computer: Has the necessary functions for a general workout but not very sophisticated.
  • Mechanism: Uses a strap, which is virtually silent and a water tank to dampen the stroke. Seat rolls on plastic rollers on a wooden slide, which is more forgiving if any dirt gets on the rails.
  • Ergonomics: Flat rail giving less knee compression at the end of the recovery. Better for people with chronic knee problems. The seat has a slight backward tilt which puts more pressure on the lower back. It has a slight forward tilt of the rail.
  • Footrests: Not well designed. They are of a molded plastic that catches when trying to get your shoe in or out and the sharp edges make it impossible to row barefoot.
  • Design: Most models made in wood and would fit in quite unobtrusively in your living room.
  • Storage: Designed to be stored standing on its end, it takes up very little space. You can easily pick it up from the back and wheel it around.
  • Summary: Suits people who care about aesthetics, space and noise. Easier on the knees.

Concept 2:

  • Price: Cheaper
  • Noise: The new nickel chain has reduced the noise level a bit, but the fan is loud.
  • Durability: Well built and extremely durable.
  • Rowing feel: The catch is very light, but the resistance increases smoothly throughout the acceleration of the pull.
  • Computer: PM3 or PM4, which includes a heart monitor and chest strap. Measurement of performance so accurate that you can compete online with other rowers.
  • Mechanism: Uses a chain and air dampening making it noisy. It can be an advantage as it gives you audible feedback on the stroke. Seat rides on steel rollers on an aluminum slide. Small pieces of dirt on the slide will drive you crazy when rowing!
  • Ergonomics: It has a slight forward tilt of the rail. The seat also slightly tipped forward making it better for people with lower back issues.
  • Footrests: Molded plastic with a curved floating heel allowing the heels to rise. Comfortable rowing barefoot.
  • Design: Come in light grey or black. Very stylish in the gym.
  • Storage: Not so compact to store and although they have made it fairly easy, it is still a bit of a faff breaking the machine into its two halves for storage.
  • Summary: Suits people who are serious about maximizing their training and are less concerned about space and noise. Easier on the lower back.

To compare 2 simulators, see more information about Concept2 Model D rowing machine. Besides, I share the comparison chart that displays the main differences between 2 brands.

People also ask

My question is the following. Do you have the experience of training with WaterRower M1 HiRise and Concept2? Which rowing machine is the best? Share your experience, please!

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Well, WaterRower M1 HiRise exceeded all my expectations!


  • Resistance adjustment
  • Highest quality materials
  • Maintainability


  • Like all premium simulators, the price is a bit high

Now I would like to share my impressions of WaterRower M1 HiRise rowing machine that I bought a month ago. I should admit that I have been training on rowers for more than 10 years. I hope that my review will help you make the right choice.

I bought it because I began to gain weight while office work. I go to the gym, but not regularly, so the effect is weak. I decided to buy a rowing machine because according to all the tables it has the maximum calorie consumption.

WaterRower M1 HiRise was bought for the following reasons:

  1. The water drive (I tried everything, only the water could convey all the feelings of rowing)
  2. The presence of resistance adjustment (not all water simulators have it)
  3. It is stored vertically (at I don’t have much space at home)
  4. The simulator looks great at home.

What are my impressions after the first training sessions? I give a solid five! Replaced once the water (although it did not even spot in the tank). Tightened the screws once (after about a month of training). That’s all!

For the first time in my life, I decided to purchase a rowing machine. I went into the store and saw WaterRower M1 HiRise.

Well, I was immediately attracted by its beautiful design, it fits perfectly with my furniture at home. Since I do not understand much concerning simulators, at first this was probably the only reason why I did not even consider other simulators.

The rower is extremely durable, the handles are pleasant to the touch and very comfortable. The seat is also quite pleasant. What else is needed for happiness? I showed this simulator to my trainer and he was very satisfied that there is resistance adjustment. Although when I bought this simulator, I did not know about it.

I’ve been working out with it for 2 months. It is an excellent simulator, no complaints at all. I advise everyone. They say that it’s hard to find, so I’m very lucky!


  • Resistance adjustment
  • Great design


  • Not found

I would definitely recommend the WaterRower. A few words about the training. Only six months later I found out how important the technique is. This video, where the real rowers’ workout is displayed helped me a lot:

I set a tablet with Youtube while rowing and fully repeated their pace, pauses for rest. In short copying. As a result, the effect absolutely improved! Before that, I trained with a load of 50-60 watts at a 2-3 level of resistance, after that the load immediately increased to 70-90 watts.

And only after that, the result appeared. I began to lose weight. Dropped not very much – 7 kg, but now in great shape. In short, a rowing machine is really an effective tool for burning weight and maintaining a normal physical shape.

Well, if you’re still choosing a rowing machine, I recommend this WaterRower model. Despite the expensive price, it is what you need in all respects. I am satisfied. With regard to training, my proven advice is – before you start, surf the Internet and learn the technique. The effect will be better!

What kind of rowing machine is used in the House of Cards? Is it a waterrower? I would like to discover for myself such an effective and powerful fitness equipment.

Well, here is a discussion about the House of Cards rowing machine. The training machine used is WaterRower classic in black walnut with S4 monitor.

The simulator is top-rated and highly reviewed. Customers admit the natural feel while working with the rower. It is said to imitate the rowing in a boat quite smooth and pleasant. The high quality guarantees durability and effectiveness.

I would highly recommend this rower!

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