Can I lose weight in under 21 days?

Hello everyone! I’ve just read the article about losing weight in 21 days. This diet appealed to me because I started to lead a healthy way of life and strive for proper nutrition. I try to exclude all junk food from my ration. My friend told me that I won’t lose weight if I don’t keep to a certain diet plan. I think the system is really important so I decided to try the method of losing weight in 21 days.

Frankly speaking, I am currently planning to go for the vacation. You know that it’s summer and everyone wants to have a perfect body. My vacation starts in 2 weeks. I understand that there is not enough time for me to lose weight. Earlier I have tried a diet from a well-known model Bella Hadid, and it helped me a little. But I want to see better and better result every day. My friends tell that I am a perfectionist.

Recently I have read a post about Bella Hadid nutrition and body care; Victoria’s Secret Angels diet secrets. I am very impressed with that, because I found out that famous model very often eats fast food and keep her body shape in ideal form! I want to be like she. What can you suggest me to do?

So tell me please, if there is some way to make this diet work faster. I don’t have much time to wait but I like this diet very much and want to start following it as soon as possible. Waiting forward to your replies!


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To be honest, it seems to me that almost every girl has the same situation as you do – to lose weight fast because of some important event. I also had the same one. I was able to lose 5 kg in 5 days. I hope that the way I did it will be appropriate for you.

Basic rules for fast weight loss in a week at 5 kg:

1. Eat no more than four times a day
2. Try not to eat 2 hours before bedtime
3. Do not eat all the portion on the plate: as soon as you feel hunger has passed – do not eat more. You can divide the portion in half and eat only half. Listen to your feelings during meals – are you still hungry after eating half a meal, or are you just sorry to throw away good products? Identify the perfect portion for you so you do not overeat and know exactly what amount of food you. But the main thing is just to eat healthily and lose weight.
4. Try to constantly engage in something, because laziness is the reason for the false feeling of hunger. It can even be such exciting lessons as shopping, walking.

The food you need to exclude from the diet to lose weight:

– Salt and sugar. Both products are extremely harmful to your shape and health
– Butter. It contains a large amount of cholesterol and calories.
– Mayonnaise and ketchup
– Bold meat, including beef. During a seven-day diet, it is best to eat chicken breast (no peel)
– Baked goods. Replace white bread on rye and bread

Scheme of nutrition to lose weight by 5 kg in 5 days:

If you want to lose weight fast it is necessary to eat in small portions, approximately 4 times a day, every 2-3 hours. For breakfast – oatmeal, a cup of coffee, banana. Then – snack: you can eat an apple or other fruit. After another 1.5-2 hours – lunch: buckwheat, salad, a meat dish. On the afternoon – any low-fat yogurt or a glass of low-fat milk. For dinner (as for time, it should be 18.00-19.00) – salad, fish.

Correct physical activity:

If you have the goal to lose weight fast, in one week, you will have work hard. You need to increase your physical activity throughout the day during the week. Sit less, move more. Arrange general cleaning and go on a hike. I also know about one full-body fat burning workout for fast weight loss that will necessarily help you.

And do not forget that the most important thing is your health.

Hello Stuart!
To be honest, such quick diets aren’t always very good for your health. Many dietologists and nutritionists call them “extreme” and I strongly agree with them because your body will get an enormous pile of stress when you will try to lose weight so quickly. Of course, some methods may be not so dangerous but still – I highly recommend for you, if you really that want to stay fit and healthy and look the best – don’t hurry and just maintain your lifestyle. Wish you good luck!

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