Do you know 17-day diet kefir smoothie recipes?

Hello, my name is Dorry. I’m here again to ask you some more questions about kefir diet which I have chosen to follow because I want to get my fitness back. Actually, I don’t have problems with lactose intolerance. The idea of green smoothies sounds great for me. I guess leafy greens would supplement my cocktail just perfectly! But first of all, I want to ask you help. 17-day diet kefir smoothie recipes are still unknown to me. My questions to you guys are the following:

  • First of all, is kefir so useful? Can it help me lose weight? How many days do I need to see the results? I understand that it sounds impatient, but I do not want to waste my time on the ineffective diet.
  • Secondly, do you know 17-day diet kefir smoothie recipes? I used to make the smoothie with milk, so I do not see any recipe with kefir.

Could you help me? I am waiting for your answers, thanks a lot.

kefir smoothie

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Of course, it can, Dorry. No idea about that 17-days diet but drinking kefir regularly do lots of good stuff to your body shape and skin. It is my favorite way to fix some digestive problems, great smoothie ingredient and a healthy substitute for sour cream when I bake my apple pie.  I also cook buckwheat in a special way with it – cover the buckwheat raw grains with kefir for the night and have a super healthy meal in the morning. You should try it too, Dorry! Take care.

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