Can you advise a training program with home equipment?

Good afternoon. As you know the holidays are coming. And everybody wants to look amazing during the celebration. I am planning to continue my sports activities. But I have a problem. So my gym is closing their hours for the weekends and I won’t be able to attend it for the next couple of weeks. As I am engaged in my workouts regularly, I cannot allow myself to miss the training. Especially at such an important period. When you want to look fit and toned! I have found the CrossFit training program at home. Besides, bought some home fitness equipment. But it isn’t enough for me.

Actually, I’ve never done the workouts at home before. I’m used to training under control of my coach. He is experienced so my workouts are highly effective. Usually, I used to do cardio, crossfit training, strength and dumbbell workouts. But I do not have the equipment at home. Moreover, I am not competent in exercising program.

So now I have no idea how to build my workout routine at home. But the holidays are coming. I want you to help me with the following question:

  • Maybe someone has experience of training at home? Please, share with me.

My schedule is Monday – shoulders, Tuesday – arms, Wednesday – legs, Thursday – back and Friday – chest. I will be glad to read your suggestion. Thanks in advance!


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It is a good question. Each of us wants to have a beautiful and attractive body, but not everyone has an opportunity to attend the gym. You are right that insufficient amount of time or lack of funds, or simply banal absence of a nearby gym, is not a reason to abandon training and reject the idea of getting the desired figure. A lot of you ask about cardio training at home, functional training at home, home personal training. I want to help you to know how to do your workouts at home.
To do your home personal training well, you need to have massive simulators or even dumbbells. A homework training program for men can be aimed at increasing the muscle mass or relief. To begin with, you need to evaluate your physical fitness, for this you can do three simple exercises: spin, tightening and normal squatting. If you squeeze less than 15 times, pull up less than 8 times, so you have extremely bad physical training, but then it will be easier for you to achieve the recovery process.


The home training system includes three training days. It is necessary to train a certain group of muscles each day in the following order: on the first day – back and triceps; on the second day -chest and biceps; on the third day – legs, deltas.

#DAY 1
Tightening on the crossbar (it is advisable to try to touch the breasts of the crossbar): 4 approaches 8-14 times;
Trampling on the crossbar for the head: 4 approaches for 8-12 repetitions. The tightening data perfectly treats the widest back muscles. If it is difficult to pull up at the first time, the number of repetitions can be shortened;
Push-outs with the most narrow hands (as close to the body as possible): 3 approaches for 10-15 repetitions;
Reverse spins (it is necessary to sit on the edge of the support with your feet thrown to a chair or a stool, to lean hands behind your back and move the body forward, holding the weight on your hands): 4 approaches for 15-20 repetitions.

#DAY 2
Push-out from the floor: 2 approaches for 15-20 repetitions. The main goal is to warm up the pectoral muscles;
Push-up between supports (you can use 2 stools, and throw your legs on the sofa): 4 approaches for 15-20 repetitions;
Push-ups with a wide array of hands: 4 approaches to maximum repetitions;
Push-ups in one hand (if you are able and have enough strength): 2 approaches 8-10 times. These spins are good not only for muscles, chest but also triceps and the entire shoulder belt; Tightening with the back grip on the bar (biceps): 1 approach to 10 times, to warm up and 4 approaches 12-15 times. Push up between supports

#DAY 3
Squats (will affect the biceps of the hips, buttocks, and quadriceps): 4 approaches to 15-25 repetitions. In this way you need to hold your arms behind your head;
Strokes (you need to make a big step on foot and sit down, then change your legs): 3 approaches 15-20 times;
Rise on socks (caviar): 3 approaches to maximum, legs like a large number of repetitions;

To conclude, I want to say that the program of training at home is suitable for Building muscle mass and for the creation of a relief body. To get the desired relief you can only increase the intensity of training, or add more repetitions. Similarly, on a free day, it is advisable to add cardiovascular (running, swimming, rope, etc.). Also, it is worth to mention sports nutrition that is so important.

Merry Christmas, dear! You say that you have no idea how to train at home but then it turns out you have your own schedule of training and I can see you are quite experienced in gym workout culture! I am afraid you are being too modest and hard on yourself 🙂 please don’t! You know what to do and I like your attitude to sport during holidays. The point is how to make it more pleasant and festive. Let’s say you are about to do some cardio. From my own experience it is better when combined with a nice movie or favorite comic show. Time flies, believe me. And before another festive meal you will not feel guilty. Or the holiday music as a background while training, why not! Please enjoy your holidays and stay fit!

I consider this question really interesting and useful. The comments here are informative, but I want to add something about the workout program at home for girls. Every girl wants to look beautiful, have a beautiful body, no less than boys (maybe even more). There are three main tasks of personal home training for girls: improve your figure; increase the strength and visual mass of the muscles; general physical training. It is necessary to notice that for this program it is just necessary to have several collapsible dumbbells.

DAY ONE – chest and biceps:

– Push-out from the floor: 3 approaches to the maximum;
– Push-out: 2 approaches to maximum;
– Lifting of dumbbells on a biceps: four approaches for 12 – 20 repetitions (weight of dumbbells you can choose individually);
– To finish the training you can do press exercises. Extruding from the support.

DAY TWO – legs and back:

– Squat with hands at the head: 3 approaches to maximum;
– Dumbbells: 3 approaches 15 times;
– Stroke thrust on straight legs with dumbbells: 3 approaches 20 times;
– Tilt dumbbells: 3 approaches 15-20 times. One-leg hits with dumbbells.

DAY THREE – triceps and shoulders:

– Swing dumbbells in the sides: 3 approaches to the maximum;
– Reverse spin: 3 approaches for 15-20 repetitions;
– Extension of the arm from behind the head with a dumbbell: 4 approaches for 10 repetitions.
Pay attention to not forget to eat properly after workout and drink as much water as possible.

The main advantages and disadvantages of home training programs:

+ low cost of training;
+ the opportunity to choose the most optimal time for training;
+ possibility of training on weekends
+ a big plus for shy people – nobody will watch you!
a small variety of inventory;
work basically with your own weight (a unique threshold that will not allow further development of muscles);
the absence of accident insurance.

So, now you see that training at home has its disadvantages, but still it is very good decision to do it if you have no opportunity to attend the gym.

New Year and Christmas holidays are a real test even for a healthy body, let alone untrained and unsportsmanlike people. Few people refuse alcohol and Olivier with fatty mayonnaise. Even experienced athletes. And, quite likely, if you have been leading a healthy lifestyle throughout the year, then relatives or friends will definitely try to lead you off the right path. How to “survive” in these difficult two weeks of holidays and weekends, how best to play sports with overeating, I will try to tell you right now.

Is it possible to prepare for the holidays physically?

Human psychology is such that one who does not regularly go to the gym begins to eat a lot on holidays, as is customary in our country. Those who walk, in one way or another, usually limit themselves. Although there are people, who seem to be waiting for the New Year holidays to “shove” everything that was not allowed in the outgoing year.

Some try a couple of weeks before the holidays to engage in intensive and daily in the hope that it will help to survive the “difficult” period easier. However, it is impossible to prepare physically for busting with food and alcohol. You can not train in advance, just as you can not brush your teeth for the week ahead — no need to extremes. Sport is your lifestyle! It is not necessary during the holidays to treat it differently.

No need to panic if you allow yourself too much for the holidays. If you have eaten properly before and continue to do this after, then for a week you will not be able to gain fat and those extra pounds that will show the scales – water that attracts carbohydrates to yourself, which you have had time to enjoy on vacation. And you will quickly get rid of this excess weight if you soon return to proper nutrition and systematically practice in the gym.

Following the workouts presented below will make it easier for you to transfer the New Year’s feast, and also not to lose your physical form during the long holidays.

  • January 1: rest and stretch
  • January 2: walking in the fresh air
  • January 3: abs exercises
  • January 4: actively losing weight
    Simple jogging on the spot, alternating with walking to the fiery music, may well be an alternative to street jogging. The training program is as follows: 5 minutes of intensive walking as a warm-up, then 5 minutes of running or jumping and 5 minutes of intensive walking or dancing (if you are at home). If it is easy for you, alternate running and walking other 2-3 approaches. At the end of the workout, step on, slowing down your speed gradually until your breathing is completely calm.
  • January 5: working on the “rear view.”
    On this day we offer you to work on the buttocks. Squats, lunges and buttock bridge – a good set of exercises!
  • January 6: hand exercises
    Pushups, pushing the arms to the side and pulling up on the bar will keep your muscles in good shape!
  • January 7: Cardio Day
    This wonderful holiday is great to spend time with your family in the open air. Active games with children: in snowballs, skating on an ice slide on a sledge, ice skating is not only a great mood but also an excellent workout. If you do not have children yet, take a boyfriend (husband) or girlfriend and go to the nearest ski slope.
  • January 8: comprehensive training for the whole body
    On the last day of the New Year holidays, we offer to train especially hard. The “Tabata Protocol” for this purpose is ideal. since it does not take much of your time and at the same time will load the whole body. Perform 1 to 4 rounds of the program so that the whole body warms up well.
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