Did Mindy Kaling use lip injections? Botox?

I’m always inspired by famous actress Mindy Kaling. As for me, she looks amazing despite her unperfect appearance. The women created serial-psychotherapy, adored by many people all around the world. Now journalists and her fans are interested: did Mindy used botox injections on her lips?

The reason for this concern is visible changes in her new photos. The matter of fact is that celebrity has always preferred natural beauty to plastic surgery. Mindi teaches us not to take Hollywood beauty standards seriously. The psychologists recommend her serial as a therapy.

Mindy Kaling measurements:

  • Body measurements 36-29-37
  • Height 5′ 4″ (163 cm)
  • Weight 65 kg (143 pounds)
  • Bra Size 34B
  • Shoe Size 7 (US)

Mindy Kaling lips: botox?

By modern beauty standards, Mindy’s body is far from perfect. Nevertheless, it does not prevent her from wearing tight pants, skirts, and short tops. It is surprising that fashion critics have any doubt that the actress looks more than confident and stylish in such outfits.

Now compare 2 celebrity’s photos:

Mindy Kaling lips

Well, many journalists and Mindy’s fans claim that Mindy Kaling lips look different. Some recent photos prove that, compared to earlier pictures, Mindy Kaling’s lips look bigger. Some experts explain this not by plastic surgery, but simply by the right choice of cosmetics.

There are lip glosses that give a visual effect of increased lip volume. It is one of the explanations. Another reason can be plastic surgery. But yet not the actress nor anyone else confirmed this. So I’m interested in the following questions:

  • Did Mindy Kaling use lip injections, botox?
  • Why does Mindy’s face look different?

I noticed that her face changes: the eyebrows raised and the eyes enlarged because of this. Some fans connect it with the beauty standards women should have for Hollywood shootings. That is why Mindy probably lightened the skin and made a facelift.

Mindy Kaling lips

To some extent, such opinions may seem strange and false. Nevertheless, Mindy keeps confident among all the gossips and doesn’t allow to make a scandal out of it. She is an intelligent and unusual woman.

The famous actress was not like others for the very beginning of her career. She understood that comedy is the only genre where she could show all her attitude to old views on a woman’s appearance and behavior. At the same time, she managed to make it funny.

So the idea of ​​“Mindy Project” series was born. There, Kaling acted not only as a leading actress but also as a screenwriter and producer. What is the main idea of the project? Her character – gynecologist Mindy Lahiri is looking for real love, doing a lot of mistakes.

At the same time, the project focuses on the fact that Mindy’s appearance is far from generally accepted standards. But this is not the reason for her difficulties. Mindy is too talkative and sharp, takes criticism close to heart. Moreover, she cannot pass by the bad guys to have a good time but not start a family.

The repeated mistakes in personal life seemed not to upset Lahiri at all. She is happy to remain herself and to joke about her mistakes. Thus, the “Mindy Project” introduces several new rules at once:

  • Now a woman knows how to joke better than men.
  • A woman does not have to be a standard beauty to be attractive to men.

Looking forward to reading your opinions!

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Followers can’t stop discussing Mindy Kaling botox. Well, I think that it’s not likely that she did a lip injection. Even if she did a lip job, she should definitely ask for returning the money back, as the result isn’t actually noticeable.

If she used to put fillers, it didn’t give the result at all. There is no obvious difference at the compared photos. I know that the actress is a great fan of luxe makeup products. So it is quite probable that she could use just a volume-increasing lip gloss making it look bigger.

Yes, I heard lots of rumors about Mindy Kaling having lip fillers but look at the given photo. There is no significant difference at all:

Her lips’ size and shape look the same in both her new photo and the picture taken 10 years ago. The suggestions of Mindy Kaling doing botox were the burning topic during some time. I would deny it absolutely.

What about her skin color? Did Mindy Kaling bleach her skin?

Actually, fans who’ve been following Mindy Kaling for a long time could notice the changes in skin color. The celebrity has a lighter skin tone today than she had 10 years ago.

The photos illustrate that Mindy definitely had a darker skin shade when she stared her career. The possible reasons for this can be:

  • results of proper skincare
  • used cosmetics for make-up
  • accurate lighting or even Photoshop

After spreading these rumors, Mindy needed to answer on Twitter. Well, she gave the most interesting answer. She revealed before and after meme and it transformed into a web sensation.

I don’t get this, I’m equally pretty in both.

Looking at the compared photos, there is no doubt that Mindy bleached her skin to appear white. Personally, I like the changes. The celebrity is already 40 so she has to maintain a good appearance having such a profession.

What about Mindy Kalins nose job?

What about Mindy Kalins nose job?

At the time when Mindy just began starring in TV serials, her nose was larger. It appears that her nose bridge is smaller now and the tip is more raised looking smooth and wide. Compare with Bella Hadid nose job, it’s more visible.

There’s a probability of small nose bridge transformation as it is smaller now. Comparing her photos of 2019 with 2008, you can clearly notice the changes.

Did you know that the nose is part of our body that proceeds to grow as we grow older? Even after our other organs have stopped increasing in size.

However, her nose seems to become more petite and the shape also has changed. Some experts claim that Mindy Kaling has really made plastic surgery of her nose.

The girl does not comment on these rumors. Instead, she shares the tips about the influence of contouring makeup on her face. It transforms the features making it look more correct and prominent.

Well, what do you think about botox and facelift? Seems that Mindy Kaling do not get older with time. Look at her laters photo:

Mindy Kaling botox

Some fans think that Mindy began to use botox injections when she starred at “Mindy Project.” She was planning her own TV show, that’s why the society and modern beauty standards demanded the appropriate appearance. So she needed to become fit for her serial type.

During the starring, Mindy has got absolutely smooth skin (I’m talking about new series). Consequently, fans thought that she used to do a face lifting. Years pass, but instead of her facial skin loosening as it usually does with age, her face seems more tightened and her brows are lifted.

Probably, Mindy Kaling face looks not like before due to the tightening effect. Woman’s brows lifted her eyes. Notice that her face also changed during pregnancy.

Who is the baby daddy of Mindy Kaling? Share if you have reliable info. Very interesting!

Well, 15 of December Mindy Kaling gave birth to her daughter. At the age of 38, she became a mother. But the actress hides who is the baby’s father. The news appeared because of her close friend – Oprah Winfrey.

Earlier, insiders told that the pregnancy was not planned. As the celebrity announced it as a pleasant surprise. She worked hard even being pregnant. At the same time, the future mother didn’t forget to prepare for having a child.

As it was known, the actress hid the father’s name not only from the society. Close friends weren’t aware of her pregnancy as well. As the woman didn’t date anyone at that moment.

I respect this woman! Many people follow her beliefs and get rid of their complexes. All gossips concerning her personal like, such as plastic surgery or lip injections are not proved or supported by facts.

Mindy treats these thoughts with humor. Moreover, she’s always ready to start a dialogue in social network and answer the questions. Actually, it is a good quality of character.

The slight change is visible on her photos, but I guess it’s only a cosmetic difference:

The celebrity perceives her appearance absolutely the way she is. Moreover, she remains in every episode that she has the body of an average woman. Even if she’s got the remarks concerning her weight, Mindy didn’t pay attention at all.

There are lots of rumors about Emily Ratajkowski bra size and Emma Watson breast claiming that celebrities did the plastic surgery. But the reliable sources disprove that.

No wonder that Mindy’s series is prescribed to women who are too concerned with their look. The woman teaches to love your appearance the way it is. Stay natural!

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