What is Emma Watson breast size?

Emma Watson, having a bright and pleasant appearance, became an example for many models and men’s desire. Especially because of her attractive breast. I know that the model’s breast size is not huge. But in some photos, she seems to have big tits. Do you know her real boobs size?

Emma Watson boobs

See the other celebrities’ measurements:

Emma Watson is one of the few Hollywood actresses who has earned worldwide fame being a teenager. After the first famous roles in Harry Potter, I was surprised to notice how a young good-natured girl turned into a beautiful, self-sufficient and attractive woman.

Emma Watson measurements: height & weight

Looking at Emma Watson’s photos, it is obvious that she doesn’t have model parameters. As far as I know, she can boast of such measurements:

  • Height 168 cm
  • Weight 52 kg
  • Parameters 81-66-86
  • Hair color Light-brown
  • Eye color Light-hazel
  • Nationality French
  • Race/ethnicity European

In addition, the actress has attractive traits such as long slim legs, toned figure and bright clear features. Though Emma Watson breast seems not so noticeable. Nevertheless, the women is not a supporter of plastic surgery. She prefers natural beauty.

I follow the celebrity already for a long time. Her beautiful wheat hair experiences styling, cutting and dyeing practices. And the changes are always successful. Emma’s delicate taste and sense of style express her personality and creativity of her images.

Emma Watson breast size

Considering a busy schedule, live shooting and an active lifestyle, the actress pay big attention to the sport. She attends the gym, as well as includes daily morning jogs in her schedule. The result of regular fitness is the figure of Emma Watson, whose parameters are 81-66-86.

  • What about her career goals?

Model’s appearance brought her popularity not only in the movie sphere. In 2011 she became the face of Lancome fashion house. Besides, she performed the main role in Burberry commercial. Today, Emma Watson is among the most feminine and attractive Hollywood actresses.

As far as I know, the model has received the title as one of the richest among the gold youth. Well, I guess Emma has great perspectives with her considerable achievements in such a young age.

In addition to films, the girl manages to appear in advertising campaigns of famous designers. No wonder, as she is really slim and fit! Karl Lagerfeld called Emma a real English rose. After that, I heard he did an amazingly beautiful photoshoot with her.

It is likely that Emma’s height and weight meet high fashion standards. Although Watson says she doesn’t support diets and does not torture herself with hunger:

I like to cook and eat. I can bake a delicious raspberry pie and macaroons by myself.

Surfing on the Internet, you can find other figures when the model weighs about 40 kg, and the height is only 150 kg. Do not panic, this is old data because the audience fell in love with her in early childhood, when she was about 10 years old.

Emma Watson boobs

To be as slim and energetic, you just need to eat right. To maintain harmony, Emma prefers to consume foods without sugar, harmful fats, and salt. She refuses fast food, loves fresh fruits, vegetables and lean meat. But model’s diet plan doesn’t fit her favorite foods: chocolate, pasta and homemade cakes.

If I had an invisibility coat, I would go down to the kitchen every night and empty the refrigerator!

What about fitness in Emma’s life? Actually, the woman prefers active games, such as hockey on the fresh air, tennis and mountain hiking.

Sports competitions encourage the desire to live and make me happy! At such moments, my eyes shine and cheeks became pink.

Well, I know that the young actress is satisfied with her appearance. That is why the gossips about plastic surgery do not have any basis. Several times she was criticized for shooting in open dresses. Looking at her photos, the questions arise:

  • What is Emma Watson boobs size?
  • Does the model have big or small tits?

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The young actress is known to be completely satisfied with her appearance. So I guess Emma has no plastic surgery on her breast. Actually, while shooting in open clothes, it is noticeable that she has small boobs.

I know that the model is busy with her work, so she has no time for plastic surgery. It doesn’t make sense to her, as Emma has absolutely different interests now. What are her measurements?

  • Bra size – 32 B
  • Cup Size – B
  • Hips Size – 34
  • Waist Size – 23

Emma’s boobs size is not so prominent, but the actress accepts her the way she is. There is a hope that she will not do any plastic surgery in the future.

Emma Watson measurements

In a new interview, the actress told that she learned to receive herself the way she is – not perfect. Now she advises other girls to do the same. She is active in gender equality protests, earlier was appointed as a UN Women Goodwill ambassador.

For the glossy magazine, Watson took part in the photoshoot in charming outfits from Zac Posen. However, now the 29-year-old actress will certainly look great even in a bag. But so far it has not come to this, Emma prefers Alexander McQueen dresses and Ossie Clark vintage dresses.

Of course, in order to look good, the actress tries to maintain the figure. At the same time, she doesn’t concentrate on this.

I have always been a clever and har-working. Usually, people try to put the actors on the shelves. But the appearance is not what people around me should concentrate on.

In general, Emma doesn’t support the promotion of weight loss and excessive slimness. She doesn’t like the way modern girls suffer in pursuit of an excellent shape.

It upsets me. They demand too much from us (girls). But we are people, and our body performs certain functions. They say that pressure comes from men.

But I think that in fact, we ourselves are pushing each other. We are angry with ourselves and others, we lose self-confidence. But I do not want to play this game.

What is Emma Watson’s attitude to making huge tits? Here is model’s point of view:

With age, I learned to perceive my body normally, the model explains. – And I have already passed the period when I wanted to have the perfect figure. But everyone has breasts, hips, so it’s really important to accept yourself for who you are.

At different times I wore both 6 and 10 clothing sizes. Now I tell that I’m still a person. And people are imperfect. I will never become a doll, that finds the waist size the most important in her life.

Though Emma Watson has the breast size 32 B, she do not complex to star in a photoshoot topless!

At the age of 26 years, actress became the main character of the popular magazine’s new edition. On the official Vanity Fair magazine page on Instagram, several frames from a photoshoot for the March edition were published, where she starred.

  • In one of the photos, the actress poses in front of the camera topless, covering her shoulders and naked chest with openwork clothes. The photographer was Tim Walker.

See the photos below:

Emma is represented in a snow-white dress with open shoulders and an extravagant hairstyle on the magazine cover:

Wow! Frankly speaking, I thought she’s a strong feminist now. Emma Watson is called a hypocrite because of an open photoshoot for the magazine “Vanity fair”.

Famous bloggers consider it hypocritical that Emma showed the breasts in the photoshoot. As she was represented as a strong feminist. Nevertheless, the model’s fans argue with haters and explain that it is a woman’s free choice.

The British actress starred for the March cover of the Vanity Fair magazine on the eve of her new release – film Beauty and the Beast. There she played a major role. In the photos, Emma poses without a bra, the model is dressed in light clothes.

Really, on several photos, you can see a significant part of Emma’s breast naked. Famous bloggers do not understand how Emma can support feminism and show her boobs at the same time. What do you think about this?


What is heard about the model nowadays? How old is Emma Watson now? What does she weigh?

Emma Watson is 29 years old and she looks so young and beautiful as before. Her birth date is on April 15, 1990.

Her weight is only 110 lbs now! Did you know what is her body shape? Her tiny figure is an example of a banana body type. That means she has a slim waist and smaller breasts and hips.

Who has better tits, Selena Gomez or Emma Watson?

Selena Gomez has a bigger breast size – 34C due to her recent weight gain. Compare:

  • Selena Gomez – 34 C
  • Emma Watson – 32 B

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