How to alter gym workouts, if started basketball training after a year of weightlifting?

Hello guys. I’ve been involved in sports for a long time. Attending the gym, I didn’t change my workout routine for a long time. Only increase the load regularly. My coach says it is necessary to maintain the shapes and improve the results. In order to do this, I try to alter some kinds of activities.

I’ve been engaged in weightlifting for a year. Actually, I used the dumbbell exercising complex. It is useful for me, as I want to gain muscle mass. My friends say I’m too slim. I also noticed I didn’t have enough strength when I wanted to lift something heavy. So I decided to increase my endurance. And started to do dumbbells exercises in the gym.

Recently, I became interested in different sports games. As for me, it is so exciting! I started playing basketball. With time, this kind of sports became my life. But I am concerned about the following questions:

  • How to combine playing basketball with my gym routine?
  • Which changes should I do in my workout program?
  • Should I just add some new exercises or make a totally new plan?

Please, share your experience. Looking forward to your answers. Thanks!

Playing basketball

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Very interesting question! I will tell you about working in the gym for basketball players!

Naturally, the legs of any player are fed in all possible ways, namely the development of strength, power, the speed of the lower extremities is given the maximum amount of time from the very first steps in the sports school. Also, this measure dramatically reduces the number of possible injuries. Therefore, each player necessarily develops his own complex, which is optimal for him. I deliberately do not touch on this article in “clean” athletics training, dwelling on iron.

  • I propose to focus on training the legs in the gym only one day a week. Another 2 times athletics training interspersed with the rod in the process.
  • Classic squats should be performed in the power mode, carefully making sure that the speed of the legs, in any case, did not fall. This is verified by a simple exercise: the number of steps in place per minute. No more than three working approaches and no more than five repetitions per set.
  • Leg presses. Leg presses will not do as everyone is used to. The presses are performed in an explosive manner (so that the platform flies up to the strikers) with each foot in turn. Several muscle groups are involved in the exercise, the load on the back is reduced, the explosive manner imitates the load that is experienced in a real game.
    3-4 sets of 6-8 repetitions. You can see that a relatively small number of repetitions involves the use of considerable weights. Consider that, performing the exercise with each leg separately, you can squeeze more than half of the weight that would be subject to ordinary presses.
  • Lunges with dumbbells in the hands, on the contrary, are performed with low weight (stretching the inguinal areas is very unpleasant at any stage of preparation). By the way, you can make attacks not only forward, but also sideways!

    2-3 sets of 14-17 repetitions

I want to offer this style of exercise.

Suppose we perform body raises on a Roman chair with a stuffed ball: we do 20 repetitions, 15 seconds of rest, 20 repetitions, 10 seconds of rest, 20 repetitions, 15 seconds of rest, 20 repetitions – finished. Such a fast pace at the same time trains your cardiovascular system and brings you closer to the game situation. Naturally, you can perform this way almost any exercise for the abdominal area.

Note! The back is perhaps the most vulnerable region of high athletes after the knees. Therefore, performing hyperextensions should be included in your daily program with and without weight. Do not reduce the number of repetitions below 12 and everything will turn out.

Chest. Naturally, the bench press immediately pops up in my head. It is known that this is not the best exercise for building massive pectoral muscles but at the same time a basic exercise for the entire top. That is why we still leave it in our arsenal, trying to achieve more and more weights. At the same time, we don’t slip into very little repeat operation for 1-2 repetitions.

If you perform three workouts per week in the gym, then, for example, you can give this plan:

Day – back, shoulders

II day – chest, easy training of legs, press

III day – hands, legs, press.

In this material, I tried to put together a part of my teaching material, which I personally tested in the various junior US teams, leading domestic basketball clubs, as well as NBA summer camps. I hope that helped you!

Hi! I am basketball player too.
It is time to share the starting training program – rather the preparatory one, which is necessary for further more intensive work on gaining muscle mass, increasing the jump and strengthening the muscular corset.
• Warming up – 5 minutes. To bring the body in motion fit work on a stationary bike or treadmill.
• Warm up Properly mash the body (you can by analogy with the pre-match warm-up) and work your joints to prevent injuries.
• Dumbbell bench press horizontal from the chest – 4×10.
• Press hanging bar sitting behind the head – 4×12.
• Dumbbell bench sitting over your head from the shoulders – 3×12.
• Bench press in front of him standing – 3×10. In this exercise, stand up straight, hold the barbell with a grip across your shoulders and gently lift it to your chin, without lowering your elbows.
• Raising the knees on the wall bars – 4×10. This exercise is for the press, so use a dumbbell as a weighting agent.
• Raising your back up lying on your stomach – 4×12. Exercise to strengthen the muscles of the back, and after each approach, we recommend stretching the spine with your knees bent.
• Simultaneous removal of dumbbells to the side while standing – 3×12.
• Leg press sitting – 4×15. Keep your legs shoulder-width apart or slightly smaller; the foot should be completely in contact with the platform.
It looks like the starting training program in the gym for basketball players. As we have already noted, it is rather a preparation and strengthening of the body before subsequent weight-lifting exercises. The bottom line is that the body of a white person is designed so that a noticeable result in terms of muscle growth and increase of the jump is possible when performing weight-lifting exercises. But in order not to harm the body, we start the basics. During training, do not chase after weight, but try to do the exercises correctly. However, towards the end of the program, you can reduce the number of repetitions in the approaches and try to significantly increase the weighting. It is important to regularly record your own results (on each simulator, each training session) and to understand what to focus on in the next lesson.

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