What building muscle sets should I use? How to build my training plan?

Hi there! To begin with, I find your website very interesting for me. It has an enormous number of useful articles. Moreover, these articles are useful to me! Just now I have read about how to build my workout routine. But I didn’t get some answers.

I find it interesting, and I asked the question for myself: am I use the right order of things? I knew that workout routine is very important but didn’t realize that is such important. After reading an article, I know it is.

I still don’t know how much training I should have. It depends on what goal I want to reach, isn’t it? But the goal isn’t so high; I just want to keep my body fit and healthy. So, I don’t want to train all week for sure. Can you help me to decide how many times a week I should train?

The development of any physical indicator, whether it is a strength, endurance or flexibility, is the process of adaptation to a specific level of stress. Have you any ideas about how many stress will help me to see the results? The more information about my level of training is below.

What about my goals, I want to increase my endurance and create a relief body. Is it possible to get it with 10-14 training monthly? I am in good form for now. I can do the cross of 10 kilometres and do all the things with external weights. Also, the duration of my training is about 1-1,5 hours each.

The problem is my diet. I eat whatever I want and just slowing my progress. Is it possible to eat what I want and reach my goals? Is an extension of the duration of my workout can help me? Furthermore, I want to do sport for a long time, so I want to make a good base of my body for the future.

Set – the number of repetitions that an athlete makes without rest. How many exercises and approaches for one group of muscles to perform on one workout to grow or, on the contrary, to lose weight? How many exercises do a novice and professional athlete? Do I need to perform strength exercises to failure? How many exercises and approaches for one muscle group to do to get a relief body?

For a relief program, you need to increase the number of exercises, approaches, and repetitions – this is the generally accepted opinion. I am working all day and don’t have enough time for long training. Have you any ideas to make my training fast and effective enough? I will be ready for experimental training if I work.

I hope this information is enough to give me some pieces of advice about my workout routine and sets of exercises. I will give you more information if you need.

I look forward to your answers. I believe your advice will help me to get more relief in my body!

Have a nice evening!How to build the workout routine?

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I am also working all day and don’t have enough time for long training. And I found some ways to make my training fast and effective enough. I hope that you will be ready for experimental training too. It is interesting.

Types of fast, effective and interesting trainings:


Why swimming is considered ideal, and at the same time, the safest training for the whole body? Including the fact that practically all groups of muscles are activated and strengthened while swimming, there are no strong and dangerous joint loads, that means that the risk of getting any injury during training is minimal.

Moreover, swimming helps strengthen the cardiovascular, lymphatic system, stimulate gas exchange and increase immunity.

Many believe that it is not realistic to lose weight while swimming, and experts have different points of view. For 30 minutes of active swimming, you can burn almost 400 kcal.

To make your training fast and effective enough spend the first 5 minutes swimming slowly, just for warm-up. Next 35-45 min make your swimming more active. Swimming allows you to lose weight and at the same time enjoy.


Say goodbye to excess fat, get a great amount of energy and have a good mood for the whole day dancing every day. This is a great way to lose weight at home quickly, there are no limitations. Everything depends on your personality. You can dance flashing Latin dances, or a modern hip-hop, or even learn how to do a belly dance. Find the most enjoyable music for you and give freedom of movement. I know a few best motivational songs that, I hope, I will find appropriate for you.

I recommend you to choose vibrant and rhythmic music, and while dancing look at your movements in the mirror. Move your hands and feet actively, repeat the movement of your favourite music videos.

To have a more effective result, dance without stopping for 30-40 minutes. By this way your training is fast and at the same time effective.

#3 FAST AND EFFECTIVE EXERCISES for getting rid of excess weight on your tummy:

Hoop. Every day train with a hoop, each time increasing the training time for 5-7 minutes, proving the torsion time to 45-60 minutes. Read more in the article about Top 6 Amazon Hula Hoops for fitness training.

Twisting. Lying on the floor, lift the upper part of the trunk to the knees. This exercise is suitable for rapid weight loss if it is performed regularly. It is also known as a “rotation of the press”. It is recommended to do several approaches with 15-20 repetitions.

Raising legs. This simple exercise is suitable for beginners. It will allow you to strengthen the muscles of the abdominal cavity in the short term and prepare them for more complex or heavy exercises. Lying on the floor, place your arms along the body and slowly raise your feet upwards by 45*.

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