How to change resistance on rowing machine? What resistance is the best for burning calories?

Hello everyone. My name is Sabrina, I am 27 years old. I have joined the gym and I am still making my training plan and looking for the best training machines and the most effective exercises. What do you think about the rowing machine? As for me, it’s quite a good tool but I have some questions about it.

First of all, how to change resistance on it? I always ask somebody to help me with it. And my second question is what resistance is the best for burning calories. I want to achieve visible results as quickly as possible so it’s an important point for me. So, could you help me? I’m waiting for your answers, thanks a lot, guys.


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My opinion about rowing machines you may read in comments here ↓

How to use rowing machine for cardio? Is it as effective as other cardio simulators?

There I wrote about some rules of exploiting this simulator and how useful it is. I think there is an interesting information for you.

What about changing resistance read below.

There are many brands which sell rowing machines with various resistance types. Indoor rowing machines provide resistance using 4 different resistance types: air, hydraulic-piston, magnetic, and water. Nowadays, the main rowing simulators are magnetic.

During training, you can change the length of “oars” and turn of the blades, which allows you to increase the load. In a modern electronic rowing machine, the load changes automatically, because they are equipped with a magnetic system. Due to the automatic, it doesn’t require a break when changing the resistance. So, I would advise you to ask someone in the gym to help you understand exactly that outfit. Generally, in every gym, there is a couch, who you can explain the specificity of that or another training machine.

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