How to use rowing machine for cardio? Is it as effective as other cardio simulators?

Hello everyone. My name is Sabrina; I am 27 years old. Recently I started going to the gym because I want to have a perfect body. Now I don’t have a personal instructor, so I really need your advice. Currently, I started using the Concept2 model D indoor rowing machine with pm5 display black.

Could you help me, guys? I do both cardio and strength exercises but I pay more attention to the first one. Could you tell me how to use the rowing machine for cardio exercises? Is this rowing machine as effective as other cardio training machines? Such as sunny health and fitness SF rw5515? Is it worth doing or maybe there are other simulators which will lead to a better result?

How many calories can I burn with its help? What kind of workout should it be? I’m looking forward to your answers, thank you very much. By the way, to monitor my progress, I use waterproof fitness tracker.

If you’ll add a video, or link to the best youtube video about rowing machine, such as Sunny health & fitness SF rw5515 magnetic rowing machine video, it would be superb!

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Hi Sabrina! I understand you because I have engaged myself in a gym, without a trainer. Fitness tracker jewelry bracelet helps me to monitor my progress. Like you, I didn’t know how to do exercises and if they were good to me and my body. But now, I already can help you with this question.

It is hard to say in what group the rowing machine is included: cardio, power or versatile. During your exercises, you will use all the muscle groups. Using this kind of simulator can be aimed at losing weight, restoration of the respiratory and cardiovascular system. During training increases endurance, the flexibility of the spine, the mobility of the joints, improves the overall physical condition.

Is rowing machine as effective as other cardio training machines?

The uniqueness of the rowing simulator is its complexity. The main advantage of it is that the joints, ligaments and spine during training aren’t exposed to heavy load and aren’t injured.

Anatomically, the mechanics of motion at rowing resembles a stanchion thrust – one of five basic cardio exercises. What is important, is that many people consider it as the number one exercise for muscle development. It is irresponsible for the formation of a powerful back and inflated hands.

If you want to see a result as soon as possible, you need following some rules:

1. Don’t forget to take a break, otherwise, your back will hurt. Every 15 minutes of training on a rowing simulator have to be interrupted for 30-60 seconds.
2. During the break, you don’t have to sit simply, but squat with body weight, squeeze from the floor and do exercises for the press (legs can be fixed in the simulator)
3. Follow the correct technique of execution. Learn the online step-by-step operation of the rowing machine. You may ask someone in the gym to let you know if you are using it correctly. Do not hesitate to ask, because improper use can cause serious back problems.

In general, the rowing machine is a perfect simulator both to lose weight and pump up strong muscles!!!

I want to advise you set of rowing machines where you can choose useful exercise equipment for you.

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