How to change specialization from weightlifting to Crossfit training? 

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Today I have read an interesting article about Crossfit training. It is a good motivation for me to change my specialization from weightlifting to Crossfit training, but there no information for me what should I do to avoid any problems.

  • Crossfit is a new sport, for sure. It can be used by athletes of different kinds. It includes disciplines like weightlifting, gymnastics, and power aerobic. Is the Crossfit require a more young body? Can I become really addicted to it? Can my muscles become more durable if I work as a weightlifter earlier?
  • Crossfit training consists of very high intensity. It a complex of exercising that lasting up to an hour without breaks. People always start to use Crossfit training because of weak physical activity or to lose some weight. As for me is a relatively new direction of training. Weightlifting means that you are sitting or staying in one place and raising high weights.
  • Crossfit is different. Crossfit is a round-training which means that exercises are repeated all the time. Weightlifting is the part of Crossfit, but the slowest part. However, my style of weightlifting is very different from this. For Crossfit weightlifting means a lot of repetitions with lesser weights. It’s connected with the fact that the role of physical strength is not so important here.

I think, with my good preparedness in weightlifting the lack of strength isn’t a problem. I want to be involved in intensive workouts to develop my skills of adaptation.

  • Question №1. What are my goals in Crossfit? I read that they are very important. I feel a lack of endurance and stamina right now. The main goal I aim in Crossfit is the development of these skills. I no longer want to be a professional. I just need to feel better and have some flexibility in different life situations. Is Crossfit really can prepare me for it? Do you know a certain rhythm of exercising?

The athletes are developed in many various directions. In my opinion, Crossfit can also make my heart to be stronger, increase the speed of metabolic processes. I always feel bored in my training now. I believe changing of specialization can help me to solve this problem.

And what about difficulties which can be between me and my desire to become engaged in Crossfit? Can I leave the diet that is useful for me now and I used to cook? Is the change of specialization entails changing of my life?

  • Question №2. The other question is my own weight. In weightlifting muscle mass grows fast, but what about Crossfit? Will I lose my muscles mass? How to avoid it? I want to stay the same as I am now.

I really want to hear some pieces of advice on what to do. Please, write at least a few words about my problem. I am waiting for answers!Crossfit training

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I had the same problem and questions as you do earlier. But know I do CrossFit training all the time and really enjoy it. You asked about a certain rhythm of exercising. I know several basic techniques for Crossfit training.

The first one is executing circles without counting the time. In this version of the Crossfit training, several exercises are performed without regard for a time in several circles. You perform exercises on different muscle groups, alternating with athletics (for example, jogging) one after another without interruption, repeating a circle several times (for example, four laps);

The second rhythm of exercising includes a time limit. This king of Crossfit training means that several types of exercises are selected and they are repeated one time that means one circle. The number of approaches in each exercise is determined individually, depending on the level of physical training. You must complete the maximum number of circles for a limited time. The running time can range from 15 to 30 minutes. Interruptions between circles should be minimal, and whenever possible, absent;

The third type is called Chipper. It is the execution of one circle for an hour. The circle should consist of a large number of exercises and repetitions that are performed at the minimum possible time. The transition to the next exercise can be done only when all the repetition of the previous one is performed;

And the last one I know is the rhythm of exercises that include a number of repetitions. While doing this Crossfit workout, you select different exercises and the number of repetitions for each of them. You must perform all repetitions for a minimum amount of time. The difference lies in the fact that you can switch to another type of exercise at any time, regardless of whether you have completed all the repetition or not. Different types of load can be alternated arbitrarily. The main thing is to complete all the repetitions.

I am sure that you will like a CrossFit training as I do. Don’t hesitate about choosing any of these types of training and know that it brings amazing results.


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