How to choose the right video-mentor who will motivate me?

Greetings! The post I have barely read is about Crossfit training. It is the newest branch of self-development. And as I said earlier it makes me move to begin to be involved into. It was such motivating and I am looking for more motivation now. The adrenalin rush is filled me and I am reading the other article Best motivational workout songs to do sports in 2019.

The music is a really important thing to want to do something. I always listen to music not only during my pieces of training but also just everywhere. There are a lot of motivation things nowadays. There is music, exiting films, short videos, popular athletes, celebrities, bloggers, your friends, and even parents. All of them provoke to start something great. Humanity needs motivation everywhere: in sports, in work, in family relationships and even in progress.

Without any doubts, the tracks in this article are very useful. I listened to all of them! You have mentioned in the article that “Music will help make workouts more enjoyable and productive — the main thing – to choose the right playlist” that is reality nowadays. I have already made up my own playlist thanks to your post. The thing is not only playlist pushing me to exercise.

  • I always watch YouTube videos how to correctly do my sets, how to improve it and so on. It is very comfortable for me. I can watch these videos even during my training! Maybe, I am addicted to them. I want to watch them all! Of course, they are motivated and give me some knowledge of sports. On the other hand, it takes too much my free time and I want to direct it in the right way.
  • I am watching many existing channels, but haven’t decided yet which is the most interesting for me. I asking you to name some people who can motivate me in my undertakings and I will get value from its guides/videos/instructions. I want this man or woman to be professional, wanted to share information with his/her audience, has a desire to make people like the mentor.

It is important that the channel already has a lot of subscribers because my mentor should be motivated just like me to make more videos. As I said earlier, I watch many videos, so there must be new content every day. By the way, it can also be a few youtube users or even other resources, but I prefer YouTube.

So, if you are watching some of the mentors whose characteristic is near as I described above, please recommend them for me. It is very important for me and you can also be sure the information given will be interesting for other users of its website. I am sure, more than half of athletes use YouTube to develop their mastering level.

I am looking forward to your pieces of advice! I believe to get information as fast as it possible. Thank you for answers in advance. Have a nice evening. Good luck in your growth in sports!

How to choose a person to motivate

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I think you are doing a good job, watching different videos about a sport to know how to do correctly your sets, how to improve and so on. It is important not only know how to be motivated  (but it plays really a big part in your desire to do sport, in its effectiveness) but have your mentor, who will always be your inspiration, who will help you to improve yourself, to work harder. Nowadays, it is easier to watch YouTube videos to find your video-mentor. And I want to help you to find one who will be the most appropriate for you.

If you at least once looked at the sports resource a couple of years ago you would probably be familiar with Zuzka. Zuzka grew up and opened her own private channel with awesome video clips. These exercises will make you sweat! If you follow her directions, you will see the first results very soon. And I recommend watching her videos not only for girls but for boys too.

This is a sports channel for boys! And Denis Semenihin will definitely make you a real warrior. In his videos, you will find not only training but also information about nutrition. I would definitely have chosen him as my sports video-mentor.

On this channel, you will find a large number of videos with useful information about running and special exercises that will help you to improve the technique of running and strengthen various groups of muscles. Also on this channel, there is a video with reviews of running shoes of various brands and other sporting novelties.

On her video channel, you will find a lot of videos with specially selected exercises, as well as other helpful tips about everything that concerns yoga.

This channel is for anyone who wants to increase muscle mass and know everything about special sports nutrition. The special charm of this channel is that it is Russian-speaking and intended not only for men but also for the female audience.

This channel is the former BodyRockTV, which is called The Daily HIIT now. This YouTube channel is a cradle of video with various exercises, tips and so-called “challenges” (weight loss, perfect press, perfect legs, and the like). The channel is suitable for both male and female audience. It will definitely motivate you to be better. It is a good choice to have these guys being your mentors.

And this is a video channel for anyone who prefers open-air rocking and turnstiles in the gym. The guys are creating incredible things!

This sports YouTube channel is more likely to be with dance fitness than simply with fitness or dancing. The keyless workouts from Keaira Lashae will teach you new moves and make you work hard. Especially hip-hop Tabata – it’s worth to try!

It is another channel for real men. A certified MMA (mixed martial arts) trainer Funk Roberts tells and shows how to develop your body while maintaining a balance between strength and flexibility.

A channel with a huge amount of videos with fitness workouts for every taste. Suitable for both female and male audiences.

I am sure that you can find one of this 10 video-mentor, who will help you to do sport, who will motivate you and you will be always interested in their life and sports achievements.

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