What cardio exercises are the most effective for you?

Hi for everyone! Here is much interesting information. I have just read an article on your website about Cardio Workouts and its benefits and want to do cardio myself. I really motivated by it and hope it will help me to fit me up.

More and more people include Cardio Workout to training now. If you attend the gym you will definitely know that it is hard to find free running track there. Everyone wants to have relief on the abs and not only there. Cardio helps to deal with the excess weight. I have a few excess kilos on my tummy. What kind of exercises in cardio can help me to get rid of it?

Cardio Workout is a set of exercises that can improve your endurance and cardiovascular system. The heart muscles are work hard too. The heart rate entails better metabolism processes in your body. It can improve blood supply to the brain and reduce aches. Furthermore, I have a lot of headaches and I wish it will disappear.

Is the heart tonus is important during cardio training? I know that intensity is very influential to reach some results. On the other hand, I am worried about my pulse rhythm. My heart is always pulsing in my ears. Is it normal? Or maybe I should consult with a doctor?

Top 7 Tips How to Organize your Workout Routine helped me a lot while building my training plan.  The Cardio seems to be very effective for me as I have problems with sleep. I always tossing and turning on my bed. I want to fall asleep earlier and get enough sleep in the mornings. Cardio Workouts increase the quality of sleep. The number of sudden wake ups in the night will be decreased. Is it real to get better sleep?

There are few examples of Cardio Workouts in the article. Please, give me some more examples and explain how to do it correctly. I know such exercises like running, high-tech, long training to full exhausted or fast training. Give me some advice on what types of exercises are used by you.

I am looking for your answers and hope I explain everything to get advice faster. I really need your help. If you can offer something to me, please write it now. Have a nice day!Cardio workouts

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I have always asked myself about what injuries are the most common. And I understood that it is impossible to name the most widespread injuries because the risk of damage to one or another part of the body depends on some peculiarities of training and exercises. Thus, I want to share with you some rules to avoid injuries during training.

1. Start any workout with warm-up exercises, do them at least 5-10 minutes. It allows you to warm the muscles and prepare them for full loads. To warm-up your body and avoid injuries during training, you can use the rotation of various parts of the body, jumping, running or walking. Moreover, if you do complex exercises, be sure to be stretching before and after.

2. Professional sports injuries statistics shows that most injuries happen because of wrong choosing the right equipment, especially shoes. So, in uncomfortable sneakers, the risk of foot injuries increases. You can also get injuries due to inconvenient or inappropriate clothe because it is important to do the normal and correct movement.

3. If you are a beginner, you should not overestimate your strength and knowledge. And if you are doing sport for the first time on some complex simulator, you must ask for help. The coach will show how the limbs should move, how muscles should work to avoid injuries in sports.

4. During the workout, always evaluate whether you do exercise right or wrong because many injuries are done because of your mistakes.

5. By the way, not only the movement is important, but also the pace of execution because if it is too fast, the risk of injury will increase. It is not worth paying attention to problem areas.

6. The average duration of one lesson should not exceed 40-60 minutes. You shouldn’t think that a two-hour workout will allow you to work better.

7. If you perform power exercises, then choose the weight correctly to avoid common sports injuries bone. How to determine the ideal mass? With ideal mass, you will be able to do at least 5-7 repetitions and at the same time your will not be exhausted completely.

8. Increase the load gradually, otherwise untrained muscles and joints will lead to injury. Practice regularly. If you feel pain, immediately stop the exercise, because pain is the first signal of microdermabrasion of muscle tissue that leads to sporting injuries. The interval between full classes should be two or three days.

9. Feel free to ask for help. If you doubt in your exercises with a lot of weight, be sure to take a partner.

10. To avoid injuries in sports remember about safety. So, if you notice that some part of the simulator or projectile is out of order, then do not do it, and report about breakdown to the coach.

11. To make workouts effective and safe, pay special attention to your diet. The diet must include such food as fish and meat, cereals, dairy products. It’s necessary to eat healthy and I recommend you to follow the top 10 nutrition trends 2019.

12. Be sure to take a bottle of ordinary or non-carbonated mineral water to workout and drink a little when you’re thirsty.

13. Keep track of concentration and be more assembled and attentive to avoid injuries during training. Do not think that workout is a monotonous work that requires only muscle tension. Some exercises are complex and need a concentration on movements.

14. Learn to relax after training. If the muscles remain tense after the loads, then it can lead to their microbreaks. To provide maximum relaxation you can make a light massage or take a warm shower. Also after training, it is better to go home and relax, rather than go to work or to a party.

So, if you organize your workout routine right and follow the rules mentioned above, you will avoid sports injuries!

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