How to do the split at home in 1 month?

Stretching classes are becoming more fashionable, and the splits – more and more desirable. I did not sit on the splits even as a child, but at 26 I rebelled against my own nature. I want a flexible body and be able to sit on the splits! A good stretch makes the legs beautiful, the gait becomes soft, and the movements become smoother and more amplitude. It is not only beautiful but also healthy! I used to do yoga for weight loss. It gave me a bit more flexibility. Not always girls who play sports regularly can boast of good stretching and take the splits. What exercises do we need to do?

There are two basic types of twine – dynamic and static. Dynamic is a vertical twine or twine in a standing position. Static is a twine, made in a horizontal position, sitting on the floor. Twine is one of those movements that are easily achievable for some people and almost unattainable for others. I am from the lasts. However, even if your flexibility leaves much to be desired, you are still able to achieve the goal if you work hard on stretching.

What are the basic rules for stretching?

Flexibility and twine are interconnected by an unbreakable thread. Failing to obtain the necessary flexibility, all attempts to sit on the splits will lead to serious injuries. The simplest type of twine is longitudinal. In this gymnastic exercise, one leg is placed at the back and the other at the front. More complex, transverse splits, involves spreading the legs to the side. The only way to do the splits is to do stretching, from easy to hard. And I understand that since I am a beginner, then I should start with the simplest exercises, before going on to try to sit on the splits. To begin with, I would like at least to be able to sit on the side twine, and then, hopefully, I’ll learn to sit on the transverse.

Inspired idea of the splits, of course, I want to do it in the shortest time, but I do not think that this is possible.
So, What are the basic rules for stretching? How to make the body more flexible? What set of exercises can you advise me? What are the ways to warm up before the main stretching exercises? Are there any contraindications for stretching? How soon will I be able to do the splits? What are the best tips for perfect stretching? What are the most effective exercises for beginners to do splits? How to quickly sit on the splits at home? What exercises will help in the shortest possible time to master the twine? What complex of preparatory exercises do I need to do in order to avoid injuries? With what set of exercises, I can stretch the muscles correctly and even more quickly sit on the splits?

I hope you will advise me a large number of different stretching exercises!

How to do the split at home in a week?

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I am glad to share with you my knowledge about stretching. I have read an article about how to do the splits and understood that before doing them, at least I should try to do simple stretching exercises that I have not done for a long time. When I was a child, I was attending dance classes. Before learning new dance moves, we had a warm-up and stretching exercises so I know how to do this.

I want to give you some pieces of advice. How to develop flexibility?

1. To make the body more flexible, you need to do stretching exercises. But it is important – before starting doing exercises, determine your natural level of flexibility, its conformity to your age and your health – but just remember that the ability to stretch of your body may vary depending on the time of a day. Remember this when you create an individual training schedule. Any stretching should be done according to your needs – listen to your body, it will tell you which exercises are necessary for you. You should not compare yourself to others, just rely on your results.
2. To increase your flexibility to develop your training mode – if you want to develop your overall flexibility, you must train each muscle group. Moreover, you must increase the load gradually because in another way you can easily injure some ligaments. Before making your flexibility exercises more intensive, do each of them at least for a week.
3. Good flexibility and elastic connective system of your body allow it to respond perfectly to your physical activity. And, at the same time, if flexibility develops through your whole body simultaneously, the muscular strength and endurance increase. It also helps to get a big amplitude of movement and helps to reduce the number of sports injuries. Thus, the less quantity of injuries you get, the less number of training you miss. Accordingly, you make your body flexible more effective and the efficiency of training is increasing.

Popular exercises to make your body more flexible:

Means and methods to develop your flexibility are constantly evolving, but there is no point to follow the innovations if there is a health problem. To improve their capabilities, it is enough to perform the following exercises:

– Crossing the hands with their further lifting over the head, in which it is necessary to stretch to the ceiling.
– Pressing the heel to the buttocks with a shaking back and forth (it is better to perform gradually).
– Falls with maximum stretching of the upper body.
– Squats with pressed feet and further straightening of the legs.
– Tilt to the side with maximum stretching of oblique abdominal muscles.

So, hope you will try to do flexibility exercises and will have wonderful results. I am sure that you will make your body more flexible.


I agree with you that twine is the most popular figure in gymnastics and it is undisputed fact that it is very interesting for many of us to find out how to sit on a twine.

You know that it is necessary to do a warm-up before the main stretching exercises. For beginners, an excellent option before the main training are waves of the legs and static exercises, which allow you to be in a stretched position for a long time.

How to sit on a split?

In order to sit on a twine doing different exercises, you need to use the muscles involved in the process of movement. While sitting on a split there may be rather unpleasant feelings, so it is important to try to relax the muscles and stay in that state for a couple of minutes. Then you can accelerate the stretching process. Breathing, at the same time, should be calm and rhythmic to avoid lowering the pace of training. When you reach your maximum, it is necessary to perform swaying movements from the sock to the heel and reach the pelvis to the floor. To sit on a twine, your first training should not be done very diligently. Later, when the muscles are warmed up, you can switch to more effective mode, reaching peak and swinging. When you have done your exercises with lifting and swinging and the pain point is reached – you can sit on the twine. It is necessary to do the best you can. You can resort to others and ask them to press on the thighs, you must clearly realize that this is quite a painful feeling. And you should not make the process of stretching too painful when you can no longer tolerate it. It is not necessary to tolerate this pain because it can lead to bad consequences. To sit on a split it is necessary to approach the stages of the intensity of loads evenly and avoid as much as possible a sharp, traumatic exercises. As you know, a good warm-up helps to prepare the body for serious stresses. Therefore you should not deny this aspect and try to sit on a twine with the help of various kinds of exercises – without using the preparatory exercises. Each day it is necessary to conduct training gradually increasing their intensity and duration.

I think you know that there are a lot of different exercises to do a split. . You can read about others and find which of them are the best for you. Wish you good a painless training)

The ability to do the splits required in a variety of activities related to physical activity. Usually, they train the muscles of the legs for transverse stretching. It is precisely it that shows the flexibility and capabilities of a person. But both the transverse and the longitudinal stretch require a lot of time, it is almost impossible to achieve it in 1 day, if earlier you didn’t do physical exercises at all, and your muscles and ligaments are not plastic.

!!! Warming up. It is not necessary to sit on the splits immediately, but only after warming up the muscles and working out the ligaments. Warming up is the most important point in this story, so without it, you can’t even stretch a little, not to mention cross string.
The best exercises to warm up before you sit on the splits are considered lunges and leg outs. First, the movement should be calm, gradually should move more actively. It is necessary to knead all the muscles of the legs, not just the hips.

How to achieve twine in 1 day?
After a warm-up and stretching exercises, you can proceed to the most important. There are two types of twine: longitudinal and transverse. For 1 day, you can only cope with the longitudinal, since it is more difficult to sit on the cross, and it will take more than one week.

To sit on the longitudinal splits, you need, spreading his legs, gradually sit down. Must move smoothly, focusing on their feelings. To avoid injury, do not try to immediately sit on the splits, overcoming the pain. Make a stop in the process, and then go below.
As soon as the pain becomes severe, stop falling on the splits. To get the perfect result in 1 day is difficult, but you can achieve success by trying to sit on the twine at least once a day.

For greater effect, slightly spring on the legs when you lower the pelvis down. This will help to sit on the longitudinal or transverse splits faster. Having reached the maximum point, do not immediately return to the starting position, but stay in it for some time, keeping your hands on the floor or other insurance.

Usually, it is more convenient for a person to stretch only one specific leg, but it is better to alternate them in order to develop harmoniously.

It is necessary to highlight such tips from professionals who will help achieve good results:

Pay attention to your breath. It must be measured. Control your breathing during all the exercises.
Slowness – good results when stretching. All exercises for flexibility and stretching should be done slowly. Sharp movements may cause injury and stretching.
Containment of negative emotions. During a workout, something may not work — no need to get angry, even if it hurts to take a break and start over.
Light dinner. Do not eat meat at night and before workouts. This reduces the elasticity of the muscles. A light snack will help you feel easy while performing difficult exercises.
Do exercises with pleasure, and you will see the result very quickly!

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