How to lose belly fat without losing curves?

A little more half ago, I went to the fitness club. I am engaged in various squat techniques, new burpees variants, Crossfit training and so on. The results are smaller than would be desirable, but not bad. At all parts of the body except the abdomen.

How to lose belly fat but keep your curves is not an easy task for most people, especially girls. They are usually limited in time as I am. And very often all the attempts fail as they don’t see the result at once and give up trying. I have a similar situation.

Now burning questions for me are the following:

  • How to get a flat stomach without losing curves?
  • How to lose weight without losing my booty?

Concerning the meal, I try to adhere to healthy nutrition. I even used to take HCG drops for weight loss. But here is the problem. If I start to limit myself in eating – my legs lose weight (very noticeably and quickly!) but not my stomach. How to be?

Is it possible to lose belly fat but keep your curves? Looking for your answers!


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How to get a flat stomach without losing curves?

  • First of all, exercises for strengthening the abs should be performed in the morning and preferably before eating a meal: thereby the muscles will better increase.
  • Secondly, there are different methods of pumping the abs up; you need to understand what you want: either just a flat stomach (more often for women) or “cubes.” For a flat stomach, you should perform exercises at a fast pace with a large number of repetitions. If you want to have distinct “cubes”, then you should perform exercises at a slow pace, maximally burthen the muscles.
  • Third, if the “cubes” are not visible after a long time of exercises, then your press is hidden behind a layer of fat and you need to go on a diet to reduce that layer, but there can also be another reason: the abdominal muscles are still not enough developed to be prominently showed up. We need proper and complex systems of exercises for abdominal muscles and hard workouts.

Now we will talk about the exercises. To have beautiful abs, it is not necessary to attend the gym: you can pump them up at home, the main thing – doing it correctly and systematically.

Enough is 10 minutes a day; you need only the constancy in training of the abdominal area. Exercise should be done scrupulously until a burning sensation appears.

Hey, Brad! You should get rid of the junk food and try to cook more while eating less of prepared before food. Get enough sleep. Drink a lot of water. Eat a lot of vegetables, choose whole grains, consume healthy fats and eat regularly, without skipping meals.

Best exercises for pumping abs at home are:

  • crunches, side crunches
  • variations of planks
  • leg lifts, single-leg lifts
  • bicycle crunches

And don’t forget about doing the cardio. For example, you can try running or walking at a fast pace. Good luck!

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