How to increase endurance at a race distance? What are marathon runners tips to breathe properly?

Good day! Please, give me advise: how to run correctly? To lose little extra weight and not bring harm health. I started running in the evenings for 3 km, with breaks, when I started to feel hurt in my right side, then I ran again. But when the pains didn’t disappear, I stopped running at all.

Having read your article about cardio exercises and fitness tips, I realized that want to be engaged in running again. From that time, I have a question in my mind: How can you improve your result at a running distance?

At first, you always feel a ton of strength, and you think you can run around the whole planet. But after the first kilometer, the inexperienced begin to ask God for mercy in the form of a second wind, and the weaklings simply stop. Unfortunately, I belong to the latter.

So, How to increase endurance at a race distance?

I want to stay longer on a distance. How can I increase my stamina? What do you think about the technique of interval running? How to train with this system? What other running techniques do you know about? How to improve the effectiveness of running without a coach? What rules should be followed to develop good endurance in the running? What factors affect the endurance of a person in the running? How to quickly adapt to the loads after a long pause in sports? How to breathe correctly while running? How to avoid shortness of breath while running?

Please, give me an example of constant training for the development of general body endurance.

I don’t know a single person who wouldn’t like to improve their running results, be it an increase in speed or a run for endurance. So I’m sure that the answers to my question will help thousands of people. Looking forward to your reply.

How to increase endurance at a race distance? What are marathon runners tips to breathe properly?

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I have the same problem as you do. For a long time, I didn’t know how to increase my stamina, how to run longer. I have experienced different running techniques. So I can share some knowledge with you!
There are 7 ways to improve the effectiveness of running, even without a coach:
1. To increase your stamina start from small distances and try to increase the distance gradually.
For example, increase by 1 km at the end of each week for 3 weeks in a row (for example, 5 km, 6 km, 7 km), and on the fourth week take a vacation, rest and restore strength. Then start adding 1 km from your last distance again.If you want to achieve impressive results only with patience and perseverance.

2. Bart Yasso Method.
This running technique was used by Bart Yasso, manager of the Runner’s World race. It means to run 800 m at such speed with which you plan to run your first marathon. There are rules that should be followed to develop good endurance in the running by this technique. Try to run on the Yasso plan 1 time a week. Start with 4-5 intervals of 800 m at a speed that you set as your goal, and then add one interval a week until you reach 10.

3. To avoid shortness of breath while running try long and slow running.
This running technique based on a program that was developed by Warren Finn. How to train with this system? If you run 10 km with an average tempo of 7 minutes and 30 seconds, then try to run the same distance in 9 minutes and 23 seconds.
So, you just need to multiply your pace by 1.25.

4. To stay longer on a distance record each workout.
It provides a work plan for each workout, in which it specifies speed and distance. In one day you run a great distance at a slow pace. On the second day, run intervals, and on the third one arranges a tempo training. By this way, you work more intensely than it’s recommended, but due to training alternatives, the risk of injury is reduced. As a result, this running technique gives good results.

5. Also if you want to increase endurance you have to take plyometric measurements.
In the modern world, plyometric is called jump training. Plyometric is used by athletes to improve sports performance, which requires speed, speed and power.
To develop good endurance in the running try to include jumps in your training. For example, run by a short, quick step on 15-20 meters. During the run, work energetically with your hands. Relax and then repeat 6-8 times again.
Practice this running technique 1-2 times a week, adding 5 minutes of different jumps (on one leg, two legs, etc.)

6. Besides, you necessarily must try a long paced workout.
A standard approach to tempo training suggests that you run from 20 to 40 minutes at a speed. As a result, this will help you to overcome your barrier at marathons. Try to get used to doing a long paced workout once a week for 8 weeks.
You should start with 20 minutes with a speed of 10-20 seconds that is slower than your average pace at a distance of 10K. And then add 5 minutes to the duration of your weekly workout. After a thorough training don’t forget to arrange a full rest for 1-2 days.

7. The last one of the best running techniques is to run fast and long.
This running technique isn’t appropriate for everyone.
Try to run very fast the last 25% of your distance, gradually accelerating the pace. At the end of the distance, you will feel like a squeezed lemon, but it does not mean that you have to work like a horse. Don’t forget to stick to some tips that will help you to feel better and be better. Here you can find few of them

The main rule you should follow to develop good endurance in the running is to be careful, watch out for your inner feelings and by this way, you will definitely be able to run your first marathon or improve your results the next time.

To conclude, you must understand that by using all these running techniques you can feel your pace and can gradually increase it. You can try all 7 ways and in the end choose one or more that really help you to improve the effectiveness of running, even without a coach.

Hey, Alina!
You are completely right when said that a single person who wouldn’t like to improve their running results, be it an increase in speed or a run for endurance aren’t exist.
The pain in your right side can be caused by wrong breathing. The breathing is very important while running. Wrong breathing can even cause fainting or bleeding in your lungs. It attached to some processes in our body when oxygen is used to provide more energy.
The pain also can be caused by wrong technique of running. You should not to press your feet to the ground strong. The waves of hands should be opposite to put forward leg. Your back should be flat and don’t move during the running.
You can improve your distances step by step. No one with can run long distances at once. It requires upgrading your stamina which, at the same time, needs to be trained systematically.
Before you begin working on increasing your running stamina, you need to make an honest assessment of your current aerobic base and build on that. To run farther, you’re going to have to actually run farther! Either increase your long run by 5 – 10 minutes or add few hundreds kilometers to your running. The farther you run, the more you’re challenging yourself and therefore need to ensure your body is recovering between sessions.
You need to eat a lot to reach longer distances. Your meals should be filled with carbs. I will give you more energy and you will feel better after training. I recommend you to read the article about Crossfit training. There are some information that can help to improve your stamina greatly. There is the article

I hope my advices will help you to get rid of pain and get more endurance for running. Be careful!

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