What can you say about massage for weight loss?

Hi everyone! I haven’t asked any questions on your site for a long time! During this time I have collected a few questions and am ready to ask about them on your site, as I am sure that all your answers and recommendations are useful. To start with, I would like to say, that I read all the posts in your blog and some of them caused me great interest. Diet and exercise, increased physical activity helped me a lot. Now I want to clarify some information I learned from the post: How to make the body fit without a gym. Methods and tips on how to be fit.

So, how to lose weight and improve circulation with massage? I think that regular massages improve health a lot. Is it really possible to get rid of excess weight by massage? If so, how exactly is this process going on? Is it really possible to burn more calories with its help? Are there special types of massages for weight loss? How many times a week can I do a massage? How many sessions is a complete course?

Where is it better to do massages: in a salon or a special medical establishment? What kind of message is the most useful? What results can be seen after a course of massages?

Does the massage an anti-cellulite program have a good effect? Does it cope with belly fat? What do you know about vacuum roller massage? Have you tried it by yourself? Do these types of massage have any contraindications? There are some age restrictions on the treatment with a massage for weight loss? Do these massages have any disadvantages? Is it possible to harm the body by these massages?

What can you say about using cosmetic means to make an ideal body? Could you actually improve your skin with scrubs and creams for weight loss? What can you say about lymphatic drainage massage, deep tissue massage? Is there really any effect by using them? Does it help you to relieve stress, improve the nervous system? What type of massage do you prefer? So, it seems I asked all the questions that interest me on this topic. I hope nothing is forgotten!

I look forward to your responses!

How to lose weight with the help of massage?

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Hello, Alina!
Thank you for the interesting question. I am 18-year girl so I always look for a perfect body. I haven’t tried massage to lose weight but I heard that it’s a really good way. During the rubbing and kneading of the body, blood circulation and lymphatic drainage improve. According to this, the cells will receive more oxygen and begin to do their function. As a result, an excess fluid is accumulated in the intercellular space. Thereby the number of digits on your scales decreases.
In addition, during the procedure, the blood in the vessels moves faster than usual. So, due to this, the process of splitting of fat cells begins. Thus, any type of massage, even on your own, helps to lose weight.
I’ve looked some types of massage up and discovered that local massage is the best option if you have problems in particular parts of your body. Besides, if the goal is to reduce weight throughout the body evenly, you need to use common procedures and entire body massage. The most common problem zones of every woman are waist and abdomen. There are few types of massage for weight loss that will necessarily help you. There are water massage, honey massage, pinch massage and vacuum massage.

Water massage will help you to remove fat from the waist and the sides. The technique is really simple. You can do it even at home with the help of the shower. The essence of the procedure is simple: different parts of the body are processed not by the hands of a masseur, but rather by powerful jets of water. It is desirable that the force, direction and temperature of the flux vary according to each specific zone.

The honey massage means that the layer of honey is spread on your body and hands of the master, rubbing and making a circular movement, make a certain patting, which transitions into a sharp tearing of the hands of the masseur from the skin of the patient. An effective technique of pinch massage involves various pinch movements, preventing the appearance of an unpleasant pain effect. As for vacuum massage, you can do it on your own with the jars at home that is very convenient and save your time.

Every type of massage has its own duration of course. Mainly you must do it 2 times per day within the week. I would do the massage in a salon, special medical establishment or massage rooms. I trust only masters to do the massage, I’m afraid that doing it on your own can have unwilling effects.
But if you want to lose weight, a massage only can’t entirely help you. Your nutrition must be healthy and it’s necessary to do other activities. Doing all these things in a complex will show you the best results that you all want to achieve. Here you can find 10 useful tips for effective fitness training that you should follow –
https://askyourfitnessquestion.com/effective-fitness-training-10-useful-tips/. They are really useful.

Hello, Alina!
I have done an anti-cellulite massage program and it had a really good effect. I want you to know that it has not only advantages but disadvantages as well. But still, I tried it by myself and want to recommend it for you. Vacuum roller massage is that type of massages that will help you to get rid of excess weight and cellulite. If you don’t like any type of massages just follow these tips https://askyourfitnessquestion.com/health-and-fitness-tips-24-very-effective-advice/
Nowadays vacuum roller massage is a very popular type of massages for weight loss. By rollers (or cans for a conventional vacuum massage) lymphatic currents are stimulated and there is an extremely powerful lymphatic drainage of the body. At the same time, fat subcutaneous tissue is massaged very well. The effect of this massage already comes after the first procedure. After a course of massages the results can be seen significantly:
– The skin becomes more elastic, it is smoothed out.
– Reduces the nymber of wrinkles, folds and stretch marks.
– There is an excellent correction of relief of the skin, the tone of the muscles increases, and the shape becomes clearer.
– The metabolism becomes better.
– The entire lymphatic system is cleaned up, which helps to normalize the work of the internal organs.
– Immunity is strengthened.
– Microcirculation of the blood improves.
– The supply to skin and tissues of nutrition and oxygen is increasing.

Vacuum roller massage or just a simple vacuum massage with plastic cans is needed both for women and for men who are obese and suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
You asked how many sessions is a complete course and how often this course of massage for weight loss can be repeated. This type of massages for weight loss is conducted at 9-15 sessions with intervals of no more than 3 days. Massage session lasts approximately 40-60 minutes. Correction of the figure must be combined with anticellulite wraps, mesotherapy and classical massage.
Vacuum roller massage is given in the presence of:
1. Overweight in general and in some parts of the body.
2. Stretch marks and cellulite.
4. Anorexia disease or when skin is bruised because of fast loss in weight.
5. Hypotonia of muscles.

CONTRAINDICATIONS to the application of this massage:
# Women during pregnancy and during menstruation # Thrombophlebitis and varicose disease # Oncological diseases # The acute stage of any illness # Infectious disease # Serious skin diseases, cramps, rashes, wounds and burns # Diseases of the blood # Hypertension # Severe cardiovascular disease.
Vacuum roller massage is one of the best anti cellulite massagers and I am happy that I have done this course of massage for weight loss.

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