Provide with a recipe for sweet detox smoothie

Hi, Y’all! I’m not new in the smoothie trend, tried lots of new recipes lately. I usually had a solid main course and a cocktail snack. Today I read about detox and cleansing smoothies. Never would have thought of this drink as a main course for the whole day. Plus, I almost never had a veggie cocktail, ’cause I thought they were gross.

I thought that it’s a good idea to try veggie detox smoothies one day, I might come around about the “veggie cocktails being gross” idea, but that’s not why I’m here now. I read that it’s not enough to exercise and eat healthily, you also have to cleanse your body every once in a while. I’m willing to do so with fruit cocktails if that’s possible. I have a sweet tooth and it’s way more pleasant to drink what you like in the name of fitness, rather than drinking something disgusting and forsaking the whole idea of it.

Please provide me with fruit drink detox and cleansing recipes! Only I have a few requirements. It would be awesome if they had honey in it, as a little bonus and I prefer season fruit. I appreciate the help!

Sweet detox smoothies

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Hello Alice!

Good question. What I can say, green detox cocktails have been loved by celebrities and everyone who cares about their health. There is a reason! They provide a better frame of mind, give energy and make the skin radiant. In addition, they support slimming and strengthen the body.
If you want to create a delicious cocktail, you should follow some tips.
1. In the beginning, select the appropriate fruit base: for example, raspberries, strawberries, kiwi, mango or banana.
2. Then choose a liquid supplement: water, milk, vegetable milk, kefir, juice. Add green vegetables: e.g. spinach, parsley, kale, rocket, spirulina.
3. If you want to get a slightly sweet taste, pour a little syrup from agave, honey, maple syrup. You can also sprinkle stevia or add a few dried dates.

Here I also leave for you my favorite smoothie recipe. This is a smoothie with kale, pineapple, and ginger. Ingredients: 2 handfuls of kale, 2 slices of pineapple, lemon juice, a piece of fresh ginger, a bit of honey. Preparation: combine all ingredients and blend to a smooth mass.

Hope you like it!

Hello Alice! I strongly recommend you to try this recipe, it really helps!
You need:
1 frozen banana
1/2 cup frozen mango
1/2 cup pineapple
1/2 cup frozen raspberries
1 cup coconut water
juice of one lemon

Place ingredients into a high speed blender and blend until smooth. Have a nice meal!

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