What does a traditional Japanese diet plan consist of?

Hello, my name is Jane. Sorry for bothering you with my questions, but this an exciting topic for me to discuss. And only you can help me out! Actually, I’ve become a real Japanese cuisine fan. My friend told me about a Japanese diet plan. He shared the useful and interesting info so I decided to try it on my own. As far as he knows, this diet helps to live longer and lose weight. Because of vegetables and fruit, green tea, miso soup, fermented soy content. Weight loss and longest life – isn’t is the goals everyone of us follows?

I got to know that Japanese meals have rather small portion sizes. And small portions means lots of health benefits. Life expectancies are really high in most of us. We want to be fit and healthy. So why don’t try Japanese foods, if it’s said to be so beneficial for our body? Nevertheless, I have some questions for you guys.

Please, tell me what does a traditional Japanese diet consist? Why do they eat such kind of food and how this diet influence them? What products can I add? What will be, if I decide to try following this diet? Are there any contraindications? What do you think about it? I hope, you could help me. I’ve interested in and waiting for your answers. Thanks a lot!

Japanese diet plan

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I fond of Japanese food and culture!)) And I’ve fond useful articles about Japanese diet and products which I can use. And I want advice them for you))

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