What are high-intensity workouts to lose weight fast?

Hello, everyone! I am here again for a suggestion from you, guys! I want to prepare myself for high-intensity exercises. What should I know about it? Advise me some sets of high-intensity workouts to lose weight fast, please. I’ve already practised strength trainingcalorie burn resistance training, losing weight high intensity workouts, burning workouts for total body and so on. But now I’m on the way to weight loss workouts with high intensity interval.

Actually, I’m ready to train 4 times a week. I can do workout routines with a jump rope to lose body fat. Building muscle isn’t my current aim. Mainly, I need a workout for the upper body. Of course, with a calorie deficit. I’m ready o spend a large amount of time on this. So now I need your help.

Which of these exercises should I better do at home? Are they suitable for people with unhealthy joints? What diet should I stick to while doing this training? What home fitness exercise equipment is needed to buy? I don’t remember I had any experience in such kind of exercises. What rules should I follow to see the result as soon as possible? Whether there are some tips to make exercising at home more effective? What best workouts to do at home for weight loss? Thanks!

workouts to lose weight fast

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Hello Sonya!

You can try these exercises and don’t you dare to not lose some calories on these XD

One-Legged Deadlifts

This exercise targets the core, lower body and helps to enhance balance.

One-Legged Shoulder Press

This exercise targets the major shoulder muscles while also enhancing balance.

Spider Push-Ups

This exercise targets the major muscles of the upper body and the core, while also enhancing flexibility and joint mobility.

Pull-Ups or Chin-Ups

“These are good bodyweight exercises, preferably done on something challenging to grab so you can work grip strength as well,” Sweeney said.

Box Jumps

This exercise targets the lower body and challenges your agility and balance, as well as your cardiovascular fitness.

Walk-Out Push Ups

This move targets multiple major muscle groups and incorporates several planes of motion, which helps to promote flexibility and joint fluidity.


This move targets the major muscles of the lower body and the core and also helps enhance balance.

Hello, Sonya! What kind of building do you live in? Me third-floor apartment allows me nothing but yoga workouts. Any high-intensity training is not appropriate for an obvious reason. So, if you dare to perform some jumping at home, here are high-intensity cardio workout exercises. 17 minutes of training will burn up to 217 calories. The elevated calories burn rate will go on for a while as it takes some time for your body to return to a normal rate.

So this routine includes classic Jumping Jack (no equipment needed, lots of energy used), Lateral Jumps (for strong knees, hips and core muscles), Jumping Oblique Twist (for a beautiful waist), Burpees (hard to perform but the result is worth it), Pendulum Swings (for perfect body coordination), and Hight Knees (for sexy thighs). Seems nothing difficult but as soon as you start training you`ll feel how challenging these 17 minutes are.

Have a timer? Ready to perform each of these routine steps for 60 seconds? Resting intervals are very short, 20 seconds only and they are actually marching. Don`t get upset if it`s impossible for you to perform the whole minute without pausing, listen to your body, return to the exercise as soon as you can. You will improve with time and be proud of yourself. What I like about this routine is that you do not depend on any equipment, you are free to do it at home, a hotel room, during vacations in the countryside, camping etc. Good luck, Sonya! Hope to hear from you soon!

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