What is better for you, gym or talim?

Hello, everyone! I attend the gym for about 3 years. I do the various effective workouts there, such as:

The result after these workouts is visible! My friends notice the changes. They say my body became fit and toned. My muscles have grown and I’ve got strength and endurance. I dare say that I don’t even need a personal trainer while I have such a workout routine plan. Yes, it’s amazing!

But recently I was at my friend’s home. There I’ve tried alternative workout games for fitness. I can say that such activities are really exciting! We spent time together with the use of our health and bodies. Now I want to read your point of view concerning the following question:

  • What fitness activity is better for you, gym or Talim? And why?

Share your thoughts with me, please. I’m very interested in your point of view. Thanks in advance!

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Hello there! I guess, Talim is better. It is new and trendy, small but effective machine! A plyometric-heavy one. So why not give it a try for a longer period of time? More fun is guaranteed if we compare to the gym, for sure. Talim workout will help you to improve speed, balance, athletic and gymnastic skills. You will have a lot of cardio training but it is rather simple. Here is the approximate Talim workout plan. Monday is for working on your strength, Tuesday – cardio, Wednesday – break, Thursday – strength, Friday – cardio, Saturday – strength, Sunday – break. Extra break day is not a sin if your body needs it, especially in the beginning, you will still see nice results, I assure you. Take care of yourself, enjoy the process of getting better and healthier. Good luck!

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