When do you start to see results on the cabbage diet?

Hello, guys! As you know from my previous post, I started to monitor my health more carefully. To keep fit, recently I started following the cabbage diet. What do the author promise? During a month of a cabbage diet, you can lose 10 kilograms and in some cases more. Cabbage contains vitamin C, iron, beta-carotene, potassium and glucosinolate, which reduces the risk of cancer. Keeping to this diet can improve the body as a whole, improve metabolism and get rid of toxins.

I can honestly confess that my weight is not perfect. So I’m looking forward to losing some kilos. Earlier I tried various diets, but I couldn’t wait to see the result and just gave up after about the first week. Did you guys have such a problem? How did you tackle it?

As to the cabbage diet, it is useful not only for losing weight but also for our health. That’s why I have chosen it for myself. Another plus is that you are to eat often. After each meal, you should feel a slight hunger. If, during a diet, the feeling of hunger persists continuously, add one more meal from the dishes intended for dinner, but in no case do not increase the sizes of portions.

So my question is for those who have tried this diet. When do you start to see the results? Waiting for your answers!

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Hello! I have tried this diet so i can give the results. So, i have been following it for a week and here are my results:

Started at 121.8 pounds ()
Day #2: morning: 120 even
Day #3: morning: 119.2
Day #4: 118.2
Day #5: 117.8
Day #6: 117.6
Day #7: 116.6
Final Weigh in: 116.6 pounds

So, as you see – minus 5 pounds. And also – the most visible results got out on the 4th day.

Hello, dear!
Cabbage diet is one of the most popular and most commonly used miracle diets. According to dieters, however, the cabbage diet is not a good way to lose weight. There are many recipes for a cabbage diet. In each case, however, it will be necessary to prepare the soup. It does not provide basic energy demand, it is not properly balanced, therefore it can not be said that it is healthy. The soup cannot be eaten without interruption – as described in the rules. After a few days, most people have so much of it that they prefer not to eat anything than to taste the taste and smell of cabbage. Supporters of the cabbage diet talk about the possibility of dropping 3-6 kg during the week. However, it should be remembered that this is largely water that we lose at the beginning of slimming.

So, hope this helped you. Stay healthy 🙂

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