Which nutrition trends of 2019 can you recommend to stay fit and pumped?

Good evening! I have not been here for a long time! I see the site has changed a lot, became more beautiful and easier to use. Here are so many new articles appeared in the blog, which I have not read! I will definitely read each one.

Obviously, I’m here to ask a question. After reading the article about tips to always stay in good physical shape, I would like to know a few more things.

Having read it, I realized that these 20 tips are written for people who are engaged in sports in the gym. What can you recommend for non-sports people? Many people have no time for aerobics or gymnastics, according to their daily schedule, family, work and even can’t afford to join the gym due to lack of money.

What to do to people with a tight schedule? What are the top tips for slimming at home without dieting and gym?

Slender beautiful legs and a flat stomach wants to have every woman. For a slim figure perfectly fits almost any outfit. What to do if you have an important event and need to look at all 100% soon? What are the right habits to always be slim? How to achieve fast results in losing weight at home without harm to the body? What tips to follow when losing weight to reduce fat, not muscle tissue? How to have a slim and toned body with a sedentary way of life?
After the pregnancy, my body has lost its former beautiful shape. How to stay fit after childbirth?

Give me a piece of advice, please! I need your help.

Which nutrition trends of 2019 can you recommend to stay fit and pumped?

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Good evening, Alina.
It’s a really interesting question. I’m the young mother of two babies. I’m so happy to be a wife and have children, but, unfortunately, after the pregnancy, my body has lost its former beautiful shape. I didn’t know how to stay fit after childbirth for a long time, but I’ve looked for some ways to solve this problem and I want to share information with you.
To return your former beautiful body only healthy diet, physical exercises and, of course, patience and desire will help you to achieve the result. To stay fit after childbirth for a long time, follow the three basic rules:

RULE # 1: Review your eating habits.
After childbirth, you also need to provide a full meal, especially if you are breastfeeding. Therefore, in such situation, a competent and thoughtful approach is necessary to ensure proper nutrition for your baby as well as to normalize your weight. In this case, you should find a fruit and vegetable diet that will be appropriate for you. In addition, you will replenish the stores of vitamins and trace elements in your body.
At the same time, follow the basic principles:
1) Eat only small portions.
2) Try to avoid temptations in food.
3) Eat only when you feel that you are hungry.

RULE # 2: To get fit after childbirth restore your physical activity gradually.
If the doctor allowed you to do physical training, follow this tips:
– Begin slowly
– Make a schedule in the best way for you
– Your goal is beautiful muscles
– Do not forget that during and after training you need to drink a lot of water.
– Constantly monitor your condition.
– Get involved in the group.

AND LAST RULE # 3: To stay fit set up real and achievable goals.
Making the sport and healthy eating one of the main things will help you to lose about 500 grams of fat a week. According to the statistics, for complete recovery of your figure it takes 6-12 months, and in some cases, it takes even more (in case you feed and you can not strictly stick to the diet.
And as a conclusion to all of the foregoing, you do not need to set yourself unreasonable goals. Remember that your baby’s health and health is first of all!

Hi, Alina!
It is so good that you want to read all the articles below. It is a nice point of start to do not only workouts, but it is included. How not to lose shape without a gym? In my opinion it is very actual theme.
First of all, you need to do some exercises in the morning or evening when you tight schedule allow you to do it. It is necessary to do even small amount of exercising. You just can’t be slim with bad nutrition and without trainings.
The important thing is the behavior during everyday things. For example, you place of work is situated in 20-30 minutes. Don’t be lazy, just walk to work by foot or even on bicycle. It helps to be fit, if your meals aren’t too much fatty.
Many believe that they will start sometime, begin later, now it will not give anything. But don’t deceive yourself. Later can be too late, sometime can don’t come.
If you after the pregnancy and don’t have time, just no free minute you can take a break. But child grows up. There will be more time to you every other day. You can start whatever you want.
The diet could make your situation better. Maybe you really don’t have enough time to exercising, but healthy food. It is available for everyone. Just don’t eat junk food, carbs in clear form, when you don’t have physical activity.
The way to be slim and healthy is easy, but you can do nothing at all. Choose at least one of my advices and start deal with it! I hope you will see that it isn’t hard.
I believe my answer is clear and you will listen me. Wish to see you fit and healthy, good luck!

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