We continue to complicate the complex of exercises. We see the results of previous training in the mirror and looking at the favourite jeans.

Continue to train trunk muscles. Firstly, 15 minutes run, as usual. Then start doing exercises. Now to do training about three times a week, try to follow all rules and listen to your body.

The sixth stage of fitness training

  1. Lie on the back on the mat, put hands aside and palms down. Lift legs at the 45-degree angle and start doing leg circling 8-10 times. Roll over on your belly, put hands on the back of the head and lift back with all the trunk bending your head back. It is important to remember that you shouldn’t lift legs from the floor. Do this exercise 10-12 times.
  2. Roll over on the back again and lift the straightened legs. You aim to touch the floor behind your head with the toes. Do this exercises 10-12 times.
  3. Lie on the right side, put hands on the back of the head. Lift the trunk a little but don’t lift legs. Do the same on the left side 10-12 times.
  4. Continue our course doing exercises for getting fit. First of all, Lie on the back on the mat, bend hands in the elbows and put them near the head. Gradually straighten the sides, switch the area of support to two legs and two hands, take the bridge stand. Return to starting position and do this exercise 8-10 times.
  5. Roll over on your belly, join legs and straighten them, put hands along the trunk. Resting on them and the chin starts lifting legs, do this 10-12 times.
  6. Lie on the back again, put legs aside widely and straighten hands behind the head. Gradually lift the upper part of the trunk, bend forward and touch the knee with the forehead. Return to the starting position and do the exercises 10-12 times.
  7. Stay lying on the back, lift straightened legs and start drawing circles in the air inwards and outwards 6-8 times to each side.
  8. Do flexibility exercises after these to attract the husband and to feel like you are a cat. And it is necessary to do breathing exercises to adapt the organism to such sudden jumps.

End the complex with simple exercises for breathing management and flexibility exercises from the previous set of activities.

8 simple exercises to do at home – the 6th stage
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