Now we are almost at the finish line. We have passed such stages of home training:

Just some jerks and you will have the slim fit and healthy body.

We are again running within 15 minutes. Just after it you hunker down and put hands at the waist. Straighten right leg forward, then the same with the left leg. It looks like Dance performed you in slow motion. Dance 8-10 times in each leg.

The fifth complex of exercises

  1. After this brilliant dance sits down with your hands behind the back, pull legs closer to you. There is a support to two legs and hands. Jerk them off the floor now. Jump like a lying frog 10-12 times.
  2. Lie on the side, rest your hand. Lower on the hip, don’t bend support hand and then lift again. Do this exercise 10-12 times to each side. Hateful folds between hand and bust will disappear, and hand will have a sweet relief.
  3. Then get down on your knees, pull forefeet off and sit down on heels. Put hands at the waist. Push away until your touch the floor with the shoulder bones. Span and return 10-12 times.
  4. Stand up straight, lift one leg, straighten another one. Put hands at the waist and squat without support. Squat on each leg 8-10 times.
  5. Sit down and put hands behind, lean, pushing off legs move on to the back leaning. Do this exercise 10-12 times.
  6. Sit down on the mat. Cross the legs, feel like you are a yogi again. Put hands at the waist. Then stand up straight and forget about hands. Stand up 10-12 times.
  7. Do the last exercises standing. Legs are at the width of the shoulders. Bend back, don’t forget to bend knees and rise on the toes. Touch heels with the hands and stays in this position for some seconds. Do this exercise 10-12 times.
  8. Breathing exercises will be the right ending of this complex: breath insincerely, hold your breathe and breathe out slowly throw your mouth. After this, you can take not very hot stimulating bath. Do these exercises during 1-2 weeks.

Your husband will be impressed with your flexibility after doing this complex. The sixth stage of exercises is waiting for you after two weeks of doing this one.

8 home training exercises – part 5
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