Many women around the world are the victims of new weight complex, but ladies have been taking care for their appearances for ages, and now they are doing it especially actively. Because of this many of us, women, start eating greenery, natural fat-free yoghurts, drinking diet teas or exotic green coffees that are moreover really expensive, but whether useful are they – is still a question.

While the dietologists keep insisting on the point that such kind of diets is harmful to health, the women are having an intransigent position concerning the constant struggle for the beauty of their bodies – food is the solution.

What to do with a diet to make it have a positive effect on weight loss

The author of the article has experienced two methods and both successfully, especially combined with one another. The first way is to stop eating before 6 PM. The time may vary it a means to an end up the dinner four hours before going to bed. Why? Because the organism manages to digest the meal partially till that time; it makes the load on digestive system weaker, and the calories partly burnt.

The author set 6 PM time limit to take food, but she could drink a cup of tea with sugar later. The second method – physical activities. Of course, not everyone has an opportunity to workout at home systematically. Rough self-control together with a particular environment at home is required. The easiest would be to buy sports equipment or gym subscription. Really, why do you have to ‘suffer’ alone? In the gym, you will find the compades with the same fitness goals.

The author chose another way – evening jogging. Summer vacations bring beautiful results, too. Swimming and spending time on the fresh air is extremely healthy and beneficial for your body.

The main advantage of authors’ fitness&diet methods is that she does not have to think about the products she eats, cause the ration is not limited.

As for the types of diets (i.e. protein diet, the Kremlin diet, blood group diet, separate nutrition etc.) – they have the right to exist, of course, but each woman has to decide which way of keeping fit to choose.

Diet positive effect or how to lose weight properly
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