Which diet is best for losing weight during the medium intensity training? How does a bad diet affect your fitness?

Hello. I’m 17, and I want to find out more about diet to lose excess weight and make my body beautiful.
Which one will be the most suitable for those who do exercises of a medium intensity?

I want to lose weight, for about 5 kilos, but to save muscle mass.
There is too many information I read surfing the internet, and I am confused about it.

I could choose one by myself, but then I read a lot about the adverse impact of a diet. Can a diet have a harmful effect on your fitness?
Thank you for the answers.

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Hello and thank you for the question!
Yes, diet has an enormous role for your fitness. Firstly, you need to reach the calorie deficit in your diet then your eligibility will be much better. Secondly, you need to consume products with unsaturated fats and also carbonaceous food so you will gain energy for training. Also, it won`t turn into fat, just heat. Try to reduce fried products – they contain less healthy substances than boiled or steamed one. And don’t forget about water – drink it after wake up, before the meal and during your fitness.

Hello Ciki, I hope I correctly understand your question and will try to advise you some ways to lose weight. 
Surfing the internet, you can find enough and even too much information about different diets, proper nutrition and how to lose 10 kilos per week. 
There is really good and healthy advice about nutrition, but not all users can determine it.

So, accordingly to your question, which diet is the most effective and healthy during medium intensity training?

First of all, for you to know, to remove your subcutaneous fat, you don`t need to eat especially dietetic products or to sit on an exhausting diet, but to lose weight you have to make the calorie deficit. Obviously, if you want to keep your weight on present point, you have to consume the same amount of calories, as you spent, but if you have the aim to lose fat, you need to spend more calories than consume.

During this, you necessarily have to do the exercises, aimed at losing weight, otherwise to spend these consumed calories. Why? Because of keeping your muscles in good condition and not to lose muscle mass you already have. For this is perfectly suitable cardio training, what you can clarify with the coach.

Returning back to nutrition, I may advise you to start to measure out the calorie consistance of all incoming products. Firstly, you need to know what is your metabolic rate, taking into account your age, height and weight. Secondly, download on your smartphone the calorie calculator, where put the quantities of calories, fats, carbohydrates you need to consume a day. Than, approximately divide into several meals and write down in the app all that you ate and drank.

By the way, you to lose weight and keep muscles, you need to cut on carbs, i.e. sweeties, bakery, fried food, soda, coke and other products.

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