Сabbage soup diet reviews: how much weight can you lose?

F​or many women, losing weight is the main purpose over a long period. Is it possible to lose weight fast without special efforts?

Yes, using the special diet based on cabbage fat-burning soup. Cooking it does not take much time (no more than 20 minutes). But how useful is this dietic dish!

Christine Mikstas assures on webmd.com:

Cabbage is one of the few vegetables that contain just an incredible amount of useful elements. Moreover, while cooking, almost all the elements needed for the normal organs and systems functioning are stored in the vegetable.

Cabbage is rich in sulfur, chlorine, fluorine, calcium, magnesium, and iron.

Pros and cons of dieting

Start your path to proper nutrition is correct with the soup diet. The fact is that sitting on rigid diets, many ladies slowed down the metabolic processes in the body, and light vegetable soup will help set up the intestines to work properly.

The basis of the diet:

Vegetable soup with low-calorie content. Unfortunately, during cooking, a significant portion of vitamins and trace elements are destroyed.

Soups are good:

They are quickly absorbed, warm and help improve digestion. Compared with stewing or frying, boiled foods in the soup retain much more nutrients.

Besides, soups are usually fewer calories than full-fledged main dishes, but they are not inferior to them in the number of nutrients.

In order to understand how a person should eat, who chose a diet based on cabbage soup for weight loss, you can take as an example an indicative menu for a week. 

No matter how eager after a diet to eat something tasty, you should not do it, because then all the lost kilograms will return in a few days.

Taylor Jones poits out the main diet highlights on healthline.com:

You can make changes to the classic recipe:

For example, take not white cabbage, but colored or broccoli and make a cream soup, and leave a portion of rice for the second. Many slimming people use even Chinese leaf lettuce, which in the process of cooking does not emit a characteristic “cabbage” smell.

And there are no fewer nutrients in this vegetable, by the way. Also in the first dish, you can add carrots grated on a coarse grater, green beans, frozen green peas, chopped garlic.

How to fill the soup with oil

Oil is added to many sauces and soups to increase the nutritional value and taste of the dish. If it is good, mix the butter thoroughly with the soup or sauce, you can get an emulsion that improves the quality and taste of the finished product.

But this emulsion is unstable:

It quickly collapses, if the sauce or soup, in which butter is added, boil. In this case, the oil melts and floats to the surface. The following rules should be observed:

What type of oil used?

There are a lot of butter alternatives. My favorite is nut butter.

The source of rich supplies. Walnut oil also has an unusual pleasant taste. Its use can help reduce stress and diastolic blood pressure. And all that is needed is something like a roast. Just a great solution. This butter also uses in baking recipes. It perfectly replaces butter.

Almond oil: properties and uses

Almond oil contains a high concentration of vitamin E, which helps the body fight cell aging. There is in oil and vitamin F – a useful “snack” for our hair and skin. It contains healthy fats.

It also contains a high concentration of phytosterol, amygdalin, tocopherol, triolein, as well as linoleic and palmitic acid. But most of all in almond oil, oleic acid – 60% of the chemical composition of the product! You can make baked goods with that oil.

Expert reviews on cabbage soup diet

Reviews of people following a diet

Fat burning cabbage soup

Based on Stephanie Watson‘s overview on webmd.com, here is the main secrets of cabbage soup for weight loss:

The basis of the soup should be cabbage, to which you add paprika, tomatoes or any other vegetables to taste (except potatoes) and tomato juice.

For cooking:

It is better not to use meat. If you want, you can add a bouillon cube, but no more. It is advisable not to fry vegetables before cooking. By the way, do not wait until they dig out, let them be a little half raw. Add onions and greens to your taste.

But the seasoning is better not to abuse. Add if desired, but just a little bit, exclusively for flavor.

For a week of such a diet on fat burning cabbage soup, you can lose up to 4 kg, and this is on condition that you do not have to starve at all. As they say, all ingenious is simple!

The main thing, as if you did not like the diet on cabbage soup, do not abuse it. A week is a maximum period. Do not forget that in a fat burning soup there are very few calories and it is contraindicated to sit on such a diet for a long time.

Diet on cabbage soup is recommended to follow no more than a week: 

After this period, you can return to the usual diet. You can repeat the diet no earlier than in two or three months, orient yourself by the state of health, and not by desire.

How does it work?

Cabbage soup is very low-calorie, but at the expense of its volume it fills the stomach and does not give way to hunger. Vegetables and fruits that need to be absorbed raw are healthy fiber and vitamins that not only nourish but also cleanse and rejuvenate the body.

The result is especially noticeable if, in ordinary life, before a diet on cabbage soup in your diet, vegetables were hardly noticeable.

Boiled vegetables in soup and raw vegetables additionally gently stimulate the intestines, forcing it to work not just faster, but more efficiently. Consider, it has long been proven that at least half of a person’s diet should consist of vegetables, mostly raw. 

From this position, the diet on cabbage soup – no, and not a diet, but proper nutrition. It brings a lot of health benefits.

After the years, littered with semi-finished products, snacks with soda and fast food, cabbage soup will be for the body a holiday of detox. And do not believe, if suddenly in the middle of the night a signal comes to your mind that you need to eat chips urgently – people call this condition fragile. Just have to wait.

The most effective and safe in this regard are the power systems based on the use of fat-burning soup. Their great advantage is that you will not constantly be visited by annoying thoughts about food and an obsessive feeling of hunger, you can easily lead a normal life while losing excess weight.

Rules of the diet

This diet should be followed during the week; then you need to take a break for 2-3 months, returning to the normal diet. This diet also appeals to people with lactose intolerance.

During the period of the diet, the main dish should be just soup; you need to eat it 3-4 times a day, the last meal – no later than 2 hours before bedtime.

You can drink tea, not very strong coffee without sugar, fruit and vegetable juices, milk (preferably skim). Be sure to drink every day at least 1.5 liters of pure water. The recipe calls to adjust diet not only for soups.

What is the basis for the loss of kilograms?

Katherine Zeratsky reports on mayoclinic.org that the whole trick lies in the components, which constitute the fat burning soup. They are not only low-calorie but also have a diuretic, laxative effect, regulate fat metabolism.

Some foods (for example, celery) even have a “negative caloric content.” This means that the body spends more energy on their digestion than it eventually receives. Similar properties are inherent in cabbage, especially white cabbage.

Thus, well-written recipes for fat-burning soups will really help those who want to lose weight, if not to forget about the rest of the conditions of compliance with the diet.

Conclusion and recommendations

Keeping to the diet, you should follow some recommendations:

cabbage soup diet
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