For many women, losing weight is the main purpose over a long period. Is it possible to lose weight fast without special efforts? Yes, using the special diet based on cabbage fat-burning soup. Cooking it does not take much time (no more than 20 minutes). But how useful is this dietic dish!

Cabbage is one of the few vegetables that contain just an incredible amount of useful elements. Moreover, while cooking, almost all the elements needed for the normal organs and systems functioning are stored in the vegetable. Cabbage is rich in sulfur, chlorine, fluorine, calcium, magnesium, and iron.

So what are the main advantages and drawbacks of the diet?


  1. The diet helps to heal and cleanse the body.
  2. Waste, toxins and excess fluid are removed.
  3. There are no strict restrictions on the number of meals.
  4. The effective result in the determined period, the kilos will not return.


  1. A low carbohydrate diet provides fast weight loss so that it can cause reduced efficiency and concentration.
  2. A monotonous menu can quickly bore you, which leads to a breakdown in losing weight.

Reviews of our fitness experts on cabbage soup diet

I’m a nutritionist and know something about proper nutrition. I believe that the cabbage soup diet cannot be used often. You are dealing with a dangerous food system, where there are little protein, fat, and carbohydrates. If you get too involved in the diet menu, it can provoke dehydration. It is possible that with the wrong approach the diet can cause an upset stomach.

After the fat-burning soup diet, you should follow a low-calorie one in order not to spoil the effect of losing weight. It is also advisable to go in for sports, drink more water, eat raw fruits and vegetables. I think that people with overweight should not keep to this diet. Also, such a food system is dangerous for patients with sick kidney and diabetes, it is not suitable for teenagers and elderly people.

Above all, if you correctly combine the products when cooking, the diet menu will be varied and beneficial to health. You will be able to lose up to 10 kilos per week.

Emily Dawson

Today I am on the seventh day on this diet. Diet is fantastic! I lost my appetite. If not dietary conditions, I didn’t want anything but soup. Anyway, I couldn’t entirely keep to this menu: I couldn’t eat 6 tomatoes. And 600g of meat also turned out too much for me. Moreover, it didn’t even come to fish. Feeling great! It doesn’t pull to the refrigerator!

Concerning the soup – I added homemade tomato souse to it, and it was just amazing! But it is necessary to cook it not 6 liters, but exactly half! It left more than half of soup. More than 2 times I did not want it anymore. I lost 4 kg, but I still have one more day. Anyway, I am happy with my results. I was not hungry at all, and it was very comfortable. Actually, Going to start losing weight next week. I know my body. Thanks for the diet – I will definitely follow it!

Lilly Weber

Cabbage soup struck me with its quick results. Just a week – and 2 kilos were gone. Besides, it’s very easy to cook, and it is delicious and low-calorie. You can prepare it both for one time and the day ahead! An excellent dish for women who want to lose weight in a short time. For 7 days I lost more than 5 kilos, which is a personal achievement for me and a small “victory”.

Sophia Hardy

Actually, I like raw cabbage, prepare the salads out of it. They are perfect for my diet! Want to recommend to fill up the dishes with olive oil or sprinkle with lemon juice. Besides, I like to pour apple vinegar and soy sauce instead of salt and mayonnaise. It’s healthier!

My favorite spices, such as coriander, cinnamon, cumin, chili pepper help me to improve the taste of diet salads. I advise everyone to combine raw vegetable with boiled beets, orange slices, and raw carrots. There is no need to eat only cabbage salats all day. To change dinner or lunch by this dish is enough to improve your body. Consequently, I managed to lose 6 kilos per week! I think it’s a fantastic result, and everything thanks to this magic vegetable.

Margaret Hall


Recently decided to go on a diet to lose some weight. My friends recommended the menu based on fat-burning soup. I was pleasantly surprised: healthy nutrition, minimum of calories, tasty and natural products. Today this diet for me is a find to maintain optimal weight. For one week I’ve lost 5 kilos! Earlier I used to achieve such a result only when using herbs and tea.

Evie Barker

I follow this diet regularly for 8 years. Within 2 weeks I manage to lose 8 kilos. But I have a special secret rule. Every day (except Thursday) you need to drink 250 ml of low-fat kefir, yogurt or milk. Actually, it is a protein, necessary not to lose muscle tissue during the diet. And on Thursday you replenish protein (8 cups of 250 ml). Good diet! You lose weight, muscles don’t go away, and you can have a meal at any moment! It’s very comfortable psychologically.

Catherine Page

Honestly speaking, I don’t know why many of you do not like in this diet. The soup is lovely, not dry food, only vegetables. They are especially useful, I don’t cook them too much, make them crunchy so they taste even more delicious. My secret is adding a teaspoon of Pesto sauce to the dish – perfect!

Besides the soup, like to crunch cabbage salads with cucumbers, carrots, etc. Moreover, I don’t forget about breakfast porridge, egg-like protein, and boiled chicken breasts. I don’t consider it a diet. It’s like proper nutrition, but with some restrictions. Actually, I’m not in haste to lose weight. I prefer doing it gradually, every day it takes 300-500 grams. (The initial weight – 64 kg with height 166). Very satisfied!

Olivia Lyons

I liked the diet! For 4 months I lost 18 kg! Returned 2 (Milk or yogurt should be drunk every day for 250 ml, and not just with bananas). And yet, between diets you need to take a break. At least 2 weeks! Cons: The soup bothers, sometimes it’s hard to push it through! Pros: You give up eating!

While the regular diet, I excluded mayonnaise, significantly reduced bread (to half a slice per day), reduced the portion of food consumed. I have gastritis. Conclusion – all stomach problems are the result of overeating. Success to all, follow the diet, and everything will work out!

Jessica Bowen


Conclusion: recommendations on the fat-burning soup diet

This diet is unloading. While following it, the side effects can take place, such as flatulence or gas formation as well as a headache or nausea. It occurs because of a big amount of raw fruits and vegetables eaten. Consequently, this happens because the process of fiber purification of the stomach and gastrointestinal tract begins.

Keeping to the diet, you should follow some recommendations:

  • It is not recommended for children and teenagers to follow the diet
  • Such a diet cannot replace your nutrition for a long time
  • To achieve and strengthen the results you need to strictly follow the suggested menu
  • It is also important to sit on cabbage soup for one week, then two weeks without cabbage soup, and then return to the diet for a week.
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