The rowing machine is an exact imitation of the sports rowing movements. With the help of simple exercises and various types of pressure on it, you can develop the ideal muscular frame on the legs, buttocks, back, and arms. Training with a constant load correctly uses even dormant muscles. Here, exercises are not based on overcoming their weight, so the simulator is adjustable to fit overweight users, as well as for people with diseases of the knee and ankle joints.

Body solid gsrm40 seated row machine

First of all, the exercise involves the upper body –  shoulders, the back, the chest, and the forearm. Due to the extensive coverage of muscle groups involved in the workout, the calf muscles, the quadriceps muscles of the thigh, the abdominal muscles, the gluteus maximus muscle, and many others will also be engaged in the workout.

In general, the exercising mechanism of body solid seated row machine gsrm40 is similar in principle to a barbell belt squat, which is the main exercise for the development of the muscular back frame. However, this particular machine is seated, so the leg muscles are not engaged. If you approach training systematically and correctly monitor the pressure, you can develop your back and shoulders so that they will look much broader.

Body-Solid GSRM40 Seated Row Machine

Body solid back row machine description:

  • This simulator helps users build muscle in the middle back, and strengthen hard to reach lower lats, biceps, and triceps.
  • Adjustable handgrips that can be moved four ways, according to your desired level of target resistance. 
  • You can adjust it according to your size and preference; the seat and chest pads are soft to prevent injuries; the extra thick Durafirm seat is comfortable and not slippery. 
  • Oillite bronze bushings keep the simulator working lightly at all pivot points; measures 44-by-39-by-54 inches (W x H x D)
  • Includes limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Doesn’t take up much room, suitable for small living spaces.
  • Fairly reasonable price.
  • Includes warranty.
  • Suitable for people with leg injuries, experienced athletes and beginners.
  • Free shipping with Amazon Prime.


  • Plates and Olympic adaptor sleeves not included in the purchase.


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