The best if diet choices made with the help of a nutritionist. A person first passes a medical examination, and only then a nutritionist determines which diet will take into account the needs of the body and will help achieve the desired result. An appropriately selected intake is designed to control weight and improve the overall state of the body. It is indispensable for health problems. Sometimes proper nutrition contributes to complete recovery and improvement of well-being. Universal diets do not exist, so choosing food should be wise.

Losing weight on a citrus diet

There is a rigid, but the low-calorie diet that is suitable only for healthy people, such a diet is called citrus. Within three weeks of such a meal, you can lose fifteen pounds because fat stores lost. Such a food is prohibited for pregnant and lactating women, children and adolescents suffering from obesity, as well as for all who have infectious or chronic diseases. The bottom line is that citrus diet limits the number of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the body, as well as many vitamins, organic acids and trace elements. Before you start a diet, you should consult with your doctor so that he examines your health and determines if it will harm, as well as make the intake of the vitamin-mineral complex or supplements suitable for you. Note that because of the low caloric content of products, you may experience a deterioration of your well-being, the decrease in blood pressure, weakness, dizziness, the decrease in concentration and rapid reaction. If these symptoms become apparent, then you need to stop the diet or go to a more tiring for you and your health. There is a mild citrus diet – mandarin.

Rules of citrus diet

  1.  You must take food each time you go out of home or thirty minutes before any physical activity.
  2. Dinner is required seven hours before sleep so that the body can split and withdraw accumulated fats from the body, as well as the elimination of toxins and slags.
  3. Before starting the citrus diet, gastric lavage should perform.

Citrus diet menu

  • Breakfast: Two hundred millilitres of tomato or orange juice.
  • Lunch: two large kiwis, one grapefruit.
  • Supper: one hundred and fifty grams of dried black bread, two boiled eggs, two hundred millilitres of pure water.

Thirty minutes before going to bed you should drink unsweetened green tea with two slices of lemon, leaves of dried bergamot and peppermint, a piece of lime. This diet has become the most popular in Germany, and many women use it. The main course of this diet can be the days of loading, which should conduct according to the offered menu for several days of each month or week. This will consolidate the result and adjust the body in support of optimal weight.

For the variety of menus, instead of grapefruit, you can use oranges or tangerines, or drink a glass of mixed fruit juice. For fat to burn, it is useful to swim, do fitness or walk, preferably anywhere in the park or the wild, away from contaminated air and various power plants.

Buckwheat diet for weight loss

When it comes to the end of winter and the warming begins, and you need to remove warm clothes, many starts to worry about their excessive weight. For your attention, a popular buckwheat diet offers. The recipe for such a diet is straightforward, the bottom line is that it takes a day to eat as much buckwheat as possible. Given that only one type of food is needed to feed, then a buckwheat diet should be kept for no more than one week.

The recipe for cooking buckwheat is straightforward, for the glass of buckwheat pours two cups of boiling water. And let it stay for one night. If you go to eat more cereals a day, you need to prick it in the same proportions. But keep in mind that the seed has a massive amount of calories, and it is unlikely that you get out to overeat salty buckwheat. It is another nuance that porridge does not add spices and salt, and even run without oil.

Also drinking kefir has a very beneficial effect, it needs to be drunk after eating. But keep in mind that you can not take more than one litre of yoghurt per day. Sometimes you can drink a cup of coffee in the morning or eat an apple. From this, we can assume that the buckwheat diet is straightforward. For it, you do not need to buy some expensive and exclusive products, as well as a long time to cook them. This cereal has many beneficial properties; it contains various trace elements that strengthen the walls of the vessels, as the body does not get carbohydrates, and begins to burn the fat layer.

The buckwheat diet has its disadvantages, as taking only buckwheat and kefir does not lead to a right amount of necessary nutrients in the body. Therefore, such a diet should follow, one or maximum two weeks. Before starting a diet, you need to check your health, because the body is individual and what will lead to such nutrition is not known.

Especially if you have problems with the acidity of the stomach another essential condition is not to eat before bedtime; you need to eat three hours before bedtime. Since the body resting at night and if you fill the stomach with food, it will digest it, but it does not respond well to the digestive system. Of course, eat only buckwheat quite trickily, but you will undoubtedly see the result. With the help of buckwheat, diet weight is going down pretty fast. After the end of such a meal you need to restrict yourself to a calorie meal for a while, but then try not to exceed 1500 calories a day. You can use such a diet at intervals of two to three weeks, that the body could recover from the execution.

Losing weight with citrus and buckwheat diets
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