“Man is what he eats.” How do you need to eat, to be a cheerful, full of strength and energy person? Our kitchen and calories from childhood we have argued that without hot, especially without soup, it is impossible to maintain a healthy stomach. When we eat spicy food, some of the receptors are irritated in the stomach, and the enzymes required for healthy digestion are released. About the significant benefits of soup.

In many countries, it does not eat at all. Our kitchen is quite heavy, fat: soup, borsch, pancakes, pies allowed to provide the body with energy for physical labour in harsh climates. Today, our way of life has changed radically! If the city dweller, sitting in the office for 8 hours a day, will be eating food from her grandmother’s recipes, she will risk earning obesity. According to statistics, in 60% of cases it causes is common overeating.

How many calories do we need today?

How much calories are needed for a person?  A man who is engaged in mental or physical labor, weighing 70 kg, requires about 1700 calories a day; and a woman of similar kind of classes, weighing 60 kg, – about 1400 kcal. Food for the night Eating at night is terrible, and in the morning there is no time.

It’s obligatory to allocate a certain amount of time for a sumptuous breakfast (about 1/3 of the total colourfulness of the daily diet), noon (10%), full dinner (40%) and light evening meal 20%) for three hours before bedtime. The body quickly adjusts to such a regime, and you will never suffer from hunger, and therefore overeat. This is reflected in the figure better than any diet. Can you have a bite on a can snack fast-cooked dishes such as soups in bags? It’s just a cheap food packed with chemical additives that contains lots of salt and fat. In the extreme case you can have a bite of fruit, nuts, eat a few slices of cheese.

Bread and figure Fresh, just baked bread is a very hard food, longly digested. And slightly sting, and especially dried, is not delayed in the stomach, absorbing much better. Bread and crackers are most often more calorie than ordinary food. Give preference to flour products of coarse grinding, which stores the most valuable parts of the grain-embryo and shell: there are many vitamins of the group B and mineral salts. Useful can also be a bread with a bran. The role of dairy products in the diet Sour milk products and yogurts.

The lactobacillus and bifidobacteria contained in these products are the primary link in the formation of the protective barrier of our organism. The organism is secreted, therefore, immunity is in order, attacks of pathogenic microbes and viruses are successfully repulsed. Sour-milk products normalize the intestinal microflora, improve digestion and absorption of useful micronutrients (calcium, phosphorus, iron), lower the level of cholesterol. Useful any sour-milk products: and fashionable yoghurts, and well known from childhood, fermented burger, bifid.

The main thing is that the product is not pasteurized, but contains live lactic acid bacteria. How much to drink water? The more people drink water, the more healthy it is for health? At normal air temperature and moderate physical activity, one person should drink about 1 liter of water without gas for a day, preferably not cold-water (this includes tea, coffee). If you do sports, of course, it’s bigger.

In this way, excessive water consumption brings benefits and harm, giving you extra work on the heart and kidneys. If the doctor has not prescribed you therapeutic mineral water, try to drink before, rather than timely food: in the filled stomach, water is delayed, dilutes the gastric juice and violates the processes of digestion of food.

Eating an apple a day lose weight. Nutrition, calories and figure
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