The diet implies the use of a particular set of products per day, which may aim at reducing weight, increasing it or improving it. If a person follows a chosen diet, then he takes a certain amount of portion per day without the intermediate snack, and also uses a specific set of products and tries not to violate the diet. Ideally, you can consider food that meets the age, gender, goals, schedule and nutritional benefits.

Protein diet for weight loss

It should note that with such food, the body feels a lack of carbohydrates. Initially, the body begins to use hidden carbohydrate reserves, than stocks of protein and fat. The advantage is the lack of hunger and rapid weight loss. This diet is quite diverse, and the result stays for a long time. It should note that the protein diet has some disadvantages. With such nutrition, the body will not receive a lot of useful and essential elements, which can worsen the condition of the skin, nail, hair and lead to mild fatigue.

There may also be problems with the kidneys. If you choose the type of food, you should remember that the diet for men and women will differ in calorie content. The body of the man feels the need for more calories as they are more likely to be consumed. The diet should add more products with high carbohydrate content.

The diet for men provides for a full-fledged meal that does not include hunger. For breakfast and dinner, it is necessary to use products that are rich in carbohydrates. It is desirable to have lunch with a lot of proteins. Thus, you can provide the body with enough energy and building material, but not to allow accumulation of fatty deposits. It is advisable to eat more fish dishes and not fried meat.

You should also refuse from drinking alcohol. It is high-calorie and also provokes a sense of hunger. The caloric intake of the diet should be determined depending on the lifestyle. If a man is an active lifestyle and is engaged in sports, then the body’s need for calories will be higher.

The efficiency of a cabbage diet

This product is low-calorie. Different types and varieties of cabbage contain varying amounts of calories: from 32 to 44. When choosing this diet, you can use the kind of cabbage depending on your preferences. It is best to select a regular white cabbage with a caloric value of 26 calories.

Cabbage diet provides for the possibility of replacing fresh cabbage with sauerkraut, which contains 19 kilocalories. Sauerkraut can be included in the ration every three days. Also, with this diet, green tea is allowed. Having coffee in the morning is obligatory. It helps to intensify exchange processes. There are strict restrictions on this diet. It used within ten days.

All this time consumed food cannot contain pepper and salt. It is also forbidden to use flour products and alcohol. If you follow all the requirements, the weight can reduce by ten pounds. Lowering the pressure will depend on the number of fat deposits and the individual characteristics of the body. Repeat this diet for at least two months.

The advantage of a cabbage diet is a long-term result. When switching to a healthy diet, the weight does not increase. Such food can use by people with diseases of kidneys, liver, gastrointestinal tract, but before using it is necessary to consult a doctor. This diet stimulates the intestines and relieves the body of toxins and slags. This diet, like many others, has some disadvantages, which also should remember.

The diet, the basis of which is cabbage, does not provide the body with enough carbohydrates. It means that there may be a decline in strength and a decrease in the reaction rate, as well as unbalanced intake of vitamins and minerals. That to fill the lack of essential elements of the body should use vitamin supplements. Not everyone will be able to withstand this diet, as it is quite hard.

Chocolate diet for weight loss

This diet assumes for each day you’ll eat 100 grams of chocolate. The caloric content of this product can range from 517 to 545 calories. Such food is considered low-calorie. The daily rate of chocolate can eat at one time, but it’s desirable to divide it into several receptions. White one does not contain cocoa butter, and therefore this type of it is not suitable for this diet. You should also not use chocolate with sweeteners.

Chocolate with raisins and nuts will have a higher calorie content, which you can learn by examining the packaging of chocolates. In addition to each serving of thia tasty product, you should have a coffee without sugar. Coffee helps to accelerate metabolism, resulting in a person losing weight faster. However, coffee should not be consumed in large quantities, as it may harm your health.

The ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in this product will be about 7% – 36% – 55%. Thus, the use of this diet forces to abandon the healthy diet. This diet involves severe restrictions: the use of sugar and salt prohibited. You will also have to give up on juices, alcohol and other drinks that cause appetite. It is forbidden to eat fruits and vegetables. Tea or other liquid should be consumed at least three hours after receiving a portion of chocolate and coffee.

The daily fluid rate should not be less than one and a half litre. Three hours after receiving a portion of chocolate, you can drink tea or water in any quantities. This diet involves collecting a piece of chocolate at any convenient time. This diet has its advantages and disadvantages. This diet gives a quick result, and it will appeal to sweet lovers. Chocolate is useful for brain work.

This diet should only use after consulting a doctor. A diet based on this product will not help normalise the metabolism. After a diet termination, the weight can quickly return. Also, the body will suffer from a lack of vitamins and minerals.

Chocolate, protein diet and cabbage diet for weight loss
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