Can I drink diet soda while bodybuilding?

There are no studies that would prove a connection between diet soda and harm for bodybuilding. What I figured out:

Diet soda is often defined as a low-calorie carbonated drink with different sweeteners. It is considered not to harm either human health, or appearance. Moreover, there is no evidence that soda consumption interferes with weight loss or increases insulin to levels that would harm health.

In modern studies that tried to link soda consumption to health problems:

Participants consumed a different amount of calories. Moreover, it is the consumption of excess calories that is directly related to the development of many diseases.

In one of the studies, that revealed a negative relationship between soda consumption and health, it was clearly described:

The relationship observed between the consumption of diet soda and the development of the metabolic syndrome is somewhat speculative. Because the data obtained may be distorted due to the connection with lifestyle and nutrition. As well as the demographic characteristics of the participants

See the effective low-calorie diets:

There are only a few biological mechanisms that can explain the relationship between soda consumption and health risks. These mechanisms are mainly centered around artificial sweeteners in drinks.

They increase cravings for high-calorie and sugar-containing foods.

Moreover, these mechanisms may reduce the ability of people to accurately assess calorie distribution during bodybuilding workouts. The remaining amount of energy that a person calculated for losing or maintaining weight as well.

Thus, the consumption of diet soda can lead to excessive calorie intake, which will cause weight gain and subsequent metabolic disorders.

diet soda bodybuilding

So, I was sitting on my couch and watching the TV when I switched on a sports channel where there was an episode about bodybuilders. They talked about interesting facts about Leigh Hayney and Dexter Jackson.

However, during the interview, they drank dietary soda. And I realized that I have a question:

  • Does diet soda make you fat? Can I drink soda during bodybuilding?
  • Can it affect my body shape or my health?

It’s interesting to read your answers.

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Nutritionists dont recommend to drink sugary drinks at all. Being it diet coke or simple coke, anyway, it does not healthy to consume it. Moreover, researchers have investigated that diet coke increase the appetite. Thats why you can put on weight drinking diet coke. If you are a bodybuilder, you should better choose another kind of drinks, becouse this one definitely doesn’t have a good affect on your health.

Many bodybuilders drink diet soda during training.

With sufficient cooling, it literally burns the throat, significantly reducing the thirst. In fact, carbonated water is not synonymous with mineral water, it is just ordinary water saturated with carbon dioxide, possibly mineral, possibly sweet, possibly without any taste at all.

During training, abundant fluid intake has both positive and negative consequences.

Positive effects include obstruction to dehydration, and negative effects include an additional load on the heart (especially with low-intensity training). Minerals, if present in water, are necessary for regulating nervous activity, including the reduction of muscle tissue.

Convulsions and cramps are the signs of the salt imbalance in the body, overcome only with the abundant use of trace elements (not necessarily in water, vitamin complexes are also suitable).

Usually, when people talk about carbonated water, they remember some negative consequences from its use. But not shown due to the presence of gas, but because of the high sugar content (sweet water).

Most people believe that excessive consumption of diet soda is harmful to health, even if there is nothing but gas in the water. However, there are no serious studies supporting this assumption.

It is only known that in some cases it causes some bad effects for bodybuilders. The consumption of any water in large quantities before training, or in its time leads to colic in the side, makes movement harder.

Therefore, the ability of soda to quickly quench thirst can significantly reduce water consumption, which favorably affects the work of the cardiovascular system.

In addition, sparkling water tastes better than plain mineral water.

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