Does diet coke make you fat for bodybuilding? Can I drink diet soda while bodybuilding?

Hi to all! My name is Anna. Yesterday, I was sitting on my couch and watching the TV when I switched on a sports channel where there was an episode about bodybuilders. They talked about interesting facts about Leigh Hayney and Dexter Jackson. However, during the interview, they drank dietary coke. And I realized that I have a question: Does diet coke make you fat? Can I drink soda during bodybuilding? Can this affect my body shape or my health? It’s interesting to read your answers.

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Hi Anna. Nutritionists dont recommend to drink sugary drinks at all. Being it diet coke or simple coke, anyway, it does not healthy to consume it. Moreover, researchers have investigated that diet coke increase the appetite. Thats why you can put on weight drinking diet coke. If you are a bodybuilder, you should better choose another kind of drinks, becouse this one definitely doesn’t have a good affect on your health.

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