How to exercise legs with resistance bands at home?

Hi! Recently I decided to buy resistance bands. I just wait till I can start using them! I decided to buy them because I read many comments about resistance band colors, so I thought ‘why not?’. Well,  I want you to recommend me several exercises I can do with them.

I watched a few youtube videos, but I want more information. When can you get the visible result of workout with these bands? How many times per week do I need to train with tension stripes? How long will it take to pump up my body using only bands? Are there special rules of the resistance bands usage?

What set of exercises with tension stripes are aimed at the leg muscles? What celebrities do the resistance bands workout? How can I exercise my legs with them?  Tell me everything about it! Waiting for your reply!

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Hello Blum! Here is a sample of very good workout:
Ankle Jumping Jacks — 20 reps
Lateral Band Walks — 20 reps
Standing Glute Kicks — 20 reps each side
Banded Walks — 20 reps
Squat to Lateral Leg Lifts — 20 reps
Clamshells — 20 reps
Hip Bridge Pulses — 20 reps
Fire Hydrants — 20 reps
Hip Bridges With Alternating Leg Extensions — 20 reps
Donkey Kicks— 20 reps
Do this circuit two times.

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