Which resistance band color is strongest?

Resistance band colorHey girls! I saw the best resistance loop bands of different colors on Amazon. Personally, I have a relatively high level of training so need strong exercise bands. How do you think, what brand is better for workouts?

I use resistance bands for 2 weeks and already see the result. This fitness equipment is made for additional pressure during the basic exercises such as a squat with resistance band. I find them highly effective for pumping the muscles in necessary areas. See how the workouts with exercise bands look like:

The main thing I’m concerned with is the level of strongness according to resistance band color. I saw the different colored bands but didn’t have the opportunity to try. So here is my question:

  • Which resistance bands color is strongest?
  • What color of the resistance band is correspondent to what weight?
  • Give the resistance band color code and chart (weight by color).
  • What are Thera band colors?

I found TheraBand resistance bands set on Amazon. They are latex-free and provide progressive resistance during workouts:

Except for these questions, I’d like to know your training experience and result after training with bands. Do resistance bands help you in pumping buttocks and legs? What kind of exercises can you do with them?

I exercise using this fitness equipment for about 2 weeks, using my ID115 plus HR fitness tracker. How long does it take to pump up the buttocks with their help? I want to improve priests, legs, and hands zone. What do you eat after training for weight gain?

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See the Theraband resistance bands force chart to decide on the appropriate color for yourself:

Force chart

Hi! With exercise bands, you can do exercises such as Hip Bridge Pulses, Fire Hydrants, Hip Bridges With Alternating Leg Extensions and Donkey Kicks, repeating them as much as possible, as for the food after the workout I would recommend eating a banana or a bowl of oatmeal with fruits.

I found that this one: Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands with Instruction Guide is top selling right now on Amazon, and they all pretty much start from around 10$ so it won’t be a blow to the wallet!

Hi! I’m not an expert unfortunately, but I heard that those bands for fitness are really good for butt and legs. There are a lot of different types of exercise bands on amazon, and loads of sellers just check the customer reviews

Hey there! I’m not a particular expert in sport and fitness in particular. However, Let’s fit Resistance Loop Bands help me to avoid a lack of physical activity. You can easily choose the required level of intensity of your workout.

So it can be used by an experienced athlete or just beginners for fitness training. I see them as useful, cheap, and convenient. I ’ve bought the set of 5 bands with five levels of resistance on Amazon.

Are resistance bands color-coded?

TheraBand exercise bands are created in 8 successive levels of resistance by the Thera-Band brand color-coded sequence:

  1. tan
  2. yellow
  3. red
  4. green
  5. blue
  6. black
  7. silver
  8. gold

What is TheraBand? Give feedback about this brand, please!

TheraBand exercise bands are the latex-free excellent equipment for exercising at home, gym, or any place you like. The equipment has been verified to develop durability, muscle mobility and function. Besides, it helps to decrease joint discomfort.

Exercise programs using TheraBand bands have lots of advantages for health and fitness:

help restore injuries
enhance functional movements of older adults
develop athletic performance
help in healing many chronic diseases

Recistance bands color

Hi! I’ve heard so much about these exercise bands, but I’ve never tried to use them. I prefer training with dancers’ balance board. Planning to buy AQUIVA wobble balance board + resistance bands, as exercise bands are interesting to me.

This is obviously one of the most popular equipment for workouts nowadays, so I think it really works. There are several most common types of bands:

  1. tube bands with handles
  2. loop bands
  3. therapy bands

I’ve heard a lot of positive comments about SPRI bands. However, their price is a little bit higher, than for the other brands. You can buy them on Amazon.

I enjoy gym workouts with Revolution 101 balance board trainer and Lewin fitness platform. But currently planning to start using resistance bands. What do you think about this workout?


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