Mini stepper before and after results?

I’ve found the most suitable and compact fitness device for myself – best mini steppers for losing weight. Still hesitate whether buy it or not, as I’m not sure in simulator’s effectiveness. If you have the experience of working with this it, share mini stepper before and after results, please.

Everyone wants to have a slim body, pumped-up muscles, an energetic walk. In fact, you can find a great number of cardio simulators for developing the sports body. But not everyone has the opportunity to regularly visit gyms. People often have a lack of time and money.

For me, the optimal way out of this situation is buying the convenient, compact but effective simulator. Such as mini stepper. It is an aerobic trainer, using several muscle groups at once. The exercises repeat rhythmically during some period of time. In general, I like how it works.

This training machine has universal qualities. Exercising on the mini stepper is step aerobics sessions without leaving home. It helps to strengthen the muscle system in general. Besides, the simulator influence:

  • buttocks
  • front and back of the thigh
  • leg muscles
  • with expanders – arms, shoulder girdle, press, back

Mini stepper

Working regularly, the mentioned body parts get the intensive load during the training. Pumped muscles create a fit and toned body. Except for this, exercising with home cardio simulator helps:

  • lose weight (see the mini stepper calories burned while training)
  • improve coordination of moves and heart work
  • train the lungs and improve blood supply
  • develop a general durability
  • strengthen blood vessels and increase the power indicators

I know that for gaining a maximum result, the training should be systematic. Besides, you should keep to the accurate movement technique. Everything depends on your willpower. Guess you should not forget about the warm-up and stretching.

Well, do you have the experience of training with this simulator? Share your mini stepper before and after results and show the pictures. Thanks in advance!

If you are interested in body transformation after using other equipment, see Peloton before and after weight loss and rowing machine results. The reviews will help you to choose the simulator.

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I was happy when I bought the Xiser Commercial Portable Stepper. Its main advantages include not expensive price, compact sizes and safety while using. The simulator imitates the walk on the stairs. For me, it is an optimal choice of the home simulator.

  • Pros: compact, not expensive, can be used while watching TV
  • Cons: sometimes boring

I noticed my progress already in the third week of training. In fact, many people think the result will come immediately. They think that it is capable to solve all their problems at once.

Relying on my own experience, I should say that there are no miracles. Work on yourself is the most difficult and the single stepper is not enough! I read many times that you’re recommended to follow such rules during training time:

  • start from 5-10 minutes
  • gradually increase to 1 hour.

Frankly speaking, I do not imagine the training 60 minutes long. First of all, it’s absolutely boring. Secondly, do I need such a long training?

In my opinion, the workout should be complex. It is stupid to concentrate only on leg and buttocks muscles. My advice: hold the back straight while training. See my body transformation:

I’ve been using my Stamina In-Motion E1000 Elliptical Trainer for half a year. In winter, I’ve gained some extra pounds and decided to buy the simulator for home use. What are my results?

Pros: compact, the intensity level is regulated, integrated sensors
Cons: less effective for buttocks muscles

Before working with a simulator, I always warm-up to prevent muscle pain. As a result, excess pounds are burned gradually. Especially pumped are leg muscles.

After using a mini stepper for 6 months, the results are visible! Of course, nutrition played a big role. But the most pleasant part was the possibility of doing workouts not leaving home. Look at my body transformation before and after:

Body transformation

A month ago I bought Sunny Health & Fitness Twister Stepper after reading lots of positive reviews of this simulator. Well, the result exceeded my expectations. It is suitable for every room in my house. I can easily transfer the simulator where I want.

I keep it standing next to my bed. As in the morning, I do light exercises in bed and get up directly on the simulator, take a certain number of steps and then a contrast shower. After that, the whole day I have a wonderful mood and feel calories burned. As the whole body is involved in the work.

After 1 month of training, I lost 5 kilos. During the training period, I followed the rules:

  1. I didn’t overeat during that time, my last meal was usually at 7 p.m.
  2. Optimal training regime ensuring the fat-burning, was regularly 3-4 times a week.
  3. Duration of each training was 50-60 minutes for me.

If you had a highly intensive training, one day of rest is necessary for you. Overloading will have the consequences for your health, so do not forget about the rest days.

My general view: exercises with a mini stepper in the usual home environment will help you get fit fast. See my results of body transformation:

Before I start working with this kind of fitness equipment, I would like to know what muscles do a mini stepper work?

Training with a mini stepper uses the same muscles required to walk or climb stairs. While exercising, there appears a small resistance. With its help, your legs push against while stepping.

Regular exercising has a toning effect on such lower body muscles:

  • glutes
  • hamstrings
  • quadriceps
  • calf muscles
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