Should I switch between exercises every workout? I do 2x full body training  per week

Hi everyone! Actually, I do 2x full body workouts per week. Lots of useful info I’ve got from this amazing site. The exercises I found beneficial are the following:

Doing these workouts, I have lots of questions. Usually, I ask them and fitness experts give me good and useful answers. I feel that I’m working with highly experienced people that know their field. Thanks a lot! And today I have the following question concerning my full body training. I do it 2 times a week. And want your advice on how to correctly switch between similar exercises.

  • Is it be good or bad to switch between related exercises every workout like a barbell with hammer curls? Military press with incline bench press and so on? Or maybe it doesn’t matter and I can just keep doing it?

Give me please your suggestion. Thanks in advance!

Should I switch between exercises every workout?

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It is a good question. Switching between related exercises every workout is not a good or bad thing to do. The main thing is the result of your training, the group of muscles you use. If you do an exercise with a barbell or hummer curls and the effect is the same, it does not matter whether you switch between them or not. You can just keep doing it. If you do not like monotony and want to try different exercises, have something new every workout, or at least just interchange exercises time from time, you can switch between related exercises. There is nothing bad in such thing. For example, as you mentioned, switch military press with incline bench. I want to give you an example of the training program with dumbbells. Pay attention that every other day includes exercises only with dumbbells and effectiveness of this workout is pretty high.
The training program with dumbbells:

#MONDAY (chest, shoulders)
• Dumbbells lying 3×10
• Tilt dumbbells to the sides and back in front of you lying down (you can put a soft stool under your back) 3×10
• Tilt dumbbells in the sides (hands are in the same axis from the trunk) 3×3
• twisting 3×20

#WEDNESDAY (biceps, triceps)
• lifting dumbbells on the biceps in turn 3×12
• French dumbbells 3×12
• Concentrated lifting dumbbells on each hand 3×12
• Exercise hammers

#FRIDAY (thighs, back, legs)
• Squats with dumbbells 3×12
• Tilt dumbbells in the sides and back sitting (standing) in a forward inclination 3×12
• Lifting on socks with a burden 3x max
• Twisting press technique 3×15

So, do not worry whether to switch between exercises or not, it does not matter. Also, there are a lot of other effective workouts that include similar exercises with the same equipment. One of them is Effective exercises on the bar and parallel bar that I truly recommend you.

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