Tabata exercises: how to keep the intervals and what stuff to use?

GM! I want to start playing sports for a long time, but each of my attempts has a negative result, due to a lot of weight. My breathing and fat prevent me from moving normally. I have already dropped 5 kilos thanks to your article about losing weight with artichoke. Recently I heard about a four-minute workout that burns fat better than running. It calls Tabata. Have you heard something about this? I know that this is a high-intensity interval training method, invented by Japanese doctor Izumi Tabata.

At least once every few years in fitness, another revolution occurs, when coaches invent, develop and offer their clients some new form of training or a new technique. If it turns out to be effective, then a new type of fitness in the twinkling of an eye flies around the world, conquering millions of followers and fans. Pilates, step aerobics, or functional training – each of the methods at one time was a discovery. Tabata, or Tabata training, is one of the most recent and very effective discoveries of recent years in fitness, which is especially popular for quick weight loss.

What is the Tabata system?

What is the general principle of Tabata? What is the list of exercises for beginners at this programme? How to train correctly? Are there any contraindications to deal with extra fat using this complex? How many calories are burned during Tabata training? What is the Tabata timer? How long does the Tabata workout? What is the Tabata protocol? What are the advantages of Tabata? How to practice Tabata at home? What rules need to be followed to make training effective? What exercises to perform for weight loss?

How to track your progress? Where to take training Tabata programme? What kind of training for beginners do you know? How do they differ from training for advanced athletes? How does Tabata work – what are the main differences from other programs? What determines the effectiveness of the Tabata system?  How to keep the intervals between approaches?


Tabats training

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I am glad that you want to try Tabata training. It is really effective and interesting kind of sport if you want to become slim faster. I am a beginner so I want to tell you what exercises beginners should do.
Tabata is a high-intensity training with a minimum of time for rest. Typical training for Tabata system is the ratio of 2:1 :  20 seconds – exercise and 10 seconds is a rest. And later you move to the next exercise. Before performing the Tabata complex as before any training, you have to do a 10-minute warm-up. As a warm-up, you can do jogging or special exercises for warming up the entire muscle group.

Tabata training for beginners:

Those, who have to deal with hard workouts for weight loss think about whether they should continue this hard complex or not. That is why people who begin training Tabata system do not need to work at full strength because it is enough to perform up to 6 exercises of the system for the first 3-5 weeks. It is also better for beginners to take a ratio of 1: 1: 15 seconds of intense training and 15 seconds of recovery.

Classic Tabata Workout for beginners:

-8-10 deep squats, so that the thighs are parallel to the floor; then vacation;
-scrolling from the floor (maximum number of times); then vacation;
– simulation of bike riding at maximum speed, lying on the back with lifted legs; then vacation;
-folds forward by changing legs; then vacation;

Girls who want to tighten their stomach and get rid of excess weight, form beautiful hips and buttocks should choose the Tabata method. You can do it at your home and no additional equipment is needed, and the training itself will take little time. This program of physical exercises is also suitable for men. But do not forget that there are some contraindications to deal with extra fat using this complex:

– with diseases of the heart, vascular system;
– at a violation of the functioning of the musculoskeletal system;
– during pregnancy, breastfeeding;
– with acute respiratory viral infections, ARI or influenza, in general unhappiness.

To conclude, you will not regret choosing Tabata training because it is much more effective than the standard aerobic exercise. The average lesson lasts about 20 minutes and during this time women can lose much more calories than 30-40 minutes of exercises in the gym.


I think that it is an interesting question. You asked about the advantages of Tabata training and here is what I was able to find:

#1 Tabata (or Tabata protocol) is one of the most effective methods of interval training.

Classic Tabata is a workout with several intervals of 20 and 10 seconds. First, 20 seconds of maximum intensive work and 10 seconds of rest, such cycles are repeated 8 times in a row and make up a total of 4 minutes.
High intensity, interval training, also called High Intensive Training (HIT), a short-term exercise is an extended form of interval training. Exercise strategy is the alternation of periods of short-term intense anaerobic exercise with a less intense recovery period.
VIT (high intensive training) is a form of cardiovascular exercise. Normal HIT sessions can range from 4-30 minutes.

#2 Another advantage is that these intense workouts provide increased power to an athletic state, improve glucose metabolism and improve fat burning.

#3 Tabata is a good training because it will be equally heavy both for a beginner and for an Olympic champion. It is important that you need to choose the right exercises for Tabata training. Perfectly suited Tabata exercises: pull-ups, push-ups, squats, various jumps from a sedo, burpi, leg flips, jumps, any kinds of attacks, etc. The hardest Tabata training is Tabata that includes only one exercise. It is very difficult to perform Tabata only from pull-ups or only from push-ups. It is better to combine several movements (from 2 to 4).

#4 The Tabata training advantage is that it is heart training and it accelerates burning of subcutaneous fat

#5 It takes only 4 minutes and therefore it is much easier to force yourself to do 1 lap of Tabata than an hour workout or jog

#6 Tabata greatly accelerates the metabolism (metabolism), activates the processes of burning fat and all the excess in the body

#7 This training effect lasts for 48 hours after training.

#8 Extra one Tabata advantage is that you do exercises only 4 minutes, then take up your usual activities, and the process of losing weight is in full swing (while running or cycling you burn fat only while pedaling or running, but once you stop, it also stops the process of burning fat)

#9 Because of Tabata training you not only lose weight but also become much stronger, faster and more coordinated

#10 This is an excellent training for the heart and respiratory system, especially when you use it wisely and without fanaticism.

To sum up, I just want you to, at least, try this type of training. I convince you will like it and see results very soon)

It seems to me that everything has already been told because the previous answers are quite informative. Nevertheless, I would like to add some more from myself. In addition to this, I recommend you to read the post about sports motivation, that is so important in this kind of sport too!!!

Tabata is a sporty workout with high intensity and short duration. It is based on the physical load of a certain interval. On average, each exercise takes twenty seconds. After each such exercise, a short 10-second respite is made. Classical Tabata includes eight exercises. Other names for this workout are Tabata plan and Tabata protocol.

System features

As mentioned earlier commentators, the Tabata plan includes eight exercises that take 20 seconds. They require performing as fast as possible, while paying attention to the technique of the exercises: if they are done incorrectly, the efficiency decreases markedly. It is not necessary to count the number of repetitions, but if desired, this can be done to monitor progress.

After each exercise, there is a respite for ten seconds. Spending this time drinking water or talking is not worth it. The best solution would be just to sit or stand. So the concentration will remain and it will be easier to continue the lesson. Distracted during the exercise is also not worth it.

Before you start training, it is imperative to do some exercises to warm up. At the end of all cycles is to do stretching or running. You can also make a ride on the bike. Of course, the effectiveness of training will increase with proper nutrition.

Tabata does not require daily execution. When practicing for six weeks three times, the result will be noticeable to the naked eye. Thus, Tabata is a highly effective type of training suitable for a wide range of people.

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