What are the best fitness activity trackers? How much do they cost?


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Hello everyone. My name is Sarah and I am 21. I have decided to join the gym and work on myself. I have already chosen a gym, a personal instructor, sports clothes and everything else. The only thing I still need to buy is a fitness activity tracker in order to see how much work I’ve done during one training. Could you give me a piece of advice? What are the best fitness trackers? What are their advantages and disadvantages? How much do they cost? Hope you will help me make a right choice, I’m waiting for your answers, thanks.


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    Hello hello fellow gym goer!

    I had actually the exact same problem recently. Here’s what happened:
    I was always the prepared one(like you). I thought I had everything done and under control for my first gym class.Long story short,when I first stepped into that fitness building,my mind suddenly realised: “You freaking forgot to buy a fitness tracker.Everyone here has one”.

    Anyways,the next day I started looking for it on every online site/shipping apps etc.And foumd the best one-https://www.amazon.com/Garmin-vivofit-Activity-Tracker-Regular/dp/B01N35V38Z?crid=2FYB51WH3SDT1&keywords=garmin+vivoactive+3&qid=1533199024&sprefix=garmin+&sr=8-70&ref=mp_s_a_1_70
    It’s Garmin Vivofit fitness tracker.

    1.Avantages:It has heart rate tracker and is waterproof; You don’t have to recharge this device constantly, since it’s battery life could not run out for about 6 days or so…
    2.Disadvantages:no GPS included

    So,to buy it or no is for you to decide.Many fitness sites say that this one is really good/suitable for gym goers.As for me,it works pretty well.

    Don’t mind the price,they have regular sales there,so your wallet will be okay.

    Have a nice gym session!

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