How to buy most accurate fitness tracker for intensive workouts?

Hello everyone. My name is Sarah. I have decided to join the gym and work on myself. I have already chosen a gym, a personal instructor, sports clothes and everything else. The only thing I still need to buy is a fitness activity tracker in order to see how much work I’ve done during one training.

I want to measure my results accurately. My friends advised me to try vo2 max, fitbit versa, garmin vivosport, garmin vivofit, garmin vivosmart, apple watch series. Of course, I need such fitness tracking features as built in gps, long battery life, heart rate monitoring, tracking steps and water resistance. I consider fitness tracker a perfect device for health and fitness.

How to buy the most accurate fitness tracker for intensive workouts? Could you give me a piece of advice? What are the best fitness trackers for gym cardio and weight training? The main advantages and disadvantages of these sports bands? What is the average price for a high-quality, reliable fitness gadget? How does the device charge? Is it possible to use it in everyday life? What measurements does it make? What types of bracing are certainly the most dependable?

Hope you will help me make the right choice, I’m waiting for your answers, thanks.

most accurate fitness tracker

1 Answers

Hello hello fellow gym goer!

I had actually the exact same problem recently. Here’s what happened:
I was always the prepared one(like you). I thought I had everything done and under control for my first gym class.Long story short,when I first stepped into that fitness building,my mind suddenly realised: “You freaking forgot to buy a fitness tracker.Everyone here has one”.

Anyways,the next day I started looking for it on every online site/shipping apps etc.And foumd the best one-
It’s Garmin Vivofit fitness tracker.

1.Avantages:It has heart rate tracker and is waterproof; You don’t have to recharge this device constantly, since it’s battery life could not run out for about 6 days or so…
2.Disadvantages:no GPS included

So,to buy it or no is for you to decide.Many fitness sites say that this one is really good/suitable for gym goers.As for me,it works pretty well.

Don’t mind the price,they have regular sales there,so your wallet will be okay.

Have a nice gym session!

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